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xEnabler is a team of highly skilled designers, developers, Business Analysts, Testers, Product Managers, and IT support specialists delivering some of the industry-leading solutions in IT.

Professional Service Marketplace Application​ What is a Construction Management Software and Why Is it In Demand? The ever-growing technology in the construction industry is tilting toward the following trends: Augmented reality: Augmented reality will allow construction companies to build and interact with a virtual structure of their construction project.

What is a Construction Management Software and Why Is it In Demand?

Data ecosystem: Since more and more of the pre-construction work is shifting to digital technologies, a data ecosystem will allow hundreds and thousands of designers, engineers, and architects to work collaboratively in an online environment. Cloud and mobile technology: Mobile and Cloud technology will also construction companies to carry out their operation all around the work using a single central database and application structure. Advanced use of GPS: Advanced use of GPS will allow tracking of materials, personals, and machinery precisely and constantly. Wearable technology: Progressive Web Apps – The Future of the Modern Web?​ Latest technology trends in Fitness Apps. Wearable Technology Applications in Healthcare. Telehealth is the use of telecommunication devices such as computers and mobile devices to access healthcare services remotely.

Wearable Technology Applications in Healthcare

Telehealth revolves around the idea of providing remote medical facilities to those managing their health outside of physical healthcare spaces. So far telehealth relied solely on doctor-patient communication, but with the advent of wearable technology, telehealth is also advancing. With data being sent from wearable technologies doctors can now not only ask the patient about their symptoms over the call or video chat, but also see patient information like blood pressure, heartbeat, and other measures to make more informed decisions about diagnosis and treatment. The field of telehealth relies on the use of technology to bridge the gap between healthcare practitioners and patients who are unable to visit a doctor. The integration of wearables with telehealth has numerous advantages.

Mobile Banking App - Unwiring the Horizons of Digital Banking. 11-reasons-to-develop-a-mobile-app-for-your-taxi-service. xEnabler - Mobile App, ChatBot, AI, UI/UX Design Services in Sydney. Path to a Chatbot Enabled Business. Learnings Matter More Than Success. In the last couple of years of my career, I have worked at multiple firms in different roles and every time I changed a job, the experience has never been more fulfilling.

Learnings Matter More Than Success

Besides the process of finding a new one, which could get excruciating at times, I learned something new about the job types, technology, and the people I associated with. I can honestly admit it was NOT one of the easiest things to do in the initial days of my career. Now, I can proudly say my journey from Mumbai to Bengaluru to Berlin has not been anything less than adventurous. Spirit of adventure dies with worry We all love being spontaneous and adventurous when it comes to life, but we seem to be a tad hesitant about the spirit of adventure when it comes to jobs.

The science to restore confidence It is natural as humans to go low on confidence while finding a new job. Train to hit the nail right Assume responsibility for your failures There might be times, you fail at your job, whatever the reason.

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Good Android Development Practices. Software is never finished.

Good Android Development Practices

It is impossible to not have bugs and anyone who denies this probably is either unaware of them or conveniently chose to ignore them. But.. code can be in a good state. An easily understandable and readable state. A state where it can be extended and scaled easily, leaving the developer who reads your code with a smile. I don’t know any programmer who is not guilty of such mistakes including myself. So, let’s first understand some common practices and guidelines developers use in the world of Android App development.

Why Pair Programming is fantastic - The roles of pairing to write code. As Richard Feynman’s technique points out thinking out loud and explaining the problem or a solution to someone is the simplest way to tackle a problem.

Why Pair Programming is fantastic - The roles of pairing to write code

The simpler the explanation better the understanding. Solving tiny problems at a time in turn achieving smaller milestones are crucial in problem-solving. Therefore, the problem is first broken down into tiny achievable tasks. In general, the software engineering process encourages programmers to ask as many questions as possible regarding the problem. When, why, how, where, etc. The most common mistake programmers make is to jump into solutions. The Pair Programming technique involves two people working on a single block of code, one driving the process and providing a high-level bird’s eye view of the steps called the Navigator. xEnabler - Mobile App, ChatBot, AI, UI/UX Design Services in Sydney.

xEnabler - Mobile App Development. xEnabler - Mobile App, ChatBot, AI, UI/UX Design Services in Sydney. 5 Biggest Outsourcing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. xEnabler - Mobile App Development. Mobile Banking App - Unwiring the Horizons of Digital Banking. xEnabler - Mobile App Development. xEnabler - Mobile App Development.