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Yanis Varoufakis : « La véritable cible du docteur Schäuble est la France et son Etat-providence » Le | • Mis à jour le | Propos recueillis par Marie Charrel (Athènes, envoyée spéciale) Provocateur, idéaliste, arrogant.

Yanis Varoufakis : « La véritable cible du docteur Schäuble est la France et son Etat-providence »

Yanis Varoufakis, ex-ministre des finances grec, fascine autant qu’il agace. Quatre jours avant son passage en France, à la fête de la Rose, à Frangy-en-Bresse (Saône-et-Loire), dimanche 23 août, l’économiste trublion a reçu Le Monde le 19 août sur l’île grecque d’Égine, où il a une maison. Le troisième plan d’aide à la Grèce, qu’il définit comme une « capitulation » face aux créanciers d’Athènes, conduira son pays dans l’abîme, explique-t-il. Il dénonce l’opacité de l’Eurogroupe, qui, selon lui, prend des décisions majeures pour l’avenir de la zone euro sans que les citoyens en soient informés. Arnaud Montebourg vous a invité à la fête de la Rose, dimanche 23 août. Elle a du travail. The Failed Strategy. The leader of Spain’s Podemos party, Pablo Iglesias, recently explained why he thought the deal Syriza reached with the European institutions was “sadly, the only thing they could have done.”

The Failed Strategy

As a small southern European government, Greece didn’t have the political power to go another route. He added that even Podemos would only be able to deliver very limited reforms: We can’t do more than that. We defend the same thing that Christian Democracy did thirty years ago. But in this chess game in which we have got almost nothing, there’s not much more we can do.

Alexis Tsipras : « Le peuple grec a tenté de s'échapper de la prison de l’austérité. Rattrapé, il a été placé en cellule d'isolement » Grèce : Varoufakis s'explique sur son incroyable plan B. (Article créé le 26/07/2015 à 14:29, mis à jour le 27/07/2015 à 11:10) Yanis Varoufakis aurait eu un plan B pour le moins explosif.

Grèce : Varoufakis s'explique sur son incroyable plan B

Il aurait en effet impliqué de pirater la plateforme de l'administration fiscale grecque dans le but de créer un système bancaire parallèle en cas de faillite. Ce plan figure dans la retranscription d'une conversation attribuée à Yanis Varoufakis, l'ex-ministre des Finances en Grèce et Norman Lamont, qui fut également en charge des Finances mais au Royaume-Uni, publiée ce dimanche par le quotidien Ekathimerini. Des responsables de hedge funds auraient également assisté à cette téléconférence qui aurait eu lieu le 16 juillet, soit une semaine après la démission de Yanis Varoufakis. De l'hystérisation du débat à l'heure numérique. «Quatremer serait mieux entre quatre planches » (@Marmo73). « Voici des journalistes !

De l'hystérisation du débat à l'heure numérique

Mes vieux slips ont plus de personnalité… » (@winston4511). « Les gens en ont marre de votre propagande néolibérale. A view from Athens: Greece’s shell-shocked left. A few weeks ago, I wagered a souvlaki with a fellow teacher at the school in Athens where I teach history that Greece’s Syriza government would sell out and that there would be no Grexit.

A view from Athens: Greece’s shell-shocked left

I’ve still yet to enjoy what most people here consider to be the healthiest and most delicious fast food on the planet. And in all honestly, I hope I lose. It’s still possible – until the new memorandum is actually signed, a faint hope remains that things will sour between the Greek government and its EU-ECB-IMF creditors. Indeed, I hope Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s iron Minister of Finance, gets his way and my country is led out of the eurozone. All I can add is this: if and when I do eat my souvlaki, I hope I don’t choke on it. La gauche et l’euro : liquider, reconstruire. 1.

La gauche et l’euro : liquider, reconstruire

L’euro interdit radicalement toute politique progressiste possible. Greece debt crisis: François Hollande calls for a 'eurozone government' to further integrate member states - but what will this mean for Britain? - Europe. Without mentioning Britain by name, François Hollande called for an “avant-garde” to push ahead towards a form of federal government leaving behind countries which opposed further “deepening” or “integration” of the 28-member European Union.

Greece debt crisis: François Hollande calls for a 'eurozone government' to further integrate member states - but what will this mean for Britain? - Europe

Mr Hollande’s proposals – in an article to mark the 90th birthday of the former European Commission President, Jacques Delors – were framed as a response to the muddled, much criticised and fragile eurozone response to the Greek debt crisis. His comments were, however, also intended to mark out France’s position in negotiations later this year on EU reform, before the in/out referendum in the UK next year or in 2017.

In an apparent swipe at both Germany and Britain, Mr Hollande said that the EU’s problems were caused not by the failure of the European dream, but by a return to national selfishness and a “turning in on oneself”. “Our biggest threat is not too much Europe, but too little,” Mr Hollande wrote. Many problems remain, however. Leçons de la crise grecque sur l’Euro. Le drame que vit la Grèce nous aura au moins appris deux choses : le lien qui existe aujourd’hui entre l’Euro et l’austérité et l’attachement d’une partie de la gauche à l’Euro, un attachement qui la conduit, maintenant de plus en plus rapidement, à sa perte.

