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Our goal at Expert Evaluations is to simplify immigration application documentation for you by offering high-quality and fast evaluations for both foreign academic and work experience credentials.

How Immigration Consultants Can Be Beneficial In Handling Your Specialty Occupation RFE. USCIS EXPERT OPINION – Xpert Evaluations. Why do we need an Expert Opinion?

USCIS EXPERT OPINION – Xpert Evaluations

We, Expert Evaluations, with our expert team we provide you the best solution with your immigration documentation requests for USCIS. Best in the industry, we will provide you the most accurate considerations required for immigration, academic, professional, or any other purpose. Our professional team can provide you USCIS expert opinion for your high school diplomas or a doctoral degree. With the experience of helping our clients dealing with complex issues like college entry to laddering, we will help you too. We will also help you understand how foreign credentials are reviewed under the US education system. We can distinguish itself in this evaluating industry with its capability to adopt changes according to the requirements of the client. With our substantial experience accompanying our far-fetched work ethics and our dedication to quality that has allowed us to stand out of the league in this evolving industry.

Bottom line: Like this: Get_USCIS_Expert_Opinion letter. Things You Must Know About RFE H1B. In 2018, the approval rates for the H 1 B Visa fell so significantly that more than 75 % of the employees in the US received the RFE for a request for evidence.

Things You Must Know About RFE H1B

The denial rates got nearly doubled from the previous three years in 2018. The rate of the approval for the petition subject to the request for evidence was lower than 60 % as compared to the approval rate of 80 % in 2015. Due to this, it is necessary at this time, to comprehend all the factors The USCIS applies for judging the visa eligibility.

Read further to find the top reasons why the agency is issuing RFEs for H1 B visas. Employers must use this information for comprehending the issues that the judges might raise. Additionally, the employers should get prepared o come up with useful information and documentation for as the RFE and the denials will be a common occurrence in the forthcoming time as well. The employer must demonstrate that the job requires the skill and understanding of a specialized body of knowledge. All You Need To Know About 'Expert opinion letter' for an H1B? The United Nations Customs & Immigration Services (USCIS) is regularly probing as to whether positions held by H1-B applicants actually need college graduation.

All You Need To Know About 'Expert opinion letter' for an H1B?

Several immigration lawyers also affirm that it has become almost a norm for the authorities to immediately refuse most H-1B applications at the initial stage. They also tend to offer a little less weight than before to letters written by university professors, finding evidence from people who have worked in management recruiting for the types of jobs involved (and preferably, who are acquainted with the visa applicant's specific employer). There is a wide network of learned scholars and consultants who can devise expert opinion letter for h1b. They can either be referenced through the immigration lawyers who manage such cases (usually each attorney knows multiple such consultants) or via reputable portals offering specialised documentation services that include writing expert opinion letter for h1b as well.

Technical Course Mapping - Xpert Evaluations. Rfe H1b. All you need to Know about the H1B RFE. An H1B visa is a form of non-immigrant and employment-based visa which is granted to the foreign workers.

All you need to Know about the H1B RFE

Every foreign non-immigrant who wants to get an H1B visa should first get a job in the USA. H1B Professional Work Experience Evaluation - Xpert Evaluations. H1B Expert Opinion Letter For Speciality Occupation - Xpert Evaluations. Expert Evaluations has a wide network of experienced university processors and reputed industry leaders who can write expert opinion letters for you which can allow you to take your career to new heights.

H1B Expert Opinion Letter For Speciality Occupation - Xpert Evaluations

We offer expert opinion letters in a wide range of industries including computer science, engineering, information technology, business administration, and much more. Our letters are written by experts after taking into consideration your main requirements and goals. So, whether you are applying for initial visa petitions, sending responses to requests for evidence, preparing denial appeals, creating audit responses, or anything else, the expert opinion letters we offer will align with all of your requirements to ensure you can get the results that you need.

Our team will work closely with you to determine the type of expert opinion letter that you need for your case and we will also provide you with a preliminary assessment before starting. RFE Education Evaluation. A Request for Evidence (RFE) is issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to petitioners for employment visas, family visas, residency, and citizenship.

RFE Education Evaluation

An RFE is basically a request by the USCIS for more documentation so that they can make an informed decision regarding your application. It is important to note that receiving an RFE does not mean that your application is going to be denied by the immigration department or that it is more likely to get rejected. RFE is like a second chance for you to review your application to make sure everything is in place.

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