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Welcome to PlayCatan! Play Settlers of Catan for free - settle online over the internet! - The Games Journal. Gronk - 02/18/2011. Nobody likes monopoly. nobody. if you think you like monopoly, you’ve never played a REAL game of it. mike norton has started a new webcomic, battlepug. it’s going to be the best webcomic ever drawn… so start reading now so you can tell people you’ve been reading it from the start and, i want to thank grant riley for this week’s excellent piece of gronk fanart!

Gronk - 02/18/2011

It’s so cute!! Thanks grant! You can visit grant’s site here: Wineweek1.jpg (JPEG Image, 360x308 pixels)


Dice Games. Card Games. Boardgaming Websites. Going Cardboard - A Board Game Documentary by Lorien Green. THANK YOU, Going Cardboard Backers!

Going Cardboard - A Board Game Documentary by Lorien Green

We've hit the funding goal! With just a smidge to spare. ;) Donations above and beyond are welcome of course, and will be put to good use both for film costs and for extra niceties for our backers. Keep spreading the good word! In an era of tech-based, plugged-in entertainment, board games are making a comeback. But this is not your Grandma's Scrabble we're talking about! For this film, I traveled to various board gaming events including the SPIEL fair in Essen, Germany, home of the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) award.

I'm also thrilled to say that the DVD packaging will include a new designer board game from famed designer Reiner Knizia! For a full overview of the film and the hobby, including a brand new teaser clip, see my Hustream interactive presentation (this requires an HTML5-enabled browser, i.e., NOT IE 8): STATUS Post-production is nearing completion on this film. Game Publisher. Cheapass Games. Lights.

Cheapass Games

Camera. Fall off the roof. Welcome to Deadwood Studios, home of the million-movie month. You’re a bit actor with a simple dream. The dream of getting paid. So strap on your chaps and mosey up to the roof. Deadwood is a fast-paced board game about actors, acting, and the thrill-filled life of a wandering bit player. Players begin as lowly bit actors, and spend their days roaming the Deadwood backlot in search of acting jobs. Here are the files you will need to produce your own copy of this game: Along with printing these files, you will need to provide the following spare parts: A distinct 6-sided die for each player's markerSeveral more 6-sided dice for rollingMoney in denominations of 1 to 50Other bills or chips to represent 1 and 5 creditsAbout 40 penny-sized counters, such as pennies.

Deadwood was the first major revamp of a classic Cheapass board game. You can also read an article talking about the updates in the new edition. SpielByWeb.