Leçons de la crise grecque sur l’Euro

The Other Greek Left. Perhaps aside from Argentina, Greece has the world’s biggest and most diverse anticapitalist left — the product of decades of splits and rich anarchist and communist traditions.

The Other Greek Left

In contrast to the fragmentation and infighting predominant almost everywhere else, Greece is also one of the few countries in which most of these forces have succeeded in constructing a durable front of collaboration and activity, the Front of the Anticapitalist Left (Antarsya). Although microscopic at an electoral level — and totally overshadowed in this domain by Syriza and the Communist Party (KKE) — Antarsya has real social roots and plays a crucial mobilizing and organizing role in a range of social movements.

Here, Sebastian Budgen explores this complex and fascinating landscape with the scholar, activist, and leading figure of Antarsya, Panagiotis Sotiris. Maybe we can start with some personal questions about your background and your politicization, and the different phases of that, as a beginning. No. From Sydney to Athens, the old left is out of ideas. The result of the Greek referendum surprised many: elections fought in the shadow of financial crises are usually won by the champions of ‘sound finance’.

From Sydney to Athens, the old left is out of ideas

The first great example was 1896 in the United States when voters rallied to the gold standard and the Republicans, who stood against the Democrats’ populist advocacy of free silver and price inflation. The most famous Australian example was the June 1932 New South Wales election that followed the May 1932 dismissal of Jack Lang’s Labor government. In office, Lang’s government had suspended payment of public debt owed to British banks. L’Europe face à l’hégémonie allemande, par Perry Anderson (décembre 2012) Greece and eurozone reach agreement in bailout talks. Alexis Tsipras is heading for a showdown with his own party and opposition MPs after the Greek prime minister accepted a third bailout programme that will bring further austerity to the debt-stricken country. Tsipras, who was locked in fraught negotiations with EU leaders in Brussels throughout Sunday and Monday morning, convened a meeting of government officials in Athens to thrash out a way to convince his radical-leftist Syriza party and its coalition partner to vote through the package by Wednesday.

Determined to keep his party together ahead of an expected onslaught by MPs opposing the outline deal, Tsipras summoned his finance minister, Euclid Tsakalotos, and Nikos Filis, representative of the Syriza parliamentary group, to the Athens meeting, before a gathering of his parliamentary party on Tuesday. Greeks digest bailout: 'a bad agreement is still better than leaving the euro' Greece’s financial rescue came too late to save Dimitri’s business, but the 40-year-old reserved his anger not for the man who eventually signed off on more economic pain but the creditors who dictated the brutal terms. “I’m not disappointed because the prime minister couldn’t have done anything else. Leaving the euro would have been much worse,” the cafe owner said as he prepared iced coffee for his only two customers. “I’m already closing next month. My income has fallen by half since 2010.”

Like many Greeks battered by five years of austerity, he struggled to grasp why other European countries were calling in debts that even the International Monetary Fund had admitted were too crippling to be paid back. “When the Germans give you money, they don’t just want it back, they want punishment. In defence of Europe's technocrats. Yanis Varoufakis full transcript: our battle to save Greece. Read the report from Greece of our interview with Varoufakis here. This conversation took place before the deal. Harry Lambert: So how are you feeling? Yanis Varoufakis: I’m feeling on top of the world – I no longer have to live through this hectic timetable, which was absolutely inhuman, just unbelievable. I was on 2 hours sleep every day for five months. … I’m also relieved I don’t have to sustain any longer this incredible pressure to negotiate for a position I find difficult to defend, even if I managed to force the other side to acquiesce, if you know what I mean.

HL: What was it like? Exclusive: Yanis Varoufakis opens up about his five month battle to save Greece. Read the full Q&A transcript of our interview with Varoufakis here. Greece has finally reached an agreement with its creditors. The specifics have not yet been published, but it is clear that the deal signed is more punitive and demanding than the one that its government has spent the past five months desperately trying to resist. The accord follows 48 hours in which Germany demanded control of Greece’s finances or its withdrawal from the euro. Many observers across Europe were stunned by the move. Yanis Varoufakis was not. “If anything it will be worse,” he said. Wolfgang Schäuble on German Priorities and Eurozone Myths. BERLIN — The annual spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank begin on Friday in Washington.

I’m looking forward to them, even if the discussion in recent years has seemed, to some commentators, a bit too well-rehearsed to provoke much discussion or thought outside of the usual comfort zones. The fact that the immediate sting of the global financial crisis has faded in much of the world has probably contributed to this complacency. Unfortunately, however, the world economy is not yet out of the woods. It still faces very concrete challenges. In defence of Europe's technocrats. Untitled. Tax havens: The missing $20 trillion. Juncker au centre d'un scandale fiscal impliquant 340 multinationales.

