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Execute Typescript. Want to easily execute Typescript?

Execute Typescript

Cool thing is that TSC.exe (that comes with the Typescript installation) has a -e option to execute a file. So you can simply write: Ios - Building an archive for XCode 4.6 release with phonegap v 2.9 fails. 'onload' handler for 'script' tag in internet explorer. UglifyJS — JavaScript parser, compressor, minifier written in JS.

UglifyJS is a JavaScript compressor/minifier written in JavaScript.

UglifyJS — JavaScript parser, compressor, minifier written in JS

It also contains tools that allow one to automate working with JavaScript code: Browser Sandbox - How to use iScroll4 with SwipeView. Compress your JSON with automatic type extraction. JSON is horribly inefficient data format for data exchange between a web server and a browser.

Compress your JSON with automatic type extraction

For one, it converts everything to text. The value 3.141592653589793 takes only 8 bytes of memory, but JSON.stringify() expands it to 17. Tactile Design Kit, by Megan Erin Miller. Building Backbone Applications with TypeScript. Hot off the press, TypeScript was announced earlier this week and has resulted in an explosion of commentary over Twitter and various blogs.

Building Backbone Applications with TypeScript

The language claims to be tailored for application-scale development using JavaScript by providing a typed superset. It compiles to JavaScript so it will work in any browser. The promise is to make it easier to organize and structure code, as well as get rid of those annoying errors that leave users hunting through hundreds of lines of code seeking out an errant comma or issue with case sensitivity. Ironically, I was speaking with an attendee at our Devscovery conference about the future of JavaScript right before TypeScript was announced. BOXEN. Google’s Polymer and the future of web UI frameworks. Updates: At Google I/O 2013, Google presented a new web user interface (UI) framework called Polymer.

Google’s Polymer and the future of web UI frameworks

The way it works is indicative of the future of all web UI frameworks. Polymer Polymer is composed of the following layers: Foundation (platform.js): Foundational building blocks. Most, if not all, of these APIs will eventually become native browser APIs. Core (polymer.js): Helpers complementing Foundation. The Foundation layer (platform.js) The Foundation layer comprises the following technologies: DOM Mutation Oberservers and Object.observe() (probably ECMAScript 7): for observing changes to DOM elements and plain JavaScript objects. Platform.js shims these APIs on browsers where they are not (yet) available. Layers: Core and Elements Polymer itself is almost like native HTML5: “attributes in, events out”.

Its architecture is very component-oriented, its components being HTML elements. Jardín de JavaScript. Node.js Protip: Avoid Global Test Runners. Some of the most popular Node.js test frameworks advertise that they should be installed globally: Jasmine, Mocha, Buster.js, etc… I consider this an anti-pattern. am I the only one who find it “weird” that all (popular) node.js test frameworks uses a global install?

Node.js Protip: Avoid Global Test Runners

— Miller Medeiros (@millermedeiros) October 25, 2012 On this post I will try to explain why it’s an anti-pattern and show how to avoid global installs by using npm test instead. Globals are evil! Everybody knows that global variables are evil, but somehow nobody been talking about global installs of tools that doesn’t need to be installed globally to work. Yuicompressor/ports/js/cssmin.js at master · stoyan/yuicompressor. Phaser Starter Project for WebStorm and Chrome: Modular TypeScript, Code Completion, and Live Debugging » Eric Terpstra. Getting started with TypeScript and Phaser on OSX and Ubuntu has been a tricky proposition.

Phaser Starter Project for WebStorm and Chrome: Modular TypeScript, Code Completion, and Live Debugging » Eric Terpstra

My requirements for a development environment were as follows: Use TypeScript as the primary languageBreak the project into small files – preferably one module or class per fileHave all the benefits of TypeScript utilized by my IDE, namely code completion, error checking, and documentation for function signaturesFile watchers that generate javascript and source maps on file saveLive debugging of TypeScript files. Typescript.api. A compiler as a service api enabling nodejs developers to programatically resolve, compile, reflect and run typescript 0.9 source files in memory. install npm install typescript.api compiler version TypeScript 0.9.1-1 quick start.


Interactive Apple iPhone 5S & iOS 7 Concept. Share this iPhone 5S concept: Turn me on here How to use our iPhone 5S concept 1 Wake up the iPhone 5S with either the power button or home button 2 Slide to unlock the phone, or try out the new lock screen widgets 3 Browse our iOS7 app concepts and explore the other features Try the Apple iPhone 5S and iOS 7 out before anyone else, here at Recombu.

Interactive Apple iPhone 5S & iOS 7 Concept

Checking Types in Javascript. Have you ever wondered: what is the correct way to check if a Javascript variable is an Array?

Checking Types in Javascript

Do a Google search and you will get a great variety of answers. And, unfortunately, there's is no correct answer. A quick and dirty copy of a C routine for generating a CRC16-CCITT with an intial value of 0xFFFF in Javascript. Android Bot Maker, herramienta de automatización para terminales Android 4.1+ rooteados. Android Bot Maker es una aplicación gratuita, financiada mediante publicidad, enfocada a la automatización de acciones grabadas previamente, a modo de macro, en aquellos terminales que corran la versión Android 4.1 o superior y estén rooteados. Una de las particularidades de Android Bot Maker es que permite crear y guardar múltiples listas de acciones, aunque sólamente podrá ejecutar una de ellas de manera simultánea.

