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Home. Record Shop (If you have any problems with the checkout facility, please email me instead) Auctions. Northern Soul 45s, Rare Soul 45's, Funk 45s, R&B 45's and more 45 rpm vinyl records. De Discos y Monstruos - De Discos y Monstruos. Soul music. soul 45s, crossover, R&B, Northern soul, modern soul. Soul Jazz Records – Voguing: Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-92 – Photographs by Chantal Regnault, Introduction by Tim Lawrence.

Voguing: Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-92 Photographs by Chantal Regnault, Introduction by Tim Lawrence Soul Jazz Books Information Our new deluxe 200 page deluxe 24x30cm flexibound book, Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-92, features hundreds of stunning photographs from the hidden world of New York’s house ballroom scene out of which came voguing, the dance made famous by Madonna.

Soul Jazz Records – Voguing: Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-92 – Photographs by Chantal Regnault, Introduction by Tim Lawrence

Photographer Chantal Regnault lived in New York between 1989-92, photographing the scene at its height – the dancers Willi Ninja, Jose and Luis Xtravaganza (who all worked with Madonna) – as well as the legendary ‘mothers’ of the gay and transgender world – Avis Pendavis, Peppa LaBeija, Carmen Xtravaganza, Dorian Corey, Paris Dupree and more.

Voguing erupted into the mainstream in 1990 when Madonna’s song Vogue became number one in over 30 countries. Photographer Chantal Regnault was born in France. Guardian newspaper feature: WELCOME - Right Track Records. Buy Vintage Vinyl 7-Inch 45rpm Records - select45rpm - UK seller. Al Supersonic and the Teenagers, negros con acento andaluz. El sexteto de Granada cosecha éxito mundial con su primer larga duración repleto de música negra Elegancia, sofisticación, ambientes cargados de terciopelo, humo, alta costura para ellas y trajes a medida para ellos.

Al Supersonic and the Teenagers, negros con acento andaluz

Clubs privados, bebidas exóticas y clase, mucha clase. Así podría definirse el ambiente que desprenden los surcos de "Not too young", el primer larga duración de los granadinos Al Supersonic and the Teenagers. Elegancia sin límites. Este primer cd y lp de los Supersonics ha sido largamente esperado por la comunidad soulera y amante de la música negra de toda Europa. Con gran cultura musical y exquisito gusto a sus espaldas, los Supersonics mezclan northen soul, toques reggae, mods... Y siguen cosechando éxitos. Alejandro Arteche "Not too young" de Al Supersonic and the Teenagers está editado por Unique Records. Al Supersonic and the Teenagers en directo 26 Agosto BILBAO (Kafe Antzokia) Derek's Daily 45. Sateli 3 - Al Supersonic & The Teenagers Super Dj Session!!! - 20/10/11, Sateli 3.

Voices Of East Anglia. Boogaloo to Salsa Clips. Young Souls - Exclusive Film - 125 MAGAZINE. Exclusive Northern Soul has been enjoying a steady revival for a while now and Dean Chalkley's much anticipated film is a case in point.

Young Souls - Exclusive Film - 125 MAGAZINE

Initially commissioned as a photoshoot for our Religion Issue, Dean spent months finding the perfect movers and shakers to form his cast, immersing himself in the scene like a method director and last night we were pleased to show the the finished result at a special screening and party at the Bethnal Green Working Man's Club. Dean introduced the first screening which received rapturous applause from a crowd of soul insiders and new converts to the movement, the cast then took to the floor, showing us all how its done. But for those of you unable to make it to the venue we have the film here, exclusively on Ever Soul -Daptone Records. Another Daptone Records imprint, EVER-SOUL Records, extending a careful selection of timeless vintage recordings to our customers.

Ever Soul -Daptone Records

Daptone Records house of soul is musician-owned and run, as much as we see our reflection in the sound of bygone powerhouses like Stax and Motown, we also feel special empathy and affection for the smaller independent soul artist and effort. Daptone owes a special debt and feels a warm kinship to the example and aesthetic of these past artists and their recordings. So, Daptone goes forward, anxious to use this new arm of our company to tell the story of some of Soulful music’s little known sounds that continue to guide us today. Darrell Banks Don’t Know What To Do b/w My Love Is Reserved Eddie & Ernie Bullets Don’t Have Eyes b/w In These Very Tender Moments Hank “Soulman” Mullen He Upset Your Dreams b/w Listen. Discos de verdad en el centro de Barcelona. Sell and trade vinyl corner.

NORTHERN SOUL PRICE GUIDE. Ritmo, Soul y Otros Modernismos. LE CLEAN CUT, POR TUTATIS!!!! En una ciudad, al norte de la Península e invadida por bárbaros profesionales del moderneo más pasteloso, resiste un pequeño colectivo al ataque del invasor, la BARCELONA SMART RESISTANCE Sibaritas de ritmos amargos expresados por la dulce voz de una dama que llora por un amor no correspondido, idealistas de un estilo que busca la combinación perfecta y única: aquí no vas a sorprender a nadie con un polo de Merc comprado para la ocasión, aquí estás con nosotros o contra nosotros, no intentes comprender, acéptalo o busca otro lugar.


Como anunciamos hace meses, Le Clean Cut nació con la vocación de (como todos los proyectos que hemos iniciado A&A) llenar un hueco en la noche barcelonesa. The Boiler Rhythm and Soul Club - Barcelona.