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DIY Inspiration: Flowers & Birds Garland | Tim Duncan Events. With this adorable, dainty flowers & birds garland your cocktail space, reception or bridal shower will not only have a personal touch but also a bit of feminine whimsy added to the door tops. What you’ll need: 1 bunch of Baby’s Breath1 spool fabric coated wirepaper of your choice (for the birds)string1 sheet of card stockfloral snipsscissorssmall hole punchpencilcomputer/printer Directions: *Note: Before starting your project, unwrap each of your flowers’ stems, trim them and sit them in water for a few hours. 1. Take your floral clippers, and trim all of the flower tufts off the end of the sprays, leaving just a little stem. (see figure 1) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. To keep your garland fresh, coil it up, mist it lightly with water, and place it inside a plastic garbage bag. 7. 8. 9. 10. –Grace L. Photos and DIY via OnceWed.

Australian Wedding Blog - Polka Dot Bride. DIY Wedding Ideas - Weddingbee Tutorials and Templates. Throw pillows can make pew-style seating cozier, or easily round out your weddings decor theme. Best of all, they can be incorporated quickly with zero sewing required. All you need to do is assemble no-sew throw pillow cases.

Here’s how you do it. … read more I don’t know about you, but those white Ikea Tolsby frames are my favorite! Not only do they go so well for any theme and any party, it is also less than a dollar! What I also like about it is that even though it’s just plastic, it’s also sturdy too. Here is an easy tutorial to dress up these frames for use in a countless situations for your wedding. … read more Between all the invitations, flowers, seating arrangements, and venue hunting it can be difficult to remember to take time to relax. The dress is all fitted, the floor plan for the hall is in order, hair and makeup appointments are set; but something is missing – and it’s your accessories.

Looking for an eco-friendly wedding favor that won’t break the bank? … read more. De Lovely Affair: Love Birds Decor: Wedding Trend Predictions for 2013 by Art Deco Gal. We're Birds of a Feather, You and I. Birds are going to be everywhere; big ones, little ones, gracing invitations, hanging from ceilings, topping cakes; couples are branding their wedding from beginning to end with these feathered friends. Whimsical, romantic, and charming, a perfect compliment to outdoor, woodsy, garden and DIY weddings. “Everybody’s heard, bird, bird,bird…bird is the word”; you heard it here first.

Here are some of my favorite unique bird decor ideas for your wedding. There are so many variations of this theme, so, pardon the pun, let your imagination take flight! Bird’s Nests We have great DIY project ideas for these two bird themed wedding decor pieces coming up soon. Bird Cake Toppers Bird Houses as Favors, Card Boxes, and Decor Birds on a Wire Paper Bird Garland We found a super cute DIY project for this over at Once Wed! Here's a super cute Love Bird Board we found over at Things Festive that just about sums it up! 50 Best Bird Wedding Ideas (Part One)

Today we’re sharing a fun idea: a bird-themed wedding! Did you know that one of 2013’s projected wedding trend is bird-themed weddings? It’s true… and we’re getting on board with some chic, stylish, handmade wedding finds – fifty, in fact – that we think you’ll LOVE. Since these finds are so fantastic, we’re bringing you the first installment of the list (#1-25) with the second portion to be showcased tomorrow. (Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!)

So, without further adieu, let’s get started! 50 Best Bird Wedding Ideas 1. We begin this inspiration post with a pair of ultra-sweet bird figurines. By waterbirds 2. Set the theme early with a bird themed save the date. By earmark 3. Ellie of My Little Chickadee Creations does it again with a beautiful save the date magnet, bird-themed wedding style! By my little chickadee creations 4. Let guests know they’re in for a thematic event with this bird wedding invitation suite, styled by Jen Simpson Design. by jen simpson design 5 – 9. 10. 16. Free Pattern: Fabric Birdie | fern and freckle. While brainstorming cake toppers for the fern’s twig theme wedding cake we kept coming back to birds as the obvious choice. Twigs = birds, birds = love, right? So cute! Click here for the free pattern: birdie pattern Directions: 1.

Print out the birdie pattern and cut out the paper pieces. 2. 3. Now you are ready to sew your bird pieces together. 4. 5. 6. 7. Make the legs: Making the 2 legs in one piece makes the birdie more stable which is important if you want the little guy to stand up. Here are Mr. and Mrs. If you are using this pattern or just thinking about using this pattern and have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

Бумажные помпоны своими руками: как сделать помпон для свадьбы | Креативный свадебный фотограф! Добрый день, всем тем, кто зашел на мою интернет-страницу свадебного фотографа. Представляю не только новую статью, но и ей же открываю новую рубрику по Мастер-классам, которые пригодятся будущим молодоженам да и просто любознательным людям. Раздел будет посвящен урокам и занятиям, которые способствуют саморазвитию и позволят многие вещи сделать собственноручно при подготовке к свадебным торжествам, не прибегая к дорогим услугам специалистов. Довольно простой и незатейливый урок, который под силу каждому.

А его результат – неповторимые, затейливые, цветные шары, которыми Вы преобразите пространство. Бумажные помпоны своими руками из креповой или папиросной бумаги являются недорогим, но очень эффектным способом для украшения, к примеру, свадьбы. Специальных навыков не требуется, да и времени займёт не много. Такие нежные и пушистые помпоны из бумаги выглядят легко и воздушно! Для изготовления помпонов Вам понадобятся: Думаю, Вам будут интересны следующие статьи о подготовке к свадьбе: The Elli Blog. Romantic Pink Wedding Inspiration We are in love with this beautifully styled wedding inspiration shoot by CK Wedding and Event Design. We are smitten by the stunning setting by the water and the romantic pink hues used throughout the shoot.

The gorgeous photos by Andrea Zajonc Photography perfectly capture the romantic mood of the shoot. Our gold calligraphy wedding suite… Read more. Oh Snap! OH SNAP! Gorgeous Fall Vermont Wedding We think there is nothing better than a wedding full of personalized details and Adam and Casey’s wedding defines just that! Modern Minimal Wedding Inspiration We are loving all things modern and minimal. 2017 Free Printable Calendar Happy 2017 everyone!

2017 Wedding Trend: Greenery and Foliage One of the 2017 wedding trends that we are seriously loving is greenery – we seriously can not get enough! Tips for Wedding Planning During the Holidays The holidays can be pretty hectic – with holiday parties, work, buying gifts and the list goes on and on. Inspiration, ideas and original details for weddings, grooms and brides as gifts, jewelry and accessories, dresses and suits, stationery and decoration. Concarta: Paper sculpture cake toppers for weddings, anniversaries and events.