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The Benghu Tank War II (30.1) Dbagbo Dominance — Chanda General School Aarya returned from the cafeteria carrying a stack of boxed lunches.

The Benghu Tank War II (30.1)

They were meant for the children in her charge, waiting for her in one of the second floor classrooms of Chanda’s auxiliary school building. She hurried to return to them. Though she did not like leaving them alone, she had told them to be good while she braved the rains and winds to get them all something to fill their stomachs. Whistling a song as she climbed the steps she wondered what mischief they must have caused while she was away.

When she arrived at her classroom she was surprised to find them all in a corner. They hid away from the windows, their heads down and their arms over their hair. After seeing the soldiers running hither and thither downstairs she feared the worst. She felt her chest tighten and her knees shake. She dropped the boxes on top of her desk and furtively approached the windows. An exhausted sigh escaped her lips. “We saw a star flying across the sky Ms. GWS #1797. 979; The Line Between Sour and Sweet. Seattle ROLL-A-SKETCHES!

979; The Line Between Sour and Sweet

And also: WONDERCON April 17th, 2014.


Comics. Toys. Cereal. Potentially Offensive License Plate To Be Replaced For Free - Winston-Salem News Story - WXII Winston-Salem. RALEIGH —Thanks to some text message-savvy grandchildren, North Carolina drivers whose license plates have the potentially offensive "WTF" letter combination can replace the tags for free.

Potentially Offensive License Plate To Be Replaced For Free - Winston-Salem News Story - WXII Winston-Salem

Internet Acronyms Parents Should Know The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Tuesday the state Division of Motor Vehicles has notified nearly 10,000 holders of license plates with the letter combination. Officials learned last year the common acronym stands for a vulgar phrase in e-mail and cell phone text messages. AT&T Boss Asks Employees to Fake It. AT&T has "asked' its employees to fake it in the fight against Net Neutrality.

AT&T Boss Asks Employees to Fake It

The company’s top policy officer sent a memo to workers on Monday urging them to hide their company affiliation before posting anti-Net Neutrality comments to the Federal Communication Commission’s Web site. “We encourage you, your family and friends to join the voices telling the FCC not to regulate the Internet,” AT&T Senior Executive Vice President James Cicconi wrote in an internal communiqué forwarded to Free Press (and posted here). “It can be done through a personal e-mail account by going to and clicking on the ‘Join the Discussion’ link.”

Coming from one of the company’s most senior executives, it’s hard to imagine AT&T employees thinking the memo was merely a suggestion. If that weren’t bad enough, Cicconi urges them to choose from a list of talking points sanctioned by the PR department -- fearful perhaps of what employees might say if they went off script. Really? Free MMORPGs, Free MMO List, MMO Free Trials - Content. Tribal Wars. Ice Bots : Online RPG.

Nice to beat You! Websites as graphs - an HTML DOM Visualizer Applet. Bruce's Paranormal Deathmatch, a fun, free, online battle game! Metaverse Roadmap: Pathways to the 3D Web. News: A New Way to Tame Chaos of Flames. The blogosphere is full of armchair critics spouting off opinionated rants.

News: A New Way to Tame Chaos of Flames

But until recently, ranters without blogs of their own were largely consigned to obscurity. Not anymore. New services like coComment let internet users track, store and automatically republish comments they post on other people's blogs. While coComment is still a work in progress, bloggers seem intrigued by a concept that kicks the pack-rat narcissism of self-publishing up a notch. On Technorati, the blog search engine that ranks the popularity of posts by the number of hyperlinks they generate, coComment ranked among the top 10 search terms at intervals last week.

"'There are other ways to get a sense of blogs' popularity and topical authority in addition to linking behavior," he said. 72 Links for GMs, and the GMing Q&A Forum is Here to Stay! - Treasure Tables. When I launched the Treasure Tables GMing Q&A Forum back in December, I mentioned that it was going to be up for a one-month trial period.

72 Links for GMs, and the GMing Q&A Forum is Here to Stay! - Treasure Tables

As of today, that trial period is officially over — and the forum is here to stay! In just one month, the GMing Q&A Forum has become a solid resource for GMs, as well as a friendly, informal place to share GMing advice. To illustrate that, I’ve compiled 72 links to nifty GMing resources from all of the forum threads to date. I’ve never run a forum before, but I’m thrilled with the level of response that this one has generated. 100+ members, 50+ threads and around 1,000 posts (so far!) – we’ve built up a great community in a very short time. My goal with Treasure Tables has always been to turn this site into the #1 place to go for GMing resources, and I feel like the forum is a big step in that direction. It’s full of sharp, friendly people.The signal to noise ratio is very high.I’ve already learned a lot from it.

I want to - a page of utilities that help you do stuff you want to. CORAL. The Internet transforms modern life. Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind - Spot The Fake Smile.