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Yamileth Teresa

She's a magical, sparkling' tease She's a rainbow choking' the breeze Yo, she's busting' out onto the scene With nightmare bogus poetry She's a melted avocado on the shelf She's the science of herself She's spazzing out on a cosmic level And she's meditating with the devil She's cooking salad for breakfast She's got tofu the size of Texas She's a witness to her own glory She's a never-ending story She's a frolicking depression She's a self-inflicted obsession She's got a thousand lonely husbands She's playing' footsie in another dimension She's a goddess milking her time *♥* I AM constantly seeking to determine who I declare to be!*♥*

Free camping in Antigua Guatemala. It felt like we were back in Europe, or at least not in Guatemala anymore.

Free camping in Antigua Guatemala

We were driving through colorful cobble stone streets, where no building climbed above two floors. The only thing that did seem similar to the other towns in Guatemala were the crazy tuktuks, chicken busses and market stalls. We drove straight to the site of the tourism police, where we were allowed to camp for free. Not just for one night, but for five nights! We were amazed by the friendly police who offered their big field for vans and had an open roof for the tents or hammocks. The next day, after getting a delicious espresso from Chloé at their van, we started exploring the city.

Our favorite restaurant was Rainbow Cafe, where we spent quite some time. Two days later after having our laundry done, exploring the market and updating our website, it felt like it was time to continue our journey towards lake Atitlan.


Deborah Burnes: Deep Clean Your Pores: How to Detox and Prep Skin for Winter. Summer sun and fun can take a toll on skin, leaving it parched, congested and damaged.

Deborah Burnes: Deep Clean Your Pores: How to Detox and Prep Skin for Winter

The stress of travel, changes in diet and routine, and prolonged exposure to air conditioning, sun and chemicals can wreak havoc on your skin. While sunscreen is great for protecting skin from harmful UV rays, it can clog your pores and deposit toxic chemicals, leaving your pores congested and unable to absorb or expel (see references below). Fall is the time to take a deep breath and clean up our act. It is imperative to prepare skin for the harsh winter, to make sure it survives looking luscious, hydrated and healthy. Detoxing is the key to preparing your skin to stay healthy and beautiful all winter.

Pores are the gateway to the skin, and skin is a gateway to our bloodstream. With fall comes cooler weather and decreased humidity. 1. Cooler and drier temperatures and exposure to constant heat fireplaces and cold, wind, and rain are harsh on skin. 2. 3. 4. Change up your makeup. 5. 6. 7. 8. 10 Essential Albums for Starting a Jazz Collection. If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a hundred times.

10 Essential Albums for Starting a Jazz Collection

Someone just getting into jazz ventures online looking for some music to start with, and is instantly inundated with about 500 different choices. Everyone has their own ideas about the best places to start a jazz music collection, and it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. I know because I was one of those neophytes. So as a public service to all you new jazz lovers out there, here’s one man’s list of recordings that are essential for any new jazz collection.

This is not an attempt to chronicle the best jazz records ever. . #10. To start a jazz collection with any artist other than Satchmo would be foolishness. I know that this style and sound (usually referred to as Traditional Jazz) is not for everyone, but it’s critical to hear where the music started in order to appreciate where it went. And hey, you never know, you may love it for more than its prime historical value. Buy This Album! #9. Buy This Album! #8. Buy This Album! #7. . #6. . #5. Why can’t we talk to the animals? We’re publishing the shortlisted entries to the 2012 Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize.

Why can’t we talk to the animals?

Here, Ben Ambridge describes one theory of why our pets don’t talk back. A sulky-looking chimpanzee As a child, I suffered from a mild obsession with the film Doctor Dolittle (think Rex Harrison, not Eddie Murphy). At the heart of this obsession was a nagging question: Why couldn’t this be real? After all, most dogs and cats understand their own names and at least a couple of simple commands. Fast forward a quarter of a century to 2012 and I’m in Manchester anticipating a public lecture by Michael Tomasello, a developmental psychologist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. Previously it was thought that the magical ability which non-human species lack is the understanding that words can be put together in different orders to express different meanings.

However, a few species have actually passed this test. It would be anthropomorphic to call animals “selfish”. The Traveller’s Medicine Cabinet: 5 Essential Drugs for the Road. While out roving you aren’t always (or even often) anywhere near a hospital or pharmacy.

The Traveller’s Medicine Cabinet: 5 Essential Drugs for the Road

But, if you pack these nutritional supplements and natural medications wherever you go, you’ll be able to cope just fine. #1: Kratom The Situation You’re hiking the Appalachian trail in the dead of winter. It’s freezing cold, the terrain is rough, and you’ve got another four hours of trudging through the snow before you reach your destination for the night. Suddenly the worst happens; your boot gets caught between two rocks, you lose your footing and tumble to the ground, wrenching your ankle in the process. . © Miserlou What It Is A leafy green plant grown mainly in Southeast Asia. Uses First and foremost, Kratom is a powerful painkiller similar to Morphine or Opium. Side-Effects Kratom is mildly addictive, about on par with caffeine. Forms Kratom can be purchased in dried leafy form, as an extract, a resin, or in pill form.

