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15 FREE Kindle eBook and back issue downloads for Jan 10-11 (Thursday and Friday) Survival Stressors in a Survival Situation. Any event can lead to stress and, as everyone has experienced, events don’t always come one at a time.

Survival Stressors in a Survival Situation

Often, stressful events occur simultaneously. These events are not stress, but they produce it and are called “stressors.” Stressors are the obvious cause while stress is the response. Once the body recognizes the presence of a stressor, it then begins to act to protect itself. In response to a stressor, the body prepares either to “fight or flee.” The body releases stored fuels (sugar and fats) to provide quick energy. This protective posture lets you cope with potential dangers. Injury, Illness, or Death Injury, illness, and death are real possibilities that you have to face. Uncertainty and Lack of Control Some people have trouble operating in settings where everything is not clear-cut. Environment Even under the most ideal circumstances, nature is quite formidable. Hunger and Thirst Without food and water you will weaken and eventually die. Isolation. Survivalist Forum Survival Gear SHTF and TEOTWAWKI Articles. Joel Skousen's Web Site.

Daily Survival. Okieprepper. 4th Amendment Ignored By Indiana Sheriff. Craghoppers Bear Grylls Clothing Review. Bear Grylls is a famous adventurer.

Craghoppers Bear Grylls Clothing Review

After breaking his back in three places in a parachuting accident, he fought his way to recovery, and two years later entered the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest (being 23 at the time). Anyone who ever suffered from a back injury can understand the enormity of that feat. As other men who achieved fame, Bear has his fans and detractors. Bear’s fans admire his indefatigable spirit, accomplishments and strive for adventure. His detractors, some of which are part of the survival community, criticize his ever increasing risk-taking. Craghoppers started making outdoor clothing back in 1965 in West Yorkshire, England.

I decided to find out for myself, despite the Craghoppers macho marketing descriptions of the “man’s man” clothing and other such nonsense, because I very much liked the proof of concept pictures showing Bear testing the clothing under harsh conditions in different areas of the globe. Dan S. Welcome.

Prepper sites Howdy Folks.

As things get worse and worse, with potential seizure of personal assets or personal property looming in our future, it may be prudent to stash some items where it would be difficult for them to find. I priced good cache boxes and found them to be $100.00 plus. Today, I am going to show you how to make one for less then $20.00, and it is of better quality then the store bought items. The first step is to get your PVC, a cap, a cap with a screw on lid, and your cement/primer. My total cost to make this 3" x 2 1/2 foot long cache tube was $15.00. The next step is to use the primer/prepping agent to prepare the area where you are going to put your cap onto the pipe. Let the purple primer dry for 2-3 minutes and add your cement to both the cap and the pipe.

Repeat on the end with the screw on cap. Now that you have your cache done, how do you hide it? Remember, survival is also about keeping what you have, in the event it is needed. Adios, Rusty Shackelford. Emergency Preparedness Lists (emergency preparation) Free Downloads. WikiLeaks.


COLONEL SIXX: I HATE TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO, BUT… Tactical Intelligence. Defense. New Thread at Oklahoma Forum Describing East Central Oklahoma Community Project. Food Prep.