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EnneaMaps. Enneagram Styles. Introduction to the Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles Style 1: Good Person | Style 2: Loving Person | Style 3: Effective Person | Style 4: Original PersonStyle 5: Wise Person | Style 6: Loyal Person | Style 7: Joyful Person | Style 8: Powerful Person | Style 9: Peaceful Person.

Enneagram Styles

Enneagram Personality Types- Lynette Sheppard, The Essential Enneagram. Enneagram Types Each of the Enneagram types has a unique gift that they contribute to the full spectrum of human potential.

Enneagram Personality Types- Lynette Sheppard, The Essential Enneagram

However, each gift has a dark side. Much like the yin-yang symbol, there is a little shadow in each gift and a little gift in each shadow. Gifts and traits do not make up the most significant aspect of the Enneagram. We cannot understand ourselves or others by a simple enumeration of observable traits, but must enter the prevailing worldview and the beliefs that flower from its seed. Point One - the Perfectionist. Career Choices for Enneagram Types – The Great Office Escape. Careers enneagram type 4 infj. Tritype. Living Holistically…with a sense of humor. Photo: drtel What’s your health and wellness type?

Living Holistically…with a sense of humor

I’ve long loved the Enneagram ever since I was classified as a Type 4 by my therapist almost 10 years ago. At first, I responded in a “meh” kinda way when she told me I exhibited signs of the Individualist (aka “tragic romantic”), but not long after, I read up on the Enneagram and my jaw dropped as I closed out the description.

Uh, yeah I am Type 4. My love affair with this personality-typing system has continued over the years, where I intertwined it more and more with my daily life and work. Though I’ve also long thought about how the Enneagram relates to health approaches, only recently have I begun to use it in my work with clients. Here’s a synopsis of some of the health quirks I’ve observed based on Enneagram types. Type 1: The Strict Eater Decided to be a vegan? Insert Paleo, GFDF, or fruititarian for vegan, but definitely not flexitarian. THINGS TO WATCH OUT FOR: anorexia, bulimia, an obsession with healthy eating.

Enneagram. The EnneagramCompiled by Bruce Sabalaskey Introduction The Enneagram is a popular New Age tool which has found its way into Catholic practices, including parish classes and in retreat programs.


This article is a short summarized compilation of four authors who have studied the Enneagram. They are Father Mitch Pacwa, S.J., Msgr. William Smith, Dorothy Ranaghan, and Rick Kephart. What is the Enneagram? And Spirituality brought to you by Enneagram Type and Wing. Practical Applications of the Enneagram. Applications in the Real World So many practical applications are possible with the Enneagram because it is a framework that clarifies the mutually sustaining, self-balancing components that are part of any complex process.

Practical Applications of the Enneagram

Whenever we wish to understand any process more clearly (and why any course of action does or does not work), we can use the Enneagram as a guide. For example, to start and operate a successful enterprise, one needs vision and confidence (Eight), the ability to bring people together and to listen to them (Nine), ethical standards and quality control (One), the ability to serve people and anticipate their needs (Two), promotional and communication skills (Three), a well designed product and a sensitivity to its emotional impact on individuals (Four), technical expertise and innovative ideas (Five), teamwork and self- regulating feedback (Six), and energy and optimism (Seven). In Business. Enneagram Type Description. Perfection with Resentment ( .. points) Special Gift: A vision of Balance and Completion.

Enneagram Type Description

Self Definition: "I'm right. I'm hard working. Shadow Issue: Wrath (Violent Anger; Self Righteous Indignation). Rejected Element: Direct expression of Anger. Addiction: Perfection. Strength Needed: Patience, Serenity. Defence Mechanism: Reaction Formation. Psychological Disturbance: Compulsive Personality. (e.g. excessive frugality, obstinacy, cleanliness, etc) Talk Style: Preach and Teach. Preoccupations Include: Demanding Internal Standards. Focus: Personal emphasis on Worry. Life Task: To achieve a sense of Serenity with a body secure in it's capacities.

Sub Type/s Perfectionists have a strong tendency to be Judgers. Enneagram Types: Your Personality Revealed TV Show. Enneagram Personality Types. According to some authors, the Enneagram categorizes personality types into 9 unique types, each with specific patterns of thought, speaking style, emotions, sensations and belief systems.

Enneagram Personality Types

Here is an example of a clasification among the many available: The Helper - The caring, nurturing type who always wants to help others, sometimes as the expense of him or herself. The Motivator - The success-oriented, practical type, who is constantly on the search for ways to improve careers and relationships, yet often neglects the obvious important things. The Artist - The sensitive, withdrawn type, who can appear initially thoughtful, but is often mistaken as apathetic or lazy. The Thinker - The intense, intellectual type, who often excels beyond all others, but can also recluse into anonymity. Instinctual Subtypes Chart. How the Enneagram Personality System Works. This explanation covers the basics that you will need to understand how the Enneagram works, and will be especially helpful for beginners.

How the Enneagram Personality System Works

As you will see, only a few simple concepts are needed to begin your journey of self-discovery.