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Ocular Toxicology. Ocular toxicity usually occurs due to intended or unintended exposure of ocular tissues to xenobiotics.

Ocular Toxicology

It is induced following local exposure of the eye to an agent or after exposure via oral or other administration routes. It is important to assess the ocular toxicity of a drug before clinical application. In order to define the risks, the pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other toxic substances pose to the eye, Ocular toxicity testing in animal species are extensively used. The design of these studies is dependent upon the regulatory authority, nature of the product and other factors. Conditional Double Gene Knockout Mice Study for Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system.

Conditional Double Gene Knockout Mice Study for Alzheimer’s Disease

With the increase of age, the incidence of AD is showing almost exponential growth, which seriously affects the health and quality life of the elderly. Most ADs are sporadic , while a small number of patients are familial (Familial Alzheimer’s disease, FAD) for autosomal dominant. According to the study, Presenilinl (PS1) and Presenilin2 (PS2) mutations located on chromosome 14 and 1 respectively, were the most important causes of the early onset of FAD. Transgenic Knockdown Technology and Research Animal Models Supporter - Creative Animodel. NHP Biological Products. Creative Animodel provides numerous non-human primate biological products and materials, including serum, plasma, whole blood, and tissue samples from a wide variety of research species, which meet specific origin, age, and sex requirements. ?

NHP Biological Products

We offer the assurance to our customers that all bio-products are derived from healthy primates that have tested viral negative for SIV, STLV, SRV, and Herpes B. We have mature technologies and know-how in the flowing NHP disease modeling. ? And we also work closely with our clients to develop customized models to meet their needs. Custom collection is also available. Additives, such as protease inhibitors or stabilizers, can be added for most collections.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday. NHP Disease Models. NHP Research Services. Creative Animodel has been performing vital non-human primate (NHP) studies for government and commercial clients for many years.

NHP Research Services

We have a wealth of experience and capabilities to help clients answer their research questions and aid with candidate selection. We specialize in providing SPF non-human primates for the researches of biomedical community. NHP we have are as follows: Macaca mulatta (rhesus monkey), M. fascicularis (cynomolgus monkey), Macaca arctoides (stump-tailed monkey) and several other primate animal species for specialized biomedical applications. Safety Pharmacology. Toxicokinetics Studies. Creative Animodel has years of experience and conducted several kinds of toxicity studies successfully and contributed towards critical decision making in drug discovery of several pharma and biotech companies in USA, Europe and Aisa.

Toxicokinetics Studies

We provide customers well designed toxicokinetic study involving several different strategies and depending on the scientific question to be answered. Typical toxicokinetics studies might include: • Safety Pharmacology/Safety Margin • Human Plasma Limits • Systemic Exposure Toxicokinetics • Biological Fluid Concentration • Tissue Analysis Toxicokinetics Studies Basics.

Special Toxicology - Creative Animodel. Confidence in Testing Creative Animodel offers a complete range of standard special toxicology protocols designed for supporting submissions to international regulatory agencies.

Special Toxicology - Creative Animodel

Pharmacodynamics Services - Creative Animodel. Constitutive Knockout - Creative Animodel. Creative Animodel's high-throughput conventional knockout technology enables us to identify and validate the utility of genomic targets within a living model at an extraordinary scale and speed.

Constitutive Knockout - Creative Animodel

With Creative Animodel, you get targeted knockouts generated through proven technologies and comprehensive phenotypic data analyzed across consistent protocols. Steps Note: Our service offer is flexible. It can be provided on a component basis and adapted to customer requirements. In the past 20 years, Creative Animodel has been focused on offering custom design and generation of knockout mice for research needs. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday. Company Address. Conditional Knockout Mice Service - Creative Animodel. Creative Animodel has developed an innovative platform "RSKOT" (rapid and stable knockout technology) enabling the generation of conditional knockout mouse lines starting from the same targeted ES cell clones.

Conditional Knockout Mice Service - Creative Animodel

This reduces the risk associated with constitutive knockouts (lethality, complex phenotype etc.) by allowing the switch to conditional models if necessary. This approach avoids time delay and facilitates model up-grading. Tissue-specific. ES Cell Based Gene Overexpression - Creative Animodel. In addition to pronuclear microinjection, foreign DNA can be introduced into embryonic stem cells (ES cells).

ES Cell Based Gene Overexpression - Creative Animodel

Creative Animodel has developed a novel ES cell-based technology that reduces the risks associated with the development of transgenic mouse line by DNA pronuclear random integration. This approach allows the generation of a high number of founders with validated characteristics (no truncated transgene and low, medium or high transgene copy number). Once your model is generated, Creative Animodel can breed, test, characterize and/or distribute it on your behalf, drawing on six decades of breeding and worldwide distribution experience for an efficient, single-source solution. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday. Company Address. Pronuclear Microinjection - Creative Animodel. We employ pronuclear microinjection technology to create genetically modified transgenic founders.

