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The WordPress Help Sheet. If you’ve been to WPCandy before, you know we’ve already released a WordPress Reference Guide. Now I admit, it’s not the best or most useful WordPress guide for developing themes. That’s where The WordPress Help Sheet comes in. WPCandy, in partnership with Liquidicity , is proud to present you The WordPress Help Sheet!

We’ll let the PDF do most of the talking. The Advanced WordPress Help Sheet. About a month ago, WPCandy released The WordPress Help Sheet , a PDF packed with PHP snippets, the basic template files, and other extra stuff for WordPress. It became pretty popular around the Blogosphere within a couple of days and was translated into quite a few languages. The WordPress Help Sheet was a great success and allowed WPCandy to become known to the rest of the world. The WordPress Help Sheet was a good WordPress resource, but it was pretty limited and only had the basics of WordPress. I kept thinking to my self, “What about more advanced WordPress developers? Tutorials for Wordpress, Photoshop, Web Design and More.