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AREAS DE TRABAJO. Mes étapes sur le Chemin Catalan. Mapa del Camino de Santiago. Volunteer, work, intern, organize, hire and connect. Change the world - Welcome to Be Volunteer! Solo Female Cycling Around the World: WOW (Women On Wheels) LATEST NEWS: ....from WOW (Women On Wheels) Not only is Snezana Radojicic (Serbian Website) a solo female world cyclist, she is also a writer and the only women from the Balkans to cycle around the world.

Solo Female Cycling Around the World: WOW (Women On Wheels)

Une fille, un vélo. Ecotopia Biketour. Ecotopia Biketour is all about DIY – and we depend on YOU to help us make it happen!

Ecotopia Biketour

Italy — EuroVelo 8. - For bicycle tourism on the river, Po river has an area rich of proposals, facilities and above all different types of cycle lanes: along the banks, in the villages and into the river’s towns where is possible to find easy paths for beginners and more demanding for the experts.

Italy — EuroVelo 8

In total there are 2376 kilometres of cycle lanes. Tourists who are travelling with their bikes can rely on special accommodation services such as 200 “Albergabici” facilities. - the OpenStreetMap Cycle Map. Po river bike tour. Projet Itinérance : Travel differently. CARTE INTERACTIVE AF3V. Surfing our way across the eastern Balkans. We seem to have made a habit of cycling through country after country with little more than 2 days between borders.

Surfing our way across the eastern Balkans

While this isn’t something I’m necessarily proud of (although it does suggest our amazing speed), we’ve come to appreciate that even 48 hours in a small country astride a bicycle can give one a certain feel for the place. Clean cyclists in Skopje Zlatko vs. Key to markers: Blue: The official route, Red: Suggestions, Green Bikes: Overnight stops, Yellow: Contacts Can you contribute to this map?

Please follow this link. Welcome to the Eurovelo 8 section of It’s my plan to cycle from Athens to Cadiz, Spain in summer 2013. Exact dates yet to be decided but probably in July and August. Eurovelo Route 8, July / August 2013. The Karma cafe – no menu, You get what You deserve. May 18th, 2009 I was within the perimeter of the citadel of Carcassonne, around eight o’clock in the morning, while I was having breakfast and pondering about the events occurred the day before, I understood the true essence of Karma.

The Karma cafe – no menu, You get what You deserve

What is karma actually? The karma is the way of being of a creature mirrored in the others – essentially, the way You are, this is how the kind of people You will mostly attract to You will be. The good and the evil You do to others will be done to You; concerning the material things, what You give to others will be given to You in return equally measured but not necessarily in the same form. D'un point A à un point B, le chemin le plus court n'est pas le mien. Find a Boat. Float plan. The Hitchhiker's Guide For Adventurous Women. “There is no way my world will have limits just because I am a girl!”

The Hitchhiker's Guide For Adventurous Women

Sarah, 31, is a school assistant with short hair, a frank demeanor and a self-professed anarchist punk DIY (do it yourself) attitude. She's also a proud and happy hitchhiker, catching rides between France, Spain and Switzerland, and writing about the subject of women hitching rides for The Choriza magazine. Start [DokuWiki] Interview d'Antoine qui parcourt le monde en auto-stop. Aujourd’hui, je vous propose une interview d’Antoine, un voyageur qui parcourt le monde principalement en auto-stop en mode couchsurfing.

Interview d'Antoine qui parcourt le monde en auto-stop

FAQ tour du monde – 1/ le budget. On me pose beaucoup de questions à propos de mon voyage et ça fait un moment que je pensais faire une FAQ.

FAQ tour du monde – 1/ le budget

En fait je vais en faire plusieurs, ça me permettra de disgresser un peu et de parler des voyages en général. cette première FAQ concerne le budget puisque c’est à propos de ça que j’ai le plus de questions. 1) Comment as-tu financé ton voyage? Ha, l’argent, le nerf de la guerre. Je ne l’aurais pas cru, mais c’est la question qu’on me pose le plus souvent, et de loin.

En gros, un tour du monde d’un an coûte entre 15 000€ et 30 000€ par personne. L´organisation européenne d´auto-stop : faire de l´auto-stop, un moyen plaisant de voyager à bas prix où gratuitement! Le Val-de-Saône lance le Stop Covoiturage. Europe. Hitchhiking in Europe is fun.


There are many small countries to enjoy hitching through, motorways in the Western parts can be exceptionally good, and overall hitchhiking is relatively safe. Some countries such as Germany are quite easy to hitch around, for example, for the large distances in a single lift, or with the possibility to go really fast (especially where driving speed is not limited). England is usually good because of the relatively short waiting time. Most other countries are at the average or rather easy hitchability level, e.g. the Netherlands, Belgium and East European countries. Some other countries are considered bad for the long waiting times (like Spain and Italy) but even there you might get a ride if you are patient enough.

Volunteers Base: Free alternative to HelpX WorkAway Wwoofing. BeWelcome.