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Everything that you need to Know about Smartphone Processor. What are processors? Essentially, the brain of any computing device, the processor executes the operating system and does calculations, which is central to functioning of a system. Given the form factor, the processor in the smartphones is different from laptop and desktop. In larger computing machines, there is an independent central processing unit (CPU), peripheral buses, and graphics unit; however, in smartphones, all these features have to be integrated on a single chip, which is known as system on a chip (SoC). In SoC, all the components responsible for a functioning of smartphones, be it dual SIM smartphones or a standard one, are crammed.

Two main components of SoC CPU and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) are two main components. What is the core? The preliminary CPU had single main processor; however, with the need of more processing speed, engineers had to come with powerful devices with more processing cores for reading and execution of instructions. Five Features that Make Android the Leading OS. So, what does make Android such a successful OS? Well, a simplex argument is: open source. Being available virtually free to manufacturers,indeed, makes it a sought after commodity. Although, there is a lot to the success of Android than what catches the eye. 1.User Interface Unlike, iOS, the interface of Android is flexible, giving user control over the device. 2.Support for Language The system supports many languages, more than 70, due which a large number of world population can operate phone in their mother tongues. 3.Google Store Apple may have pioneered the idea of application store; however, Android perfected the idea. 4.Hardware Compatibility Android is compatible with a number of hardware platforms, making it one of the most adaptable OS system freely available. 5.Developers Support System When Android was launched, it was made sure that Android Application program interface (API) was available widely and easily, so developers can be familiarised with the system.

Decoding Mystery-why Different Android Versions Named After Desserts? None could miss how Android, which powers world's 95 percent of smart mobile phones, has named its version after desserts. First came Cupcake that was followed by an array of mouth-watering confectionaries, namely, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, the Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean, Kit Kat, lollipop, and the most recent, Nougat, a sweet made from honey, egg white, and nuts. The cult of Inside joke The story that led to the naming of Android version after desserts starts with tech-world inside joke-a start-up thing.

The first big tech company that followed such pattern was, albeit internally, was Microsoft. Windows, the operating systems that runs almost 90 percent of world computers, at first were named after cities-Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, and Memphis was the name of Windows 95, Windows 95 OSR 2, Windows 96, which was not launched, and Windows 98 respectively. Apple, the other tech giant, has his own unique set of names; however, it followed the names of animals. Android- Journey of Company From a Nascent Idea to Leading OS. The beginning The story started in the year 2000, when an American computer programmer, Andy Rubin, who had a knack for executing nascent ideas, decided to break the monopoly of carriers that controlled everything, from the price to the marketing strategy.

The Hardships In a bid to attract carriers, the Android team pitched the idea that the operating system will be provided to the phone manufacturers for free, and the carriers could modify or brand the way they want it. And as a value added, Android would then sell further services. In 2004, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy, with not enough money to pay the rent. The meeting Google Co-founders When investors showed disinclination, Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, gauging the potential of the idea came knocking on the doors of Android. Little did Rubin know that Google was not just expanding a "helping hand,"-that is what Rubin thought at first.

The idea that stood shoulder and head above And the rest is history. Banking Applications: the app that you need to know in the times of demonetization – Xolo Mobile Phones. Since the demonetization, we all are facing the issue of a cash crunch, but with the use of some Android applications, you can beat the crunch. We have spent a number of hours on researching Android applications that can cater to your banking needs. Following is the lowdown of the most popular and useful banking applications, which are categorized based on different service providers.

BHIM: An application released by the government to aid the electronic transaction. It is one of the best UPI apps, and the USP is its simplicity. Whether you want to buy mobile phones online or food, or anything else, it is easy. The features of the application include:Transfer of fund to any bank accountNo need of registering the payee beforehandImmediate transfer at anytimeNo need of the payee bank account Similarly, state owned banks, as well private banks have launched a number of apps that can help you shop as well as in banking needs.

State Bank of India (SBI) State Bank Anywhere State Bank KahinBhi i-safe. Smartphones: the cutting-edge technologies employed in displays. Smartphones are not a result of one technology, a raft of revolutionizing technologies came together for it. The pace at which smart mobile phones are undergoing evolution is unparallel in the tech world.From processing to display to connectivity and camera, all are changing, for good, continuously, increasingly touching the technological summit. To understand, how the race of smartphones brings the best to the consumers, let us take an example of touch screen or display. The touch screen mainly is of two types: resistive and capacitive. Resistive touch screen A user can interact with a phone by exerting pressure, the screen senses the pressure applied.

