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Days Off From Workouts and Sugar Addiction. How Logging Helps You Defeat Sugar Addiction. Confessions of a Former Sugar Addict. Do You Want to Comprehend Sugar Addiction Symptoms? Sugar Addiction - How to Stop Addiction to Sugar. Food Addiction - Getting Off Sugar. Can Workouts Hide a Sugar Addiction? Sugar Addiction - Bad As Heroin and Cocaine? The Two Week Transformation - Beating Sugar Addiction. The Two Week Transformation$27.00 Do you need a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle?

The Two Week Transformation - Beating Sugar Addiction

The Two Week Transformation is a simple, straightforward system that will start to change your body in just two weeks! Why Diets Don't Work - Beating Sugar Addiction. Diets don’t work because they are temporary changes to a recurring problem.

Why Diets Don't Work - Beating Sugar Addiction

You cannot change a recurring problem with a temporary fix! Take this typical scenario: Breaking Unhealthy Food Habits - Beating Sugar Addiction. “We are what we repeatedly do.”

Breaking Unhealthy Food Habits - Beating Sugar Addiction

-Aristotle Breaking unhealthy food habits is possible — you can train your brain to prefer healthy foods over unhealthy, high-calorie foods! The Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) at Tufts University published a brain scan study in the journal Nutrition & Diabetes that shows it is possible to reverse the addictive power of unhealthy food while also increasing preference for healthy foods. While we as humans ARE hard-wired to seek out high-calorie foods, developing preferences for junk food happens over time in response to repeatedly eating low-nutrient, chemically processed food. We don’t start out in life loving french fries and hating vegetables. Behavior and Mindfulness Archives - Beating Sugar Addiction. What Does Natural Mean? - Beating Sugar Addiction. There are several terms used on food labels that can be confusing.

What Does Natural Mean? - Beating Sugar Addiction

What does “natural” mean? What’s the difference between grass-fed and organic beef? Many of these terms sound healthy, but might not mean what you think. Here are five common labeling terms, with what they really mean, and what they don’t: Natural. Six Ways To Shake Those Sugar Cravings - Beating Sugar Addiction. Sugar cravings can feel so overwhelming!

Six Ways To Shake Those Sugar Cravings - Beating Sugar Addiction

I’ve got some tools for you to use to help get rid of sugar cravings: Keep junk food out of sight (and out of the house). You can’t eat what you don’t have. Don’t keep junk food in the house, and if there’s a goodie jar at work, keep it out of sight. How To Avoid Middle Aged Weight Gain - Beating Sugar Addiction. Getting older is a part of life, and with the aging process come a lot of changes to your body.

How To Avoid Middle Aged Weight Gain - Beating Sugar Addiction

Unfortunately when a lot of women reach middle age, it becomes a lot harder to stay the same size and shape! This is due to a number of factors, primarily having less time to exercise and a slower metabolism while eating the same diet you used to. Surprising Reasons To Give Up Sugar - Beating Sugar Addiction. We all know that cutting down on your sugar intake can help you lose weight.

Surprising Reasons To Give Up Sugar - Beating Sugar Addiction

But there are many other reasons to give up sugar in addition to simply shedding pounds. You may have heard of some of them, but there are more surprising and amazing things that can happen if we begin to reduce, if not totally eliminate, refined sugar from our diet. Sparkling pearly whites There’s been so much emphasis on staying away from sugar to lose weight that we’ve forgotten what our moms always told us when we were kids – sugar will ruin your teeth. Why Do We Eat So Much? - Beating Sugar Addiction. It’s no secret that humans are getting fatter all over the world.

Why Do We Eat So Much? - Beating Sugar Addiction

The average American eats over 400 more calories each day than the average American in the 1980s. Why do we eat so much? Sugar and processed foods are partly to blame, but there’s also the problem of people eating too much food overall. Why Do We Eat So Much? For decades, researchers, government agencies, and health spokespeople blamed this on a lack of willpower — people just need to “push away from the table”. Hire Dan - Beating Sugar Addiction. How Insulin Can Make You Fat - Beating Sugar Addiction. If you’re having trouble losing weight, one of the important things for you to understand is how insulin can make you fat – or keep you from losing weight.

How Insulin Can Make You Fat - Beating Sugar Addiction

The good news is that controlling your insulin is simple with proper nutrition. What Is Insulin? Here’s a quick lesson on insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is produced in the pancreas. Its job is to remove glucose (sugar) from the blood and deposit it in various places around the body. Recommended Nutrition Supplements - Beating Sugar Addiction. What supplements should I use?

Recommended Nutrition Supplements - Beating Sugar Addiction

It’s important to choose nutrition supplements that come from reputable manufacturers that reliably test well in the laboratory for purity and labeling accuracy. There is a lot of junk in the nutrition industry, and some of the inexpensive (and expensive!) Off-the-shelf products that you can buy through the retail giants are manufactured overseas with questionable ingredients and lax purity standards. ** Click here for recommended brands of quality nutrition supplements **

Other Names For Sugar - Beating Sugar Addiction. Learning other names for sugar can help you stay away from sugar in its many forms. Sugar comes in many different names. Cutting back on how much sugar you eat isn’t easy if you’re not aware of how sugars can be disguised on the list of ingredients. It’s hard enough to stay sugar-free even when you know what you’re trying to avoid! Below are some hidden sources of sugar. Why Do I Overeat? - Beating Sugar Addiction. Why We Overeat – And What We Can Do About It How do you know when you should eat, and when you’ve had enough? Why do we eat so much? Your body tells you when to eat, and when to stop, right? Well, maybe not – research actually shows otherwise. We’ve been taught to trust our bodies to tell us when to eat and how much we need. 5 Major Eating Mistakes - Beating Sugar Addiction. Healthy eating can be challenging when you get busy or stressed. Stay on track by avoiding these 5 major eating mistakes: 1.

Helpful Links - Beating Sugar Addiction. Should I Eat Fruit? Fruit contains important vitamins, phytonutrients, and antioxidants, but its fructose content can contribute to sugar addiction and cravings, and make it harder to lose weight. Let me be very clear: This does not mean you shouldn’t eat fruit! Fruit is good for you, and you shouldn’t give it up. Real Beauty Tips - Beating Sugar Addiction. Is today’s woman less confident of her appearance and beauty than women in the past? Are supermodel’s beauty tips actually real beauty tips? With Photoshop, anti-aging products, laser treatments, and all the cosmetic surgeries available to make a woman look “perfect” in a movie or a magazine, today’s “standard” of beauty has been brought up too high for the ordinary woman ever to attain. Best Beauty Tips Modern women are bombarded with impossible and deceptive depictions of what it means to be beautiful.

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