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File upload processing web service | Transloadit. Flat UI Free - Framework and Bootstrap Theme Design. Flat UI Free is made on the basis of Twitter Bootstrap 3 in a stunning flat-style. Flat UI Free contains many basic and complex components which are great for designers to have at hand: buttons, inputs, button groups, selects, checkboxes and radio-buttons, tags, menus, progress bars and sliders, navigation elements and more.

We have considered your needs in developing the HTML version of our bootstrap theme, which contains the same elements as the PSD version and are perfect for creating great websites. With this Framework, you can spend even less time on routine work, saving that time for creativity. Colored, stylish icons can easily be modified and used in a wide variety of projects, as they contain original layers. Glyphs are also available in psd, html/css and svg formats. Bootstrap theme design also includes color swatches – no worrying over color choices here – with 10 colors that perfectly suit each other. Flat UI – Free Bootstrap Theme HTML version of Flat UI includes: Flat UI Pro! Server Configuration and Automation. The Breakout List — The fastest growing startups. (Q2 2015) File upload processing web service | Transloadit. Great Place to Work® Institute United States. How It Works. Best Scotch Whisky - Top 10 Single Malt & Blended Whiskies. The first written records of scotch whisky production date back to the year 1495 in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, where it was referenced by its former name: “Aqua Vitae”, or water of life .

For over 500 years, Scottish distilleries have fine-tuned the art of whisky production to a level of mastery. Today, whisky is produced all over the world, in countries as diverse as India, Australia, Switzerland and Japan. Despite the increase in global competition, Scotland still produces many of the most impressive drams, and rightfully maintains the title of whisky capital of the world. With a near-endless variety of brands, vintages, and expressions to choose from, finding the perfect scotch can be a journey that spans a lifetime. To make choosing your next (or perhaps your first!) Almost all of the bottles we’ve recommended come in at under £100 per bottle, but if you’re looking for something that little bit more special, we’ve also included a few of our experts’ ‘dream drams’.

Slàinte mhor! Hail — Create and curate flexible content for multi-channel online publishing. Marmelab - Digital Innovation Workshop. Technology: Internets and Packets – Week 5 Quiz | Coursera Answers. I Shot Him | Changing Hearts, Minds, and Habits. | Changing Hearts, Minds, and Habits. Mobile UX Design & Development Company in New York - Worry Free Labs. Mind42: Free online mind mapping software. - brainstorm and mind map online. Collaborizm. SYNAPP. Dash | The easiest way to pay at restaurants and bars. Pizza Amore! Pizza Amore is an easy to use plugin.

It's built with our responsive framework Foundation so you can quickly install it into your current Foundation project. Pie Charts PepperoniSausageCheeseMushroom PepperoniSausageCheeseMushroomChickenOther Bar Charts Line Graphs Cheese Popularity The Setup You’ve got to include our JS plugin in the footer of the page and our CSS in the head. The HTML The main goal of Pizza was to be super simple, so the HTML is no more than a couple of Lists and some data-attributes. We add list items that will be used for each slice of the pie. Pie Chart <ul data-pie-id="my-cool-pie-chart"><li data-value="36">Pepperoni</li><li data-value="14">Sausage</li><li data-value="8">Cheese</li><li data-value="11">Mushrooms</li><li data-value="7">Chicken</li><li data-value="24">Other</li></ul><div id="my-cool-chart"></div> Bar Chart Line Graph Finally, we add a div with the ID that matches our data-pie-id.

So you have a chart, and now it’s time to style it. JavaScript. How do our favorite tech companies make money? Intuit - À propos. 25 Essential D.C. Coffee Shops. Eater Staff on Feb 24, 2015, 10:00a Zeke's Coffee, on display in its roastery. R. Lopez What makes a good coffeehouse? Coffee drinkers seek out certain shops for different reasons. This map sticks to permanent coffee shops, but be sure to also check out one of the city's coffee pop-ups, from Mockingbird Hill's weekend service to Blind Dog Cafe.

Did we miss your favorite? 25 Essential D.C. 1 Compass Coffee Opened in 2014, this new coffee shop in Shaw is from two former Marines who served together in Afghanistan. 1535 7th St NW Washington, D.C. 20001 2 The Coffee Bar Find an “on tap” brew selection in the morning at The Coffee Bar, and a pour over menu in the afternoon. 1201 S St NW Washington, D.C. 20009 3 La Colombe In 2014, Philly's La Columbe Coffee Roasters opened a D.C. location in a narrow, charming building in Blagden Alley. 924 N St NW Rear 4 Tryst Adams Morgan institution Tryst has been serving up Counter Culture Coffee and free wifi to neighbors and freelancers for years. 2459 18th St NW.

OPM hack Q&A: What we know and what we don't. WASHINGTON — The biggest and most devastating cyber attack against the U.S. government was revealed this month when the Office of Personnel Management announced that hackers had compromised the personal data of millions of current and former federal employees. Congress has held five hearings in the past two weeks to try to find out just what happened, but the full impact of the massive attack is still under investigation. Here's a look at what we know so far. Q: How many government employees have had their personal information compromised? A: This remains one of the biggest unanswered questions. OPM Director Katherine Archuleta said the first hack the agency discovered in April involved a breach of the personnel records of about 4.2 million current and former employees. OPM has notified all those people that their data has been compromised. However, a second separate, but related, data breach was discovered in June as the first was being investigated.

Q: Have the hackers been identified? Cronomio - Your Social Calendar. What are the best analogies ever? Point It. Plunk - An easy way to test clicks on a mobile phone. 47 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts You Should Know About Yourself. WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IN THE NEXT PARAGRAPH IS COMMONLY BELIEVED, BUT NOT TRUE – You read by recognizing the shapes of words and groups of words. Words that are in all capital letters all have the same shape: a rectangle of a certain size. This makes words displayed in all uppercase harder to read than upper and lower case (known as “mixed case”).

Mixed case words are easier to read because they make unique shapes, as demonstrated by the picture below. OK, NOW THE TRUE STUFF STARTS — When I started this article the topic was supposed to be why all capital letters are harder to read. The research doesn’t exist, or “It’s complicated” — Something happened when I went to find the research on the shape of words and how that is related to all capital letters being harder to read. It’s parallel letter recognition, not word shape — The old theory on word shapes comes from a psycholinguist named Cattell who came up with that theory in 1886.

Example of fixations and saccades. Earn | Open Badges.