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Juana Steve

I am a mobile app developer having 6 years of experience in developing mobile apps.

Mobile App Development Company. Life Of A Mobile Application: From An Idea To A Real App by Juana Steves. By Juana Steves Technical Writer Ever since the apps came into existence, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of apps in the App stores.

Life Of A Mobile Application: From An Idea To A Real App by Juana Steves

Millions of assorted apps are available in the Apple App Store as well as Google Play Store. The numbers of users preferring a smartphone app over a desktop app has only increased. As such it is obvious for any enterprise to invest in the mobile app development to expand their business in this virtual age. Developing a mobile mobile app is not something which can be done in a day or two. The most important phase among all is the pre-planning of the app. Market study is considered for the potential and possibilities of the app. Once the feasibility of the app is noted down from a technical perspective, you will have a rough sketch of the app. iPhone Development Tips To Remember - Xicom Technologies Ltd. If you are looking forward to launching a new mobile app or wish to enhance the functioning or features of your existing app then it will good that you rope in an experienced app developer who is familiar with an iOS ecosystem.

iPhone Development Tips To Remember - Xicom Technologies Ltd.

After the sudden surge in the usage of iPhone has increased the demand for iOS apps and app developers. Building an efficient iPhone app is not only demanding but also very rewarding. The success of an iOS app completely depends on the skills and experience of an app developer. Apart from that, there are lots of other factors that goes behind making an app successful. Given below are few points that could be beneficial for the people who want to become a part of an iPhone App Development firm: 1. Every developer, whether amateur or professional needs to join the Apple’s Developer Program right from the very first day when he/she starts creating apps. XICOM: How to develop apps without using servers? Android OS is growing at an enormous speed, and its regular updates are making this platform even better.

XICOM: How to develop apps without using servers?

The constant growth of this OS has also led to the increase in the demand for app development firms. Every app developer is trying it's best to reach the top position by delivering quality services at affordable prices. This fame of Android shows the free-flowing approach of the OS. When it comes to hiring an app developer, you need to do a proper market research so that you can forward your projects to the best Android developers. Things like cost, development infrastructure, and solid investment should be kept in mind before hiring someone for this job. All the app developers start the app development process from designing a blueprint and then divide the tasks among each team member with the help of commonly shared servers.

What’s better in it? What’s quite problematic in it? Different back-end tools for the mobile are not fully perfect to satisfy the every need of the user. XICOM. Mobile App Development Company. iPhone/iPad Development Outsourcing India. Here, you can get the latest updates and other tech details associated with iPhone and Android.

Xicom Technologies Ltd. - Android Application Developement. Xicom Technologies Ltd. - Android Application Developement. Page 1 of 15. A mobile application plays a significant role in any company’s strategy.

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It is pretty unbelievable to know the fact that the customers are interacting with their cell phones, at least, three hours in every twenty-four hours. In which a majority of time is spent on mobile applications. However, mobile apps revolving around risks. There are tons of applications which fail to endure in the mobile of the users. Have you ever thought why your application scan thousands of new installs every day, but how long do they last in your users phone is the major question? There can be several reasons while uninstalling a mobile application. So, are you concerned about the churning rates? 1. Users always appreciate a creatively designed application. 2. 90% of the companies never listen what their customers are willing to say.

Actively listening to your customers feedback and other social signals help you to improve. 3. Do you know 70% of the applications are uninstalled because of stale content? Hire iPhone Developers & Programmers.