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Avenir de l'industrie textile; entretien avec Christine Browaeys. Nous parlons souvent du point de vue des créateurs sur les textiles innovants mais rarement de celui des ingénieurs et des industriels.

Avenir de l'industrie textile; entretien avec Christine Browaeys

Quels sont les enjeux pour l’industrie textile aujourd’hui ? Comment ouvrir une industrie traditionnelle aux nouvelles technologies ? Un sujet que Christine Browaeys connaît bien. Ingénieure textile « texturgiste », issue du monde des technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC), elle a fondé en 2009 T3Nel, un bureau d’étude et de consulting qui exerce dans le secteur des textiles et matériaux innovants.

Elle nous parle dans cet entretien de son métier, des nouvelles orientations de l’industrie textile et des challenges à relever dans un secteur en plein bouleversement. Modelab : Quel est votre travail au quotidien? Christine Browaeys devant l’ARBA, à Bruxelles en mars 2016 (photo T3Nel) Vous êtes l’auteure de « Les enjeux des nouveaux matériaux textiles » publié en 2014 aux éditions EDP Sciences. S, LLC -

Airtex 3A

3A Composites and Bcomp bring new structural core materials to the market by combining their market and technological strengths. These solutions, combining 3A Composites’ leading structural core materials with Bcomp’s innovative, natural fibre technologies, will optimally meet the customer and application specific requirements of market segments that show promising growth potentials for sandwich solutions.

3A Composites and Bcomp bring new structural core materials to the market by combining their market and technological strengths.

First results of this fruitful collaboration are two new bCores. The multilayer core materials, consisting of AIREX® / BALTEK® material and Bcomp natural fibre products, are currently setting new standards in the Ski- and Snowboard industry, delivering the same structural performance as standard wood cores at about six times less weight, resulting in skis 30% lighter than current products.

AMPLID GREEN LIGHT PROJECT. Description The AMPLID GREEN LIGHT PROJECT isn’t a sudden reaction to consumer demand.


Since Amplid’s inception the company has strived to keep its negative impact on the environment to a minimum, after all it’s in our interest to keep the mountains white. Since day one our skis and snowboards have been manufactured by some of the most environmentally forward thinking factories in the EU. We’ve kept our carbon footprint as small as possible by sourcing all of our raw materials within a 400km radius of our factories. Two years ago Aplid’s founders Peter Bauer and Anian Thrainer felt it was time to apportion Amplid’s twenty years of ski and snowboard R&D experience to developing high performance products created from non-toxic materials and less energy hungry manufacturing processes; the Green Light Project was born.

Playnaturallysmart. MTN APPROACH, a company based in Idaho (USA), provides unique tools for snowboarders, to ease the backcountry access.


Approach mini-skis with fixed skins on the base, are used on the way up, as standard touring skis. Playnaturallysmart. From Eric Pollard’s brain, iconic american freeskier, comes an impossibly light powder ski with futuristic materials and over 15 years of powder ski development behind it.


Being the tool of choice for Eric, the ski is made to float on deep pow, or to catch air time with style. For season 14/15, the pro-model, the Magnum Opus, has been designed with a superlight structure to help Eric’s constant progression and terrain destruction. Magnum Opus, from the Latin meaning “great work,” refers to the largest, and perhaps the best, greatest, most popular, or most renowned achievement of an artist.The ski features a balsa plywood/flax composite core, the bCore D200.

Playnaturallysmart. You gonna take a new look at ski poles, from now on!


The Swedish company KANG has totally thought outside of the box by taking ski poles up to a brand new level of design. Playnaturallysmart. Germany-based Ergon Bike Ergonomics, a global leader in bike components, presented its SR2 BioComp Concept Saddle for the first time at the EUROBIKE 2012 (29th August – 1st September.)


At the world’s most important tradeshow in the bicycle industry, Ergon was awarded the 1st price (from a total of 439 entries from 28 countries) in the category “accessories” with its saddle sheet concept. This unique saddle is made from flax fabrics which provides the saddle with outstanding vibration damping properties, superior lightness and a look like nothing else known to the industry before.

This revolutionary saddle sheet concept is the fruitful result of a 1-year collaboration between ERGON and Bcomp – a Swiss company specialized in natural fiber composite solutions – providing ERGON with structural engineering, prototyping, processing, and the optimum fabric solutions from its ampliTex product range. Sport & leisure. Our quality oriented customers are using Bcomp products for the following applications within the sports & leisure industry:

sport & leisure

Natural fibres. Natural fibers can be defined as substances produced by plants and animals that can be spun into filament, thread or rope and in a next step be woven, knitted, matted or bound.

natural fibres

The oldest fibres used by mankind are flax (10000BC) cotton (5000 BC) and silk (2700 BC), but even jute and coir have been cultivated since antiquity. Because it was one of the first domesticated plants, flax is recognized as a foundation crop of modern civilization. The main reasons for the increasing popularity of biocomposites or natural fibre composites (NFCs) are the availability and consistent quality of a wide range of fibres, and their environmental friendliness.

Natural fibre composites.