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Health 2.0

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TruMedicines - Authenticated Pharmaceuticals\\n. Len's Lens: Wearable Health Technology. I have long held the belief that health information technology will be harnessed to truly improve our health.

Len's Lens: Wearable Health Technology

There may be hiccups along the way, but one day we will be able to have our health information available where and when we need it, in a manner that will make a difference for far many more of us -- whether patients, physicians, or those interested in maintaining and/or improving their health -- than is the case today. As physicians, we are going to have to learn how to incorporate this data into the everyday care of our patients, especially in primary care. I am also a believer -- as are many others -- that we will develop tools that will be able to monitor our important health-related behaviors as we are, where we are, in a non-intrusive way so that the process becomes seamless. Think about monitoring blood pressure, weight, blood sugar or even simple (and perhaps much more complex) blood tests through biometric wearable monitors. Videum - Health in any language. Filament Labs hopes its algorithms turn healthcare into a full-service business.

Tens of thousands of people have fitness trackers of some sort. In China, this wearable air purifier could replace the smog mask. Health & Wellbeing Smog and other air pollution is still a massive problem in China, damaging residents' health and necessitating the use of the now common smog mask.

In China, this wearable air purifier could replace the smog mask

Hoping to find a more comfortable and intelligent solution, the Wind Six wearable air purifier lets people breathe in polluted cities while also recommending smog-free areas. Wearing a mask all day isn't the most comfortable way to move around the city, but both the nose and mouth need to protected from the tiny smog particles in the air. Wind Six has developed a new device that looks like a headphone and mic setup, allowing the face to remain relatively uncovered. These High-Tech Underwear Keep Your Farts From Smelling. Scientists and innovators may be hard at work curing malaria or generating cheap renewable energy, but these issues--while important--perhaps pale in comparison to the work of a British man named Paul O'Leary.

These High-Tech Underwear Keep Your Farts From Smelling

Healthcare Hashtags - a Social Project. Hashtags were popularized during the San Diego fires in 2007 when @nateritter used the hashtag “#sandiegofire” to identify his updates related to the disaster. – Twitter Fan Wiki Twitter was All So Simple When Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey, (aka @jack) sent his first tweet it was pretty simple and straight forward. Furthermore, if anyone wanted to find his tweet, that was pretty simple too, because Jack’s tweet was the very first tweet … ever! So there wasn’t much competition. It didn’t fall unbelievably far down everyone’s home-feed in just a few heartbeats, and it wasn’t lost among the barrage of tweets about last night’s game, the news story of the day, or what all of your friends were having for dinner. Even today, four and a half years after Jacks historic announcement, Twitter, as created by its founders, is really pretty simple … until you try to find tweets that are all talking about a common subject that interests you.

The Twitter Community Mobilizes. IBM's Watson Is Learning Its Way To Saving Lives. The woman was gravely ill.

IBM's Watson Is Learning Its Way To Saving Lives

Her name was Ms. Yamato. Thirty-seven years old, born in Osaka, Japan, she had never smoked, and yet there it was anyway: a spot on her lung. A doctor had already performed a bronchoscopy and had made the diagnosis of cancer. Then he referred the patient to Mark Kris, an oncologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. 8 things pharmaceutical companies can do to ensure their survival. In order to continue to be viable in the next decade, the pharmaceutical industry is adapting in ways that might seem surprising just a few years ago.

8 things pharmaceutical companies can do to ensure their survival

The pressure to reduce costs coupled with the need to be more innovative and still comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations has led to a number of new developments. Disruptive technology, big data, demographic trends and healthcare reform are impacting the kind of decisions pharmaceutical companies make about drug development. A PriceWaterhouseCoopers report Pharma 2020: from vision to decision outlines the trends and opportunities that will help define the pharmaceutical industry and the challenges it will face implementing them. Strengthen portfolios with more diversification As a way of addressing the significant increase in drug failures in the past 20 years, pharma companies should develop better risk evaluation and management measures.

Copyright 2014 MedCity News. Hear the latest industry news first. Health Care Business. 7 Key Takeaways from Wired Health Living By Numbers. Remember that classic Far Side cartoon where a student sitting in a classroom raises his hand to ask, “Mr.

7 Key Takeaways from Wired Health Living By Numbers

Osborne, may I be excused? My brain is full.” That’s how I felt after a day and a half of sitting in a room packed with more than 200 thought leaders from across the health ecosystem at the Wired Health conference, Living By Numbers, presented in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Crazy sharp Wired staff interviewed brilliant pioneers, including RWJF-funded scientists.

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