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Sweet Romantic Things to Do for Your Sweetheart. Things To Do For The One You Love. {*style:<i><b><i> </i></b></i>*} {*style:<i><b><i> Make a small box and in it put as many little paper hearts on it as you can (could be as many as 75) and put on ever yone something different that is special to you two. MADE: TUTORIAL: Heartbreaker Valentines. Who said valentines were only red and pink?

MADE: TUTORIAL: Heartbreaker Valentines

In bright colors, these Heart Breaker Valentines work great for boys and girls. So get out your scissors and stapler, because today, you’re tearing up my heart….. (cue N Sync) Each valentine is stapled together to create a pouch full of secret candies. And the only way to find them, is to break my heart!