Legality Kratom is legal in most of the developed world. . #2: Kava Kava Kava Kava None.


Easy roll hem. Next up in the Tips + Tricks series is the easy roll hem. I usually get at least one request for a tutorial every time I post a photo of a rolled hem so I thought I should get on this one. I learned this technique from one of our seamstresses at work, Jurata, when she couldn’t believe that I didn’t learn how to do the regular roll hem technique in school. This is the slightly cheater method that she taught me in order to get me used to making them for the non-cheater technique she later showed me. I’ll do another Tips + Tricks for the regular roll hem later, don’t worry. STEP 1. STEP 2. STEP 3. STEP 4. STEP 5. STEP 6. And that’s it, you’re done!

Country Studies. Challenged cartoon by Stuart McMillen - Recombinant Records. Don’t work. Be hated. Love someone. - Half & Half. "Wiped Off The Map" - The Rumor of the Century. Across the world, a dangerous rumor has spread that could have catastrophic implications.

"Wiped Off The Map" - The Rumor of the Century

According to legend, Iran’s President has threatened to destroy Israel, or, to quote the misquote, “Israel must be wiped off the map”. Contrary to popular belief, this statement was never made, as the following article will prove. On Tuesday, October 25th, 2005 at the Ministry of Interior conference hall in Tehran, newly elected Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a speech at a program, reportedly attended by thousands, titled “The World Without Zionism”. Large posters surrounding him displayed this title prominently in English, obviously for the benefit of the international press. Below the poster’s title was a slick graphic depicting an hour glass containing planet Earth at its top. Before we get to the infamous remark, it’s important to note that the “quote” in question was itself a quote— they are the words of the late Ayatollah Khomeini, the father of the Islamic Revolution.

Donald Barthelme's barthelmismo. Endings are elusive, middles are nowhere to be found, but worst of all is to begin, to begin, to begin Donald Barthelme is the father of postmodern fiction and funny as all hell.

Donald Barthelme's barthelmismo

This page represents everything I could find written by him on the web, some select extra commentary, and some stories I scanned myself or others contributed. If you know of any other full-text sources, chunky excerpts or fun anecdotes please email me. Please check the mini-faq before emailing me DB questions. Installing an Invisible Zipper. Zippers can be daunting even for experienced sewers.

Installing an Invisible Zipper

The reason? Zippers are often installed the wrong way. Lots of seam ripping and swearing ensues, especially when it’s a simple mistake. There’s no need to be scared of zippers anymore! We’re here to help. With this tutorial we cover how to install an invisible zipper. Items Needed: invisible zipperthreadscissorspinsinvisible zipper footzipper footgarment Before we start, take a look at the back of your invisible zipper. 1. Zipper tape is usually smaller than 5/8″ 2. Place the pins parallel to the zipper 3. 4. Sewing slowly helps prevent the fabric from puckering 5. 6. Double check your zipper before sewing 7.

Remember to back stitch at the end of the zipper 8. 9. Make sure the seam allowances line up 10. Keep your seam line even to avoid puckering 11. 12. And there you have it! Casualties of War - Putting American Casualties in Perspective. Casualties of War - Putting American Casualties in Perspective by - November 3, 2003 The United States of America has a somewhat unique relationship with war.

Casualties of War - Putting American Casualties in Perspective

While America is considered to be the most militarily powerful country in the world today, Americans as a whole have never experienced war in the way that many other countries of the world have. There is a huge disparity between the American experience of war and the global experience. The total number of Americans killed in action from all major wars combined, the ten listed below, is 2,757,196, which, while a disheartening number, is about the same as the number of Vietnamese that died in the Vietnam War alone. (Note that Australian, British, French, Chinese, Laotian, Cambodian, and several other nationalities were involved in the Vietnam war as well, but I don't have their statistics shown here.

American dead - 58,169 Vietnamese killed by American military - 1,165,000+ Sources: Help For Women & Girls. {Recipes} Homemade Summer Popsicles & Free Printables! It’s summer time and what better way to cool off than with homemade popsicles!

{Recipes} Homemade Summer Popsicles & Free Printables!

These are my two favorite popsicle recipes and have never been able to pick which one I liked better, the strawberry coconut or the honeydew lime, so I decided to share them both with you! Need a reason to make these popsicles? Make for dessert at the summer BBQHave as an afternoon treat with your kidsPlanning a summer birthday party? There ya’ go.It’s sunny – what better excuse do you need? Not only are both recipes easy peasy, but your kids will love them and so will you! Strawberry Coconut Popsicle Recipe PRINT Recipe {Recipe adapted from With Style and Grace} Ingredients 1 cup strawberries1 cup blueberries1 can light coconut milk1 cups water1 cup apple juice1/2 cup honey5 ounce Dixie cups20-30 Popsicle sticks Directions Add strawberries, blueberries, coconut milk, water, apple juice and honey in a blender.