This type of touchscreens can sense a touch with either finger or stylus. Capacitive touch screen More sophisticated than resistive screens, it senses the touch by gauging the electrical properties of the human body. TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD IPS (In-Place Switching) LCD Like this: Like Loading... Why smartphone price has gone down? The cost of no electronic devices has dwindled as those of smartphones. From being a status symbol, the phones have become a ubiquitous commodity. More and more people now can afford smartphones, shifting from the basic phones. How did that happen? How did the entire smartphone landscape change? Well to understand that you need to know what entails manufacturing of phones. Phones are not manufactured from scratch like automobiles are made, instead they are assembled together in a piece by a trained professional.

The biggest factor in the cost of a phone is not the parts but the development, which involves design and specifications. And vendors, such as, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Spreadtrum, given the stiff competition,are pushed to bring the cost of processors and other important parts down. The smartphones priced below Rs. 5000 has quintupled, while devices that cost under Rs. 5000 bears the major part of the smartphone market. Xolo Smart Phones: How smartphone communication is encrypted? With the advent of smartphones, the communication has become cheaper as well as easier.

However, having a secure communication is still an issue. The leaps in technology have aided hackers as much as it has helped service providers. With an array of tools, a communication can be compromised, giving unauthorized access to data, whether it is text, video, e-mails or any other communication. Be it the best budget smartphone or the high-end phones, all are vulnerable to data theft and illicit access. However, what is encryption?

The idea is to code the communication at the source, and once it reaches the destination, decode it again, so only the intended person could access the information. For making communication eavesdropping-proof, the data is encrypted by a pre-arranged string of symbols, which can be of two types: Pre-shared secret(PGP) In this type of encryption, the data is pre shared with the parties involved in a communication. Diffie-Hellman key exchange (OTR) Smartphone Operating system: how Android and iOS are different from each other? What are Dual Rear Camera and High-dynamic-range Technology? Four ways the smart phones have transformed our lives and lifestyle. We are living in a smart phone age. Like it or hate it, the smart phones have altered our lifestyle. In some ways, it has made our life easier, while in others it has made us more inactive.

Nonetheless, the merits of smart phones surpass its demerits, endowing us a raft of applications that help to navigate new routes, aid to learning new languages, watch and listen to favorite music and movies on the go, and whatnot. Here is a lowdown of ways smart phones have transformed our lifestyles: Entertainment Commute to work, waiting in a queue or killing time at a visit to doctor used to turn into zombie-like staring competition, either at walls or at people, especially when not accompanied by a book or magazine.

The latest smart phones, equipped with the computing ability of a standard desktop computer, provide a medium to access your favorite movie, TV series or book. Shopping Electronic Wallets Photography The best smart phones have rendered point-and-shoot, if not DSLRs, cameras useless. The technologies that usher smartphones into a future. Not long ago smartphones once had upended the phone market. And the trend has not changed. The technology — GPS, touchscreens, web connectivity and browsing — that was once considered cutting-edge has become standard features of smartphones.With a raft of new attributes and technologies, new smartphones have enteredan era where even “Star Wars” does not seem futuristic enough. What are those new features that are pushing the technology to the limits?

4G LTE (Evolved High-Speed Packet Access andLong-Term Evolution (LTE) Accessing videos on a phone at one time was a game of patience. The best third generation of wireless mobile communications at max could deliver a download rate of 200 Kbps, which is equal to 0.2 Mbps — third generation, or 3G standard. Finger print sensor Finger print sensor, a marquee feature, not just unlocks a phone in a fraction of second, but also makes the phone more secure, and create a new medium for validating an electronic transaction. Waterproof 3 D touch Modules. Buy Online XOLO ERA 1X Smartphone. Display Type HD, IPS ,16 M colors Size 1280 x 720, 12.7cm(5.0), 294 ppi pixel density Multitouch 2 Point Data Yes 150 Mbps DL, 50 Mbps UL HSDPA, up to 21 Mbps; HSUPA, up to 5.76 Mbps Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot Yes, microUSB v2.1 (5 pin) Camera Primary 8 MP AF Rear Camera with 4P Largan Lens & LED Flash Featues Live Photos, Beauty Mode, Burst Mode,Audio Note, Time- Lapse,Slo-Motion, Smart Screenshot,Smart Awake,Assistant,Cast screen, LED flash for call,Flip to mute alarms amd calls.

Video 1080p Full HD recording(rear) & playback Secondary 5 MP Camera with Dual LED Flash Features Android 6.0, Marshmallow Chipset 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor Sensors GPS,Proximity & Ambient Light Sensor Messaging SMS(threaded view), MMS, Email Browser Radio Java Colors Black+Gunmetal & Gold+Brown Audio Formats Others Google Search, Maps, Gmail, Youtube, Calendar, Google Drives, Google Hangouts, Play Music. XOLO Black 1x Buy Online. Phones With Dual Led Flash-XOLO. Buy Latest Dual SIM Smart phones -XOLO. Sort by: We have 12 phones matching your requirement... 1 of 3 pages Follow the latest buzz happening at XOLO Facebook Share Twitter Update Customer Testimonials Subrata Singha for XOLO Era 2X "Wonderful In the price segment, XOLO gives you a phone with fingerprint sensor, Android marshmallow, 3GB RAM, 16GB ROM.