De esta manera, se podrá cargar el archivo correspondiente a la lista de acciones que se desea ejecutar en ese preciso momento, el cual tendrá como extensión .abm. En cada lista, se pueden añadir, seleccionar, cambiar, editar y eliminar acciones. La misma dispone de cinco tipos de acciones disponibles: toques, deslizamiento, presión de teclas, introducción de textos, y sleep .

Tener al menos una acción de sleep es necesaria para completar la ejecución de un ciclo de acciones. Interpreter - In what popular Javascript engines does Function.prototype.toString not return the source code of that function. Phonegap and iPhone with embedded youtube video, transformation scrolling issue. Object Reflection in JavaScript. Object Reflection in JavaScript The Java language has a really great feature called reflection. It provides a mechanism for a Java class to self-inspect and manipulate its member attributes and methods. Cordova - create a substitute of Uint8array on android 2.x. HTML5 Up! Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Site Templates. So I decided to wait. jParser – Binary File Parsing revisited using Javascript. Writing a parser for a structured binary format such as a 3D model is extremely annoying.

You have first to declare your file structure, and then go over every structure again and make a proper code to parse it. License Agreement. License Agreement By copying or downloading any icons from iconmonstr, you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions: All ownership and copyright of the icons remain the property of iconmonstr. Digital sanitation engineering: Adding metadata to Actionscript 3 PNG encoders. You may have noticed that my pet-peeve du jour is the sorry state of PNG metadata. Right now I'm working in Actionscript 3, and the current crop of PNG encoders doesn't allow metadata. Amf javascript - Google Search. Volo. Do good with data.

Recently Adobe AIR made became a significantly stronger tool. It now is capable of running native applications via the NativeProcess API. While NativeProcess is only available when outputting to a native installer and targeting the extendedDesktop profile, it is invaluable when an AIR application requires all the privileges allowed to a Java or C# app. A limitation of NativeProcess, however, is its inability to interact with certain command line utilities, features, and applications written in interpreted languages (such as Python). Lzjb/lib/Iuppiter.js at master · cscott/lzjb. Typed Arrays: Binary Data in the Browser.

Interactive Examples. Jscapturecanvas - compile the output of canvg to javascript rather than directly into html5 canvas. Canvg is a SVG->Canvas translator which takes an SVG input and directly writes into a html5 canvas. Jscapturecanvas works with canvg to "compile" the SVG input into a javascript object that can be loaded at a later time. This obviates the need for loading canvg and the SVG files at deployment time, as well as producing the opportunity to change the runtime environment when the object is instantiated, like substituting colors for patterns, scaling, etc. Using jsCanvas jsCanvas Constructor Create a new jsCanvas which can be used to capture the javascript needed redraw the SVG file at a later time without the need of either the SVG, or the rendering javascript (canvg). new jsCanvas (objectname, [width, height]); objectname: the name of the object that will be created when the javascript is loaded/evaled [width, height]: optional values to scale the object to fixed values at compile time; the default is to let canvg figure out the SVG height and width.

AMFR.js - r-amf - A clean implementation of AMF with pure javascript client. Tablet or Phone - Android. Bit Twiddling Hacks. HTML5 File API read as text and binary. Compression of JavaScript programs. A CoffeeScript class that parses and renders SVG paths to the <canvas> element. Style Guide. The zero-one space of Keith Greene - Svg2canvas. Download Svg2Canvas v1.0.0SVG2Canvas converter SVG2Canvas is a script I wrote to convert SVG images into javascript driven HTML canvas elements. FlexJS is a prototype of a new Flex framework that can be cross-compiled and produce an HTML/JS/CSS application that runs in any browser without Flash. We have prototypes of a List, Button, Label, DropDownList, CheckBox, RadioButton, TextArea, and TextInput We have a prototype of a HTTPService and a LazyCollection The best way to get started is to follow the instructions from When you have completed the setup also complete the steps on that wiki page under "Creating a FlexJS Application".

It is currently easier to modify the existing application example than to create a new application from scratch. TheoryNine Interactive Development Labs. - Números combinatorios y formas de calcularlos. TheMiner tutorials. Evershelf on Behance. 30 Cool CSS Snippets Which Will Help You Save A lot Of Time.


Osx. Bcnguide. Macmini. iMac (21.5-inch Late 2012) Benchmarks. While Apple introduced the new iMac last month, Apple only started shipping the new 21.5-inch iMac today (and won't start shipping the new 27-inch iMac until next month). The new iMacs, along with a redesigned body, feature Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors. How do these new processors perform compared to the Sandy Bridge processors found in the previous-generation iMac? How does the new iMac perform compared to Apple's other desktop computers?

To answer these questions I've charted Geekbench results gathered from the Geekbench Browser for the following Macs: iMac (Late 2012), iMac (Mid 2011), Mac mini (Late 2012), Mac Pro (Mid 2012), and Mac Pro (Mid 2010). Online Learning. GFX. Why programmers work at night.


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