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Hotmail - amadmanmarasco - Windows Live. BP hit by fresh woe over Gulf of Mexico oil spill claims. By Peter CampbellUPDATED: 08:51 GMT, 29 August 2011 BP faces larger payouts after thousands of claimants won the right to sue for punitive damages over last year’s Gulf of Mexico crisis.

BP hit by fresh woe over Gulf of Mexico oil spill claims

Judge Carl Barbier, who is presiding over 500 cases against the oil giant, has said maritime law for punitive damages - which goes beyond pure economic loss and is intended to act as a deterrent to others - could be used by plaintiffs. More than 100,000 individuals, businesses and authorities have already filed damages claims against the firm. Disaster: The Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20 last year killed 11 workers and triggered the biggest offshore oil spill in history And the company has not filed any new drilling applications since the disaster last April – causing its production in the Gulf of Mexico to slump. BP has been barred from exploring since the Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20 last year killed 11 workers and triggered the biggest offshore oil spill in history.

CODY LUNDIN: outdoor survival,  primitive living skills, and urban preparedness courses. Healthy Raw Food Blenders. Enter the Cart Code 'BCblenderPROMO' for $50 discount in Checkout on your BioChef Blender! The Bio Chef Blender is the newest and most advanced high powered blender that continues to surpass blender standards globally. At a substantially lower price point than like-for-like blenders on the market, the BioChef Blender is delivering unbelievable value for money for our customers across the world. The Bio Chef Blender brings to you unparalleled quality in one affordable machine. With a high powered motor, uniquely designed blades, super tough jug and easy to use controls, the BioChef will quickly replace majority of your current kitchen appliances and become your all-in-one kitchen machine.

The Bio Chef Blender features a 3 Horsepower motor, making it an incredibly powerful and heavy-duty kitchen machine. While being incredibly powerful, the BioChef Blender is also energy efficient with a maximum power usage of 950W (max workpower for machine longevity). Doctors in training taught to physically violate unconscious patients (explicit) (NaturalNews) Warning: Explicit language.

Doctors in training taught to physically violate unconscious patients (explicit)

We apologize for the extremely explicit nature of this story, but we feel that publishing this truth, no matter how repulsive, is in the public interest and serves the greater purpose of informing patients about what can happen to them while under sedation at hospitals. Do NOT read this article if you are easily offended, grossed out or otherwise disturbed by explicit language in a medical context.

The information contained in this report is NOT appropriate for children. It is, however, true. This is not a hoax. Now for the story: If you're undergoing surgery at the hospital, you might want to have a secret nanny cam nearby to record what goes on, because it turns out that unconscious patients are being physically violated by medical students as part of their "medical training.

" Meningitis Vaccine under Scrutiny in UK. Agency Finds More Than 16,000 Adverse Reactions Since Last Year By Michael Devitt Last November, the British government instituted a mass national immunization program designed to vaccinate all children under 18 against meningitis C, a rare but potentially fatal brain disease.

Meningitis Vaccine under Scrutiny in UK

A series of government documents obtained by The Observer, a British newspaper, has revealed that more than 16,000 adverse reactions possibly linked to two vaccines have been reported in the past 10 months, including 12 deaths that occurred in people after being vaccinated. The vaccines in question, Meningitec and Meninjugate, are designed to offer protection from meningitis C, which strikes approximately 1,500 people in the United Kingdom every year. The disease causes an inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord; it can also lead to hearing loss, kidney failure, brain damage or limb amputation. Possible Conflict of Interest Among Committee Members. Lock The Gate Alliance Inc. Health Deception / Dumbing down. Chemtrails. Food & Water. Our Earth is who sustains us. Health Deception / Dumbing down.


Fluoride alert. Homeopathic Centre, Homeopathy, Homeopath, Melbourne, Natural Health Practitioners, Australia. Worlds health. 'Artificial leaf' makes hydrogen from solar cell. Drawing from nature, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Daniel Nocera thinks he can draw cheap and clean energy from water.

'Artificial leaf' makes hydrogen from solar cell

At the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Nocera yesterday presented results from research on making an "artificial leaf" to split water to get hydrogen fuel and oxygen. The goal is to use the solar cell to make hydrogen, which would be stored and then used in a fuel cell to make electricity. "The artificial leaf shows particular promise as an inexpensive source of electricity for homes of the poor in developing countries. Our goal is to make each home its own power station," Nocera said in a statement.

In 2009, Nocera and others created Sun Catalytix to commercialize his work on relatively cheap catalysts made from nickel and cobalt for a device called an electrolyzer that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. Health Deception / Dumbing down.

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