Sajib Roy for XOLO Era 1X Pro "Simply Awesome! Kumar Saurav for XOLO Era 2 "The best in the market! Our range of latest smartphones in India offers an extensive choice across categories and specifications such as fingerprint sensor, smart camera, 4G VoLTE and more. It is our constant endeavour to provide exceptional quality in all our new smartphones in India and we consistently work towards fulfilling expectations by bringing the best android smartphones to the market.

Each product goes through several quality tests to ensure superior usage and ownership experience because what you experience matters the most to us! Best Mobile Phones In India. XOLO Era Mobile Phone. XOLO Black Smartphone. Cheapest 4g Smartphone. Latest Mobile Phones Under 6000. New Smartphones in India. Latest Smartphones In India. Buy XOLO ERA X Online.

XOLO Black 1x Buy Online. Buy Online XOLO ERA 1X Smartphone. New Smartphones in India - XOLO. Latest Android Mobile Phones in India. Digital literacy rising in India. Dec 18, 2016 India is on the digital highway. The Government is spending a huge amount of money in a short span of five years on telecommunication infrastructure. Private telecom operators are also ramping up their infrastructure. With the latest entrant of VoLTE networks (voice over long-term evolution and about to usher in new standards for high-speed wireless communication) the number of internet users will soon become the largest demographic in the world. Data is the key driver in India embracing digital growth. The result is that digital divide between the rural and the urban sectors are dissolving at an unprecedented pace.Handset manufacturers are setting up huge facilities for the Make in India push to become a reality.

The results have started to trickle and it is just a matter of time for the trickle to become a flood. About the Author XOLO is best choice to use because of its extra technology and advanced features.For more information visit Rating: Evolution of Android OS. Dec 18, 2016 It is easy to check the version of Android on your device. Scrolling through the system menu and tapping the 'about phone' option will reveal the version of Android your device is operating on. Most phones allow the user to update the operating system depending on the manufacturer's licensing terms. Newer version of Android may not be available on your device. About the Author The above article help to know Evolution of Android OS. Rating: Please Rate: Processing ... (Average: Not rated) Smartphones- Making people ‘Smart’ and Efficient – Xolo Mobile Phones. Some 30 years back mobile phones were not very easy to buy.

Though the invention itself surprised everyone, most people didn’t have the luxury to own one. It was very expensive in those days and there were no facilities to buy phones online like we do today. As their popularity grew, more and more companies started manufacturing them in different models and sizes. As a result, the price also came down to cater to a larger population that wanted to use cell phones.

At present, anyone can buy a phone and the demand for advanced smartphones with an affordable price tag is growing every day. The Indian market Most mobile manufacturers look at India as a huge marketing platform. Protecting your information Buying phones online isn’t a huge task anymore. Like this: Like Loading... Innovative Smartphones- The Way Forward – Xolo Mobile Phones. Xolo Smart Phones: The Future of the ever-smart Android Phones. Xolo Smart Phones: Mobile Phones- The Past, Present and Future.

OS Tweaking Strategies For Smartphone Manufacturers. Reliability Underlying Factor For Smartphone Brand Longevity. Countering the threat of robotics via skills upgradation. Smartphones In India — Countering the threat of robotics via skills... Smartphones In India — Buying new smartphones with the latest OS. Making people efficient and productive — The Smartphone era. Making people efficient and productive — The Smartphone era. XOLO BLACK 3GB Smartphone - Price, Features & Specifications. XOLO BLACK 1X Smartphone - Price, Features & Specifications. Buy Online XOLO ERA 1X Smartphone. Buy Latest Dual SIM Smart phones.

Latest Android Mobile Phones in India. Why Is a Smartphone Smart? Choosing the Smartphone: A Guide. Buy Xolo Era Mobile. Get Top Mobile Phones At Cost Effective Way. Get Latest Smartphones In India. Smartphone: Making You Smarter. Prevent Your Smartphone from Hacking. Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Safe. Tips to Buy a Used Smartphone. Buy XOLO ERA 4K Online. Buy XOLO ERA 4G Online – Latest 4G VoLTE Smartphone. Buy XOLO ERA X Online – 2GB RAM, Quad-Core & 4G VoLTE Phone. XOLO 8X-1000i Price & Features - Powerful Android Smartphone with HIVE. Buy Latest Dual SIM Smart phones, New Smartphones in India - XOLO. XOLO : Latest Android Mobile Phones in India, Buy Top Dual SIM Phones.