Que dire du comportement de la France dans les pays de l’Afrique sub-sahérienne ! L’état français persiste à faire utiliser une monnaie, le franc CFA coloniale, qui n’a cours nulle part dans le monde et qui ne s’échange dans aucune banque à l’éxtérieur, ni même en France mais uniquement dans les zones où elle est utilisée. Même les réserves indiennes d’Amérique n’ont pas été dotée d’un tel moyen de change innique ! Ceux qui en profitent ? - les firmes françaises établies là-bas qui, qui moyennant quelques "enveloppes" bien placées, n’ont rien à payer puisque leur monnaie garantie cette triste monnaie.

Ne leur parlez pas de charges fiscales ou de dettes sociales. Dernièrement, c’est le président du Tchad qui a soulevé le problème de la possibilé pour l’Afrique de disposer de sa propre monnaie. Schauble Proposes "5 Year Grexit With Humanitarian Support" As we await the verdict on whether Greece will be in or out, here are the earlier comments from the Eurozone finance ministers and others attending the Eurogroup meeting, via Reuters: GERMAN FINANCE MINISTER WOLFGANG SCHAEUBLE "We will have exceptionally difficult negotiations. ""The problem is that that there was a situation at the end of the year that was very hopeful, despite all the scepticism of previous years, and that this was destroyed in an incredible way in the last months and hours.

"We are dealing with financing gaps which exceed everything we have dealt with in the past. ""We are talking about a completely new three-year programme. " "We, as Luxembourg, because we hold the EU presidency right now, are definitely ready to discuss debt restructuring, finalising is another issue. " The chilling irony of German austerity. The competition for which nation can have the worst post-2008 economic policy is a stiff one. The United States has literally left free money on the table for years. Argentina is monetizing its debt, and inflation is a serious problem as a result.

Yánis Varoufákis, Jon Elster. Grèce, faites vos jeux… Rien ne va plus ? Schauble Proposes "5 Year Grexit With Humanitarian Support" Tsipras Moves From Predator to Prey at Euro 'Torture' Summit. 'The Fourth Reich': What Some Europeans See When They Look at Germany. May 30, 1941 was the day when Manolis Glezos made a fool of Adolf Hitler. He and a friend snuck up to a flag pole on the Acropolis in Athens on which a gigantic swastika flag was flying. The Germans had raised the banner four weeks earlier when they occupied the country, but Glezos took down the hated flag and ripped it up. The deed turned both him and his friend into heroes. Back then, Glezos was a resistance fighter. Opinion: Why a Grexit Must Be Avoided. France Takes Greece's Side Against Germany.

L'Allemagne mène l'Europe à la ruine. L'ancien ministre des Affaires étrangères allemand Joschka Fischer n'a pas de mots assez durs à l'encontre de la politique d'austérité imposée par Angela Merkel. Board of Supervisory Directors and its Committees. Ben Bowman sur Twitter : "Schauble: "Greece must transfer €50bn to an independent fund". Guess who is Chairman of the board who own the fund? Pourquoi le débat entre croissance et austérité gêne-t-il tant Monsieur Schäuble ? L'Allemagne, le nouveau problème de l'Europe. Greece debt crisis: Latest updates. Grexit: An Indecent Proposal From Germany. Greek debt crisis: Meet the Goldman Sachs banker who got rich getting Greece into the euro - Home News. “All I Have Is a Voice”: On Greece’s National Confusion.

Dialogues, Yánis Varoufákis, Varoufakis, Jon Elster, Grèce, Dette, Europe, Allemagne. Cher Guy Verhofstadt, 40 familles grecques peuvent vivre avec votre salaire mensuel. Thomas Piketty dénonce l'hypocrisie de l'Allemagne envers la Grèce. Germany won’t spare Greek pain – it has an interest in breaking us. Et pendant ce temps, l'Autriche restructure sa dette... Grosse colère de Verhofstadt sur Tsipras au Parlement européen (vidéo) - Politique Economique - Trends-Tendances Mobile. Quand Tsipras mouche Verhofstadt - International. Référendum, réformes, dette, Europe : ce qu'a dit Aléxis Tsípras devant le Parlement européen.

Le crépuscule d'une époque. Un insider raconte: comment l'Europe a étranglé la Grèce. Emotional Varoufakis moved by conservative german MP. Dans la presse européenne. “Le peuple grec connaîtra le goût de l’Armageddon” Greece: Only the 'No' Can Save the Euro.

Dominique de Villepin rend hommage à Alexis Tsipras. « La dette publique est une blague ! La vraie dette est celle du capital naturel » Thomas Piketty: “Germany has never repaid.” Euro exchange rates AUD. Exchange Rates Graph (US Dollar, Euro) - X-Rates. Euro Falls as Greece Votes 'No' to Bailout Package. Will Greece now leave the euro? Watch the money to find out. In bad faith. La zone euro se prépare au scénario d'un défaut grec. Europe’s Last Act? by Joseph E. Stiglitz. Will a Grexit Be the Lehman-Like Trigger of the Next Global Financial Crisis?