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Wyoming Virtual Office

A Wyoming Registered Agent is the representative you name for receiving service of process or other documents served upon a company. The registered agent appointment is a requirement whenever you are filing organization documents (or articles) to form a corporation, LLC, LP, LLP or similar type entities. This act of registering your corporation from one state to another is called qualifying or filing a certificate of authority. Within these documents it is required that the business appoint a Registered Agent In Wyoming or registered office.

Wyoming Close Corp.

A Wyoming Close Corp is similar to a regular Corporation; however, it is designed for closely held businesses. A Wyoming Close Corporation is generally more suitable for a small family Corporation or a closely held business. The Close Corporation is not required to observe as many corporate formalities as a regular Wyoming Corporation. Visit this site for more information on Wyoming Close Corp. – wyomingllc

Wyoming Close Corporation.

The owners of the Corporation are called the shareholders. The Corporation can have one or more Shareholders. For certain types of Corporations, particularly S Corporations and Close Corporations, there are limits on the number of shareholders these corporations may have. Given the less stringent requirements relating to observing usual corporate formalities, a Wyoming Close Corp is typically recommended over a regular Wyoming Corporation. Browse this site for more information on Wyoming Close Corp. – wyomingllc

Typify by TEMPLATED. Wyoming Close Corporation Information In order to put business first, Wyoming recognizes Close Corporations.


This corporate type is meant for small groups who know each other well, e.g. family or close friends. There is the standard benefit of limited liability, but the real benefit comes from fewer bureaucratic hurdles and reduced operating costs. Here are the full eligibility criteria, advantages and disadvantages for the WY Close Corp. Requirements: 35 shareholders or less 2/3 of shareholders must agree Wyoming Statutory Close Corporation Supplement from the Wyoming Business Corporation Act, W.S. 17‐17‐101 et seq.

Wyoming Registered Agent. Wyoming Limited Liability Corporation. Incorporate in Wyoming. Change Wyoming Registered Agents. Wyoming Corporation. Let us form your Wyoming Corporation for $150!

Wyoming Corporation

It is fast and easy to form a Wyoming corporation. We form corporations everyday, and it's one of our specialities. Wyoming Close Corp. Wyoming Limited Liability Company Seeing as you’re in Wyoming, creating a Wyoming business has little hassle.

Wyoming Close Corp

They charge a base $100 and a registered agent is required, but it gets you so much! First is the privacy you get, with no LLC managers or members being listed. This translates to not paying extra just for more members! Wyoming llc registered agent.