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La finance en Open source. Online Social Savings Leader Smartypig Becomes SaaS with GoalSaver. Last night, I exchanged a few emails with Jon Gaskell - Co-Founder of Smartypig.

Online Social Savings Leader Smartypig Becomes SaaS with GoalSaver

Jon gave me the heads up and informed me of today's major announcements from the Des Moines-based leader in online goal-oriented social savings. For those of you who are not already familiar with the fun, engaging, social Smartypig service I invite you to watch my video interview with Bob Weinschenk - former CEO and Mike Ferrari - Co-Founder. In my opinion, Smartypig is today one of the very best examples of gamification in banking. Smartypig aka "The pig" is about to make several major announcements: a rebranding, a product launch, a new enagement model with an extended market -the whole worldwide financial services industry-.

In essence, until now Smartypig's engagement model was to partner with one key financial institution in the countries or geographical areas judged as strategic to the growth of the company or more likely to adopt the service. Jon, it looks like you have been busy last year. Banks start playing games with your money. Mobile Expense Tracker - Toshl - Blog - Gamification of personal finance, there's a better way to do it. There’s a lot of talk of gamification in personal finance, but it shouldn’t be about piling on extra layers of unwanted information.

Mobile Expense Tracker - Toshl - Blog - Gamification of personal finance, there's a better way to do it

It should help us understand existing information better and understand the way our habits need to change. It should keep the user’s best interest in mind. Not the marketer’s. I was just reading an article by Reuters on the gamification of finance in the United States. It describes some approaches various financial startups are taking to gamify personal finance. Finance should be more fun, even gamified, and that’s what we’re striving to build with Toshl. With Toshl we want to build a fun and simple way to manage your finances. We have a lot of ideas on how to make this experience great and help people change their financial behavioral patterns for the better, but in a way that they understand exactly what’s going on.

Written by Matic Bitenc. SaveUp. Save, Connect, Level Up! Vous séchez la gym ? Votre iPhone vous retient 5 dollars. Vous avez pris du bide pendant les fêtes, et vous vous promettez d’aller plus souvent à votre salle de sport.

Vous séchez la gym ? Votre iPhone vous retient 5 dollars

Mais vos belles résolutions ont tôt fait de s’évaporer. Et si vous perdiez 5 dollars chaque fois que vous séchez la gym ? Est-ce que vous seriez plus motivé ? Deux diplômés de Harvard ont lancé un site appelé, fondé sur ce concept. Selon eux, le désagrément de perdre de l'argent lorsqu’on manque une séance et la promesse d’en gagner si on fait le déplacement rend nettement plus assidu.

Après quelques tests pilotes, les deux associés ont décidé de faire payer 5 dollars minimum chaque séance manquée, l’argent des participants n’ayant pas respecté leur pacte étant réparti entre ceux qui ont tenu leurs objectifs. Lors de l'inscription, vous décidez combien de fois par semaine vous voulez faire du sport et à quelle pénalité vous vous exposez en cas de coup de mou. Si vous ne vous déplacez même pas, votre compte bancaire sera débité de 5 dollars par visite manquée.

James Gardner: Innovate with Gamification. Bio James Gardner Dr.

James Gardner: Innovate with Gamification

James Gardner is the Chief Strategy Officer at Spigit. Dr. Gardner is the author of a number of books including “Innovation and the Future Proof Bank”, “The Little Innovation Book”, and is finishing his most recent work entitled “Sidestep and Twist.” To download this program become a Front Row member. ZOOM IN: Learn more with related books and additional materials. For related Britannica content, please search on Britannica's Web site, at