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Blogs - The Model Driven Software Network. The Enterprise Architect - by Johan den Haan. Peter Friese's blog. Steven Kelly on DSM. Code Generation 2011 is coming up fast: less than 3 weeks now!

Steven Kelly on DSM

If you haven't already got your ticket, book now -- as I write, there's one discounted ticket left. As in previous years, the lineup is impressive: Ed Merks, Terence Parr, Jos Warmer, Johan den Haan, Pedro Molina and of course experts from MetaCase, Itemis, and Microsoft. Juha-Pekka on DSM. I have a pleasure joining the workshop on language design and implementation to defend my claim that the best level of abstraction for a language is as high as possible.

Juha-Pekka on DSM

I have no arguments against DSL'ish ideas of extending current programming languages, embedding a DSL to a host language, using better naming for API calls etc., but I don't see them raising the level of abstraction much from the implementation level. I'm afraid that these efforts then don't provide significant benefits to the development teams either.

At the workshop I plan to proof my claim by showing results from cases (partly public like 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) that develop and test different type of software, such as consumer electronics, telecommunication, product lines, medical, and automation systems with domain-specific languages, models and generators. These industry cases report 5-10 fold productivity increase. New Thoughts. Carnets de bord. InShare0 This post is a synthesis of two posts I originally published on my other blog "unRelated".

Carnets de bord

One of the key foundations and most attractive principle of Agile or Lean methodologies is that "Everyone can help each other remain focused on the highest possible business value per unit of time". I am certainly a strong supporter of that principle. Voelterblog. The Gordian. Object-Oriented or Model-Driven Society? The Metalevel. The thinker, Paris.

The Metalevel

Photo CC by Dano Decisions in all contexts of life are taken under the best information we can collect and under the assumption of many factors. Changes to the surrounding context could lead to changing assumptions and then, it is time to question and rethink about our overall strategy. Software architecture and design decisions are taken based on principles as the following ones: Models Everywhere. Software Modeling blog. Model Driven Blogging. Meta plop. Karsten's Blog. This Is The Frequency. Jo MD blog. With or without a name. Fred Madiot. Ekkes-corner: eclipse. Merks' Meanderings. Eclipse mde.

The R&D director’s blog. Sven Efftinge's Blog. Jérôme BENOIS's Weblog "MDE 2.0 :)" Les news d'Aspectize. Active Knowledge Modeling. Actifsource. News from the front. Executable models, as the name implies, are models that are complete and precise enough to be executed.

news from the front

One of the key benefits is that you can evaluate your model very early in the development life cycle. That allows you to ensure the model is generally correct and satisfies the requirements even before you have committed to a particular implementation platform. One way to perform early validation is to automatically generate a prototype that non-technical stakeholders can play with and (manually) confirm the proposed model does indeed satisfy their needs (like this). Andreas Graf's Software Engineering Blog.