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飛資得資訊股份有限公司 - Nginx news. Coreseek开源中文检索引擎-Sphinx中文版 - 首页 - 论坛搜索、信息检索、文献检索、站内搜索的专业系统. 浪淘金(北京)科技有限责任公司. 百分点科技. Pare Managed Dedicated Hosting Solutions : Basic, Enhanced and Performance Series - Rackspace Asia Pacific. NoSQLFan - 关注NoSQL相关技术、新闻. Cloudscribe - distributed data collecting systems. A distributed data collecting systems(especially for realtime or offline logs). features: integration with the distributed coordinating system --- zookeeper, to provide group services. high scalability easily horizontal expanding. high performance.

cloudscribe - distributed data collecting systems

An SOA, BPM, Decision Management and Cloud Computing Guide for the Enterprise Community. A Cloud as an Interface.