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Ноември 2011. Good thrash metal is hard to come by these days.

Ноември 2011

So many new bands jumped on the bandwagon of ugly ass Reebok high tops, tight pants, little vests with all the coolest patches fresh from ebay and even the poofy hair. Even quite a few of the older bands came back and tried another go at it. Most of the bands in both of these groups failed in my opinion. Then again, there are exceptions like the sets at Maryland Death Fest 2011 by old thrashers like Voivod and Nuclear Assault. They both kicked ass! ”As Dawn Breaks” starts everything off here, and you will swear that it’s 1987 all over again. “Doubt What’s Left” brings back some fast ripping again. This is totally pounding and ripping thrash metal on display here.


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