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Motorola Invests in Ad Tech Firm Invidi. NEW YORK Motorola's venture capital division has made an undisclosed strategic investment in Invidi, a start-up technology firm that promises to improve TV ad targeting.

Motorola Invests in Ad Tech Firm Invidi

In December, Invidi received a similar cash infusion from several investors, including WPP Group's GroupM. At that time, GroupM's chief executive Irwin Gotlieb was named to Invidi's board of directors. The eight-year-old Invidi is one of several technology companies looking to conquer the emerging "addressable television" sector. Theoretically, Invidi's product allows advertisers to target specific TV ads to viewers based on their age, location, sex and other factors, enhancing the effectiveness of the medium for brands.

"Addressable television advertising is a growing field that will change the future media landscape," said William Reinisch, vp, New Initiatives, Motorola strategy group. Microsoft to Buy Web Ad Analysis Company. Just An Online Minute… AOL Buys Bebo, Sheds Ad Execs. Mobile-Ad Firm Gets Hitched. Google Buys Russian Contextual Ads Service for $140m. BREAKING NOW: Google is buying Russian contextual advertising company ZAO Begun for $140 million from UK-registered Rambler Media (many Russian firms now base themselves in the UK).

Google Buys Russian Contextual Ads Service for $140m

Rambler owns 50.1 percent of Begun, so to secure the deal it is buying the remaining 49.9 percent stake from owner Bannatyne Limited and then selling the entire firm to Google. Rambler says it expects to net about $50 million from the deal which will finance its investments and potential acquisitions. Simultaneously Google announced (fairly obviously) that Rambler will now use Google AdSense for Search and AdSense for Content services.