Pronuclear Microinjection - Creative Animodel

With pronuclear microinjection, a pre-designed gene (or genes) is injected, or co-injected into a fertilized egg, then randomly integrated into the genome, with either single or multiple transgene copies at the site of insertion (i.e., gene dosage effect). This technique is available for mice, rats and rabbits. Our microinjection services are adapted for fast and secured transgenic animal model creation, and available for a variety of strains background, for instance C57BL/6, FVB, or CB6F2 mice, as well as Sprague Dawley rats. RANi Gene Knockdown Services - Creative Animodel. RNA interference has become a widely used approach to perform gene knockdown experiments in cell cultures and more recently transgenic animals. It has developed into a routine method to assess gene function in a fast and easy manner. Since 2008, Creative Animodel's scientists have generated more than 200 RNAi models for innovative biomedical researchers.

These RNAi models allow researchers to induce and reverse gene knockdown in transgenic mice at selected time points in vivo. NHP Research Services - Creative Animodel. Special Toxicology - Creative Animodel. Knock-In Mouse Model Services – Creative Animodel. Creative Animodel provides a high quality service for the generation of gene-targeted knock-in mouse models. Our team has many years of experience in vector design, ES cell targeting and mouse handling. Below you will find our different types of Knock-in designs: Custom Humanized Mouse Services -This type of mouse models are extensively used as the replacement of in vivo study of human diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, infectious diseases, immune diseases, degenerative diseases, etc.

Creative Animodel will deliver its services with the highest possible quality standards, and will make sure the selected customers will be satisfied with the entire process of paid activities Point mutant - Introduces a specific point mutation at a specific nucleotide position within the gene of interest. The mutated mouse gene substitutes for the wild type mouse gene while ostensibly preserving the endogenous regulatory regions. Knockout Mouse Service - Creative Animodel. Creative Animodel's commitment to developing and producing gene targeted mouse models as effective research tools began with conventional mouse knockouts. With the development of technology and the expansion of excellent research team, Creative Animodel has expanded our core competencies to more challenging and intricate variations of knockouts to continue to bring powerful research tools to our clients.

Depending on your requirements, we will generate a knockout model with a specifically altered gene on a specified strain background, or process certain steps of that procedure, in case your lab has decided to outsource some of these services. We will also microinject clones from commercial sources. Below are some of Creative Animodel's knockout specializations: Conventional Knockout Conditional Knockout Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday. Company Address. General Toxicology Service - Creative Animodel. Overview In the area of general toxicology, Creative Animodel offers our customers standard protocols designed to support drug approval submissions to domestic and international regulatory agencies. With multiple test species available, studies are overseen by Study Directors with vast experience gained from performing over 1000 GLP studies.

From standard safety studies to more specialized services, Creative Animodel can help you achieve your study goals more quickly and with greater confidence. General Toxicology ServicesCreative Animodel provides a comprehensive offering of general toxicology services at our facilities, including: Acute ToxicityCreative Animodel performs acute toxicity tests which describe the adverse effects of a substance that result either from a single exposure or from multiple exposures in a short space of time (usually less than 24 hours).

ADME Services - Creative Animodel. In vivoCreative Animodel offers a suite of in vivo ADME services and features an in vivo team with over 10 years of experience. We are equipped to conduct in-life studies in rat (intact or bile/jugular vein cannulated), mouse and dog. Creative Animodel provides comprehensive radiolabel ADME study support across non-clinical species. Services include: • Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Blood (Plasma) • Rodent Studies Using Radiolabelled Materials • Metabolite Isolation and Characterization • Bioavailability Evaluations • Bioequivalence Studies • Formulation Screening and Optimization • Others..

In vitro With extensive knowledge of in vitro ADME and pharmacokinetics gained through working within drug discovery environments at both pharmaceutical and biotech companies, our ADME experts offer a consultative approach ensuring that the right experiments are performed at the right time. Physicochemical Studies Absorption/Distribution Assays. Animal Model of Disease. Mammals are often used for scientific research due to their close biological resemblance to humans. Human cell lines or diseases can be introduced into these species for experimentation, particularly rodents genetically engineered to remove part or all of their immune system so that foreign biological material is not rejected by the immune system. Bioanalysis - Creative Animodel. Pharamacokinetic PK Services & Drug Metabolism -Creative Animodel. Mice Models from CRISPR/Cas9 System for Mutagenesis and Genome Editing - Creative Animodel.

The latest tool in genome editing-CRISPR/Cas9- allows for specific genome disruption and replacement in a flexible and simple system resulting in high specificity and low cell toxicity. It is analogous to the TALEN DNA nuclease system and can be used to induce mutations at targeted regions in a model organism's genome. It is clear that the CRISPR/Cas system will be widely developed and used as a targeted mutation system in human cells and in mice/rat, due to its superior efficiencies and advantages over similar targeted cleavage systems.

Cas9 is targeted to DNA by a guide RNA that forms base pairs to itself and to the DNA target. Transgenic Animal Service – Mouse Models - Creative Animodel. Transgenic animal is a very useful system for studying mammalian gene function and regulation because analysis is carried out on the whole organism. The main advantage of this technique is the short development time. The complete development of a transgenic mouse line takes about 6 months.