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How 5 food marketing innovations are taking tech to the next level. From augmented and virtual reality to web and mobile marketing, food companies have increasingly embraced high-tech marketing innovations for their campaigns.

How 5 food marketing innovations are taking tech to the next level

Keeping up with consumers and the evolving tech landscape is important for marketers of all industries. But as certain food brands find themselves falling out of favor with health-conscious consumers, now is an important time for these companies to determine new ways to attract and engage consumers. Here are a few examples of notable high-tech marketing innovations in the food industry: Jim Beam If consumers ever wondered what the life of a whiskey shot was like before the whiskey ends its journey from bottle to brain, Jim Beam enables them to take a virtual tour of a distillery by traveling through the pipes and into a barrel from the perspective of a whiskey shot.

Mondelez Snacking and in-store technology collide with Mondelez International’s nationwide soccer-based, holographic campaign. Instagram. Neutrogena Creates "Sea Radio Station" That Can Only Be Heard Under Water. Neutrogena has decided to promote its suncream product in a creative and fun way, by launching a sea radio station!

Neutrogena Creates "Sea Radio Station" That Can Only Be Heard Under Water

Neutrogena has decided to think differently in order to appeal to the beachgoers of San Juan in Puerto Rico and that’s why they were looking for something that would fit perfectly in the summer spirit. The decided to team up with the advertising agency DDB Latina, launching a Sea Radio Station that could only be heard underwater! Neutrogena Wet Skin is about being protected from the sun, whether your inside, or outside the water. Thus, except for the group of promoters that gave free product samples on the beach, they decided to take the promotion of the brand a step further, by encouraging beachgoers to enjoy their underwater experience even more, this time by also enjoying their favourite music!

After all, unique and eye-catching marketing always works better with consumers, which is what the brands (and the agencies) really want for their product! The Power of Video: How It Can Help Your Business. Video marketing was once a luxury reserved for large companies with sky high budgets, but technology has made it easier for anyone to make high-quality videos with relatively inexpensive gear.

The Power of Video: How It Can Help Your Business

The equipment is only part of the struggle when creating a strong video marketing campaign for your small business, however. What makes for good video marketing? Here are some tips to get you started: 1. Vodafone Romania Launches “Sunday Grannies" to Beat Loneliness. How do you reach an audience that is not your usual target group, in a way that is also listening to their actual needs?

Vodafone Romania Launches “Sunday Grannies" to Beat Loneliness

Vodafone Romania has decided to approach the senior Romanian citizens in a very touching way! Coca-cola Creates First Ever "Drinkable" Advertising Campaign. Coca Cola is taking advertising to the next level, promoting Coke Zero in a sense that you wouldn’t expect!

Coca-cola Creates First Ever "Drinkable" Advertising Campaign

It’s not the sight, nor the sound, but the taste that is promoted on its latest campaign, creating a “drinkable billboard”! Coca Cola along with Ogilvy & Mather created an entire campaign that you can literally drink, whether it’s on billboard, on tv, printed, or even on radio! Pic Aid by Flickr Turns Your Photos into Donations. As we keep taking new photos every day, we can’t help but wonder what to do with them.

Pic Aid by Flickr Turns Your Photos into Donations

What if your pictures were donated for a good cause, helping charities all over the world? It is estimated that we share 1.8 billion pictures over the Internet every single day, which creates an endless resource of photography for every theme. The mobile domination allows us to express ourselves through images, which makes us obsessed with finding the perfect shot. Whether it’s food, nature, animals, places, or friends, we always have a good excuse to take another photo. Well, Flickr just found an even better reason, this time for a bigger cause. 10 Creative Ways to Save Money for Marketing your Business. If you’re the owner of a small business or a new startup, getting your message out to the right target market may seem very daunting.

10 Creative Ways to Save Money for Marketing your Business

You may feel pressured to spend on advertising like the big players, but why bother if you can’t afford it in the first place? Mad Men: How Careers in Advertising Have Changed. It is remarkable to note how technology is affecting the focus of advertising these days.

Mad Men: How Careers in Advertising Have Changed

Within the last five to ten years the marketing behavior of consumers has changed greatly and advertising executives are rushing to keep pace with new technology and improving programs. Here are several ways technology’s influence on consumer behavior is changing the face of advertising. Businesses Are Mobile Friendly When the internet was introduced on the scene, businesses began to shift much of their advertising to the world wide web.

The 9 Step Checklist for Squeezing the Most Out of Viral Campaigns. Viral content is like a gift sent down from up above.

The 9 Step Checklist for Squeezing the Most Out of Viral Campaigns

Sometimes it’s completely unexpected, other times it’s a premeditated plan. Carlsberg Creates Probably The Best Poster In The World. Carlsberg just created #ProbablyTheBest poster in the world.

Carlsberg Creates Probably The Best Poster In The World

How to Bounce Back from Marketing Mistakes. Guerilla marketing is a great way to promote your business and reach an even wider audience than would be possible with traditional marketing methods. It’s powerful, and it can make your business a huge success. However, it is also tricky to get just right because the methods you are using are so unconventional. It can be pretty easy to slip up with a guerilla marketing campaign. If it does happen, you won’t be the first one to make a misstep in this area, either. Beck's Challenges Men to Keep Their Partner Shopping for One Hour. Men often cringe when their girlfriends want to go shopping. Beck’s wanted to run a little experiment to show the benefits of compromising in relationships. 7 Best Grassroots Marketing Campaigns from SXSW 2015. South by Southwest (SXSW) is festival that takes place in Austin, Texas and is full of influential speakers, brands and companies sharing their latest. This year was the 22nd annual SXSW Festival and there were several amazing marketing campaigns that truly caught the attention of attendees.

In order to stand out and become the talk of the town, companies had to pull out their wildest ideas to generate buzz around Austin during this years SXSW festival. Here are some of the most interesting campaigns that I saw at SXSW 2015. 7)) Game of thrones pedicab Photo via Business Insider HBO promoted Game of Thrones by hiring pedicabs to bike around the city and take SXSW attendees in their Game of Thrones themed bikes. 6) ) Disco heads If you were walking the streets of Austin this year, you’ve probably seen these people walking around.

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Top 15 Websites to Find Free Images For Your Content Marketing. Finding an online library stocked with pictures that are of high quality and available to use for free can be a daunting task. All the effort you are putting in selecting your search words seem to only yield images that either vaguely agree with your needs or are completely irrelevant. This can waste a lot of your time and get you really worked up. Orphaned Cats Find New Homes Using Tinder Dating App. Tinder is an online dating app that has been sweeping the world…or should I say swiping the world? The app matches potential partners based mostly on their appearances. Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) wanted to try their paws at a fun campaign to match some of their orphaned furry friends with potential new owners. Ipg_infographic. BBDO Utilizes the "Creepy Side" of Linkedin to Promote New Stalker TV Series.

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The intern will split responsibilities between departments by supporting a fully integrated cause-marketing, community outreach and corporate communications strategy for the Detroit Lions. This includes organizational community and charity events, in addition to support for the administration of the team’s non-profit and charitable initiative, Living for the City. To learn more about the Living for the City initiative, please visit: Hours/Duration of Position: This is a full-time internship working approximately 35-40 hours per week. 7 Lessons From the World's Most Captivating Presenters [SlideShare] It’s 7:54 on a frigid January morning in San Francisco. You’re waiting outside the Moscone Center, in a queue of several thousand people, many of whom have been camping out in the cold for over 12 hours.

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