When you’re ready to enjoy, cut and tear the Dixie cups off of the popsicles and voila – Enjoy! PRINT Recipe. Vimeo, Video Sharing For You. 10 Snacks Under 100 Calories. Thinkstock Preparation: In a food processor, combine garlic and cannellini beans with lemon juice and process until smooth. Mix in oil, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper and process until blended. Add 3 tablespoons cilantro and pulse until mixed. Place in bowl and garnish with cilantro. Preparation: Mash avocados with a fork or potato masher in a medium bowl. Preparation: Combine sliced peaches with cinnamon and nutmeg; transfer to two serving plates. Preparation: Combine all ingredients, in a food processor. Preparation: Peel the banana and cut it crosswise into 16 slices; skewer each slice and place it on a waxed-paper-lined plate. Preparation: Place the tofu in a food processor; process until creamy. Preparation: Combine chia seeds and tomato liquid in a small bowl; let stand 10 minutes.

Preparation: Place popcorn in a 2 ½-quart microwave-safe container; cover and cook at high power 4 to 5 minutes, or until popcorn is popped but not scorched. Preparation: Preheat oven to 375°F. Big_0ced1ba96acfa7735f06941a5ed09b6801796e29.jpg (JPEG Image, 1920 × 1080 pixels) - Scaled (50%) Grown-Ups at the Barre: 100 Reasons To Study Ballet: Part 1. If you are one of the many adult ballet students around the world, you have probably been asked the question "Why? " with the implied or spoken questions of age, utility, safety, use of time/money, you name it. I suppose I understand the puzzlement; until I started ballet, I had no idea that people did ballet for fun in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond! Why study ballet? Well, the flippant answer is "Why NOT? ", but to dig deeper into this topic, I used a simple but powerful brainstorming tool, The List of 100, as described at this website: Over a year ago, I made my list of 100 reasons to study ballet during a time when a lot of changes were going on in my life, both personally and professionally, and I was enmeshed in introspection and examination of priorities and motivations.

So without further ado, here is Part I, the first 20 reasons why you or anyone should study ballet (and I'd love to hear your thoughts and your own reasons in comments!). Some Moral Dilemmas. 30 Places to Find Cheap Airline Tickets. 30 Places to Find Cheap Airline Tickets Thursday, December 20, 2007 at 7:06pm by admin Scoring a great deal on plane tickets is only one of the challenges air travelers face these days. Unbearably long security lines, bumped flights, lost luggage and congested air traffic are commonplace. While we may not be able to control homeland security or overbooked flights, we are able to share with you some of our secrets for finding cheap airline tickets. Read below for 30 places where you can land a great deal on your next flight.

Tools and Resources Check out this list of tools and resources that are designed to help you find the best airline deals available. Farecast: This website has predicting airfare trends down to a science. Consolidators and Discount Agencies Many times the best deals can be found through consolidated airfare companies that feature wholesale prices. Helpful Websites Use these websites to find more deals on traveling by air. Inspiring Words: Your Required Dose of Motivation to Get You Through (25 Pics) The incorporation business: They sell sea shells.

COMPANIES have a legal personality. But they are easier to make than people. Up to 2m are set up in America each year, according to Senate investigators. Britain creates some 300,000; around 250,000 are set up in offshore locations, reckons Jason Sharman of Griffith University in Australia, who has studied the business. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) alone registered 59,000 new firms in 2010. It had 457,000 active companies as of last September—more than 16 companies for every one of its 28,000 people. Many such firms may be real, with their own offices and employees somewhere in the world. Shell companies are perfectly legal and have many above-board uses. But they can also be misused—for tax evasion, money laundering, sanctions-busting or terrorism. One reason for their ubiquity is an American-led push against money laundering. Much of the blame for this goes to small-island jurisdictions, often derided as “sunny places for shady people”. Banking the profits.

Howard Zinn's A People's History. Life's Choices. South Park Libertarians. Learning. Phrases in 5 common languages to know when traveling in Europe. Pattern Runway: {How To:} Sew the Easy Kimono short sleeved Dress Pattern. DIY Lightshade. Pattern Runway: {Project} ~ Rosette Bib Necklace. Offensive atheism. Love Hawk Tattoo Studio. Watch free documentary films & videos. Tattooed Beauties: Inked Up & Gorgeous. 20 Must-See Places Before The World Ends. Steve-Jobs-RGB-CONVERT.jpg (JPEG Image, 595 × 670 pixels) - Scaled (79%) Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs. 50 Things Everyone Should Know. Enlightened Perspective.


Wake the FUCK up People.