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The SORBS (Spam and Open Relay Blocking System) provides free access to its DNS-based Block List (DNSBL) to effectively block email from more than 12 million host servers known to disseminate spam, phishing attacks and other forms of malicious email. The list typically includes email servers suspected of sending or relaying spam, servers that have been hacked and hijacked, and those with Trojan infestations. In an attempt to provide preemptive protection, SORBS also lists servers with dynamically allocated IP addresses. If you have a support issue, please use our Get Support form. New manager tools are in development for our registered users to help manage their IP netblocks. The tools are currently in early access. SORBS (Spam and Open-Relay Blocking System) SORBS (Spam and Open-Relay Blocking System)
Skip over navigation The DNSBLs on this page are either confirmed dead or presumed dead - you should no longer be using them. Check the list of DNSBLs you have carefully against this list. Spam Links - dead dnsbls and rhsbls Spam Links - dead dnsbls and rhsbls
njabl.org March 1, 2013: NJABL is in the process of being shut down. The DNSBL zones have been emptied. After "the Internet" has had some time to remove NJABL from server configs, the NS's will be pointed off into unallocated space ( TEST-NET-1) to hopefully make the shutdown obvious to those who were slower to notice. njabl.org
March 31, 2014 The CBL's email did not work for a brief period today. It has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm listed, what do I do? The CBL has easy self-removal. The CBL The CBL
SpamCop.net - Beware of cheap imitations
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