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Celebrating #Twitter7. Odeo Releases Twttr. Odeo released a new service today called Twttr, which is a sort of “group send” SMS application.

Odeo Releases Twttr

Each person controls their own network of friends. When any of them send a text message to “40404,” all of his or her friends see the message via sms. This launched officially today, and a few select insiders were playing with the service at the Valleyschwag party in San Francisco last night. Twitter growth flat in May 2009 - Atul Arora. Twitter Traffic Explodes...And Not Being Driven by the Usual Sus. 10 things you need to stop tweeting about. Celebrities' Twitter Followers Have Zero Influence [STUDY]

Social media analytics company Sysomos used its platform to analyze the Twitter followers of celebrities, social media heavyweights and news sources. Sysmos found that the Twitter followers of social media heavyweights were the most influential of the bunch and followers of celebrities by contrast, have little to no authority. Sysomos assigned authority rankings from zero to ten for followers based on the number of their followers, following, updates, retweets and other undisclosed factors. On average, the most-followed celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears have followers with zero influence. The followers of social media heavyweights like Chris Brogan and Jeremiah Owyang averaged much higher scores — between four and five points for authority, on average.