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Any way of getting shadows in Unity Indie - UnityAnswers. Game Development Tool. Object2Terrain. Author: Eric Haines (Eric5h5); C# conversion by Jessy Description Converts an object mesh to a heightmap.


This way you can create terrain meshes in a standard 3D app such as Blender or Maya and convert it to a Unity terrain. (See also TerrainObjExporter, which saves a Unity terrain as an .obj file.) Usage You must place the script in a folder named Editor in your project's Assets folder for it to work properly. Click on an object in the scene view or hierarchy, then select Object to Terrain from the Terrain menu. This function uses the axis-aligned bounding box of the mesh, so object rotations on the x and z axis other than 0, or rotations on the y axis other than multiples of 90 degrees, may give somewhat odd results. You will probably need to adjust the height of the terrain to match the object mesh (using Set Resolution… in the Terrain menu). JavaScript - Object2Terrain.js Additional Usage Notes for C# version C# - Object2Terrain.cs.

Modifying terrain height under a gameobject at runtime - UnityAnswers. Thank for yor answer Duck, I finally figured it out.

Modifying terrain height under a gameobject at runtime - UnityAnswers

I paste the code I used so that anyone who has the same problem can check it out. It is not that good but I hope it helps. Unluckily if you modify the terrain at runtime it doesnt reset to the original heights it had before you played the scene. Also, I havent thought of an algorithm to raise the terrain in a smooth way (this is plain blocky), but it would be good to raise it smoothly as if a mountain was raising. Messing with Morphs! (Updated with Face now) {*style:<a href=' Location The MacSpeedee Workshops Posts 1,930 Messing with Morphs!

Messing with Morphs! (Updated with Face now)

(Updated with Face now) Just a quick post to show something I've been working on for our next game, excuse the modelling side the artist is busy on another project so had to do it myself. A video can be found here:Morph Test Video Web PlayerMorph Test and Face Morph Test So this is a quick test of my morphing system for Unity3D. It fully exports all the morphing info from 3DS Max to unity via an fbx file so no extra work is needed in Unity to set up the morph targets etc it just works, it fully supports any number of channels and progressive morph targets for complete control over the mesh animation and works with Skinned meshes as well.

Posting Permissions You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts Forum Rules. Blend shape animation! What are the Syntax Differences in C# and Javascript? - UnityAnswers. The purpose of this answer is to provide a single point of reference for the syntactical differences between C# and JS.

What are the Syntax Differences in C# and Javascript? - UnityAnswers

It is mainly for people who have already made their decision as to which language to use, and might need to know the differences (for instance, to translate a script from one language to another). If you want to know more about why you might choose one language over another in Unity, there are several other Questions - for instance: How should I Decide... C#/JS/Boo. And for performance issues, there is: Performance Difference...

JS/C#?. These are in addition to the differences listed in the Unity Manual page: Writing Scripts in C#. Unity Script Directives Unity has a number of Script Directives, for example, AddComponentMenu. Type names A couple of the basic types are spelt differently in pure Unity C#: C#: bool, Javascript: booleanC#: string, Javascript: String using System;String foo = "testing";Boolean bar = false; Variable declaration Variables with dynamic type resolution.

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