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XA Technologies

XA Technologies is a modern PC protection software provider company. Our custom-made software provides complete privacy security, protection and performance solutions for internet users.

Best Data Protection Software. BPO Consulting Firms. Consumer Electronics CORACC's BPO services maximize scope to capitalize new opportunities like delivery of content and leverage consumer experience in terms of consumer electronics.

BPO Consulting Firms

We provide end-to-end support for every consumer electronic product promoting the brand name. Healthcare Services Coracc offers healthcare BPO services that boost financial performance and deepen resource allocation. We aim to work for diverse health care sectors that includes old age emergency or child health care. Automotive Coracc brings outstanding automobile outsourcing services to optimize key process to deliver optimum results.

Retail & e-Commerce Our team of experts are well versed to provide top class BPO solutions to ecommerce industry. Insurance Our insurance BPO service supports for several insurance product that includes life insurance, general insurance, first party insurance, car insurance, health insurance and others. Media & Communications We offer services to media and entertainment companies. Password Protection. Free antivirus and privacy protection Software provider. Identity Theft: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim. The information age has brought numerous innovations and advancements to our daily routine.

Identity Theft: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

Cell phones, computers, and the Internet have made many of life’s challenges easier and more accessible. However, just like every other moment in our collective history, new advancements offer the opportunity for those who seek to harm you or steal from you to get at your money or your most private possessions, in this case, your identity. So what is Identity Theft? Identity theft is the process of someone using an identity that is not their own for any type of service, transaction, or notification.

Sounds fancy huh? Identifying Internet Phishing Scams Internet phishing scams are one of the leading perpetrators of online identity theft. Prevention Tips for Identity Theft Prevention Tip #1 – Never, I repeat never give your social security number to anyone unless it is an absolute emergency or is truly required to perform some function. How to Protect Yourself Against Phishing Scams? There have always been scams — get-rich-quick letters, pyramid schemes, fake competitions, charities that don’t exist.

How to Protect Yourself Against Phishing Scams?

The Internet hasn’t increased the chance of falling prey to scammers – it just makes it easier for the scammers to get your attention. The tools available to senders of disreputable e-mail are extensive and cheap. Spam is illegal in many countries, but we still get a lot of it. The same goes for the scams that arrive in our inbox. There are various kinds of Phishing Scams. These days, there are so many possible scams that it can be hard to tell the difference between them. The best way to obtain another person’s password is by asking them. Phishing Scam is defined in Wikipedia as the following: “Phishing is a criminal activity using social engineering techniques. Phishing means fishing for information: a bait is thrown out, and your username and password is trying to catch by hackers or thief. What does it look like? Antivirus software or anti-malware is a computer program which is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware for your PC, netwo…

Ways To Spot Fake News Scams. Protect yourself from different kinds of identity thefts by installing the best privacy protection software XA Troop offered by … Free Antivirus For Android Tablet. Free Digital Privacy Protection Software for PC. XA Troop software scans and removes login credentials such as email id and password.

Free Digital Privacy Protection Software for PC

This identity protection software removes all or specific information as per your choice. Offer complete protection from internet threats with their advance detection algorithms. XA Troop is complete data privacy protection software that scans and removes login credentials such as username, email id and password.The credentials also include: Bank Account Numbers Driving License Information Passport and National Insurance Numbers Postal Addresses Browsing History Cache Chat History Initially, XA Troop software detects and blocks threads such as high-risk websites and programs real time.

Internet Scams Protection - Tips Everyone Should Know. In today’s modern era, millions of individuals around all over the world work on the Internet on a regular basis.

Internet Scams Protection - Tips Everyone Should Know

It is due to the wide range of helpful information obtainable in numerous websites & the ease it provides to website users. Though, it also concluded in numerous Internet users that are being victimized by diverse online Internet Scams. These internet scams have extremely emerged & have already distressed the authorities. Internet scams are possibly more common online than the traditional scams in this real world. After a moment, it seems like everybody is out to try & formulate a rapid jump on the gloom & suffering of other individuals, and it is the real shame. Aware of Severe Internet Scams The foremost rule you require to be attentive of should also be useful to your existent life. Protect yourself from Different Kinds of Email Scams.

In this advanced era, one of the most complicated methods that scammers utilize to fool the unsuspicious public into handing over their sensitive information and money is via their Email.

Protect yourself from Different Kinds of Email Scams

Nowadays, internet Email Scams are increasing a lot. Moreover, they are getting stealthier in their way of doing the deceiving business.