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V. Wayne Ward

I am V. Wayne Ward, a Fort Worth, TX, family law attorney. For more than 30 years, I have been solving problems and making a difference in the lives of his clients.

Fort Worth Family Law Attorney. Fort Worth Child Custody Lawyer. Securing your visitation rights to your child or gaining custody can be a difficult ordeal, especially for the child.

Fort Worth Child Custody Lawyer

I am child custody attorney V. Wayne Ward that also helps with visitation rights. I bring both compassion and experience to help you through this situation and protect your child’s best interests. I can truly say I consider Wayne more than my attorney. I consider him an everlasting friend. The Experience You Need, the Compassion You Deserve I am well-versed in Texas family law, thanks to more than 30 years of legal experience and a solid reputation throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. I strongly believe in involving my clients in the entire child custody legal process. I will help you evaluate your situation and encourage you to give the issue a great deal of thought to ensure that you want custody of your child for the right reasons. With my considerable legal skills, I can get results, whether you want to work the issue out amicably or battle it out in court.

Divorce Settlement Agreements And Their Importance. Disputes sometimes arise after estranged Texas couples have reached divorce settlement agreements.

Divorce Settlement Agreements And Their Importance

These agreements become the court’s orders in the divorce case, and they control. It is very important that people understand what is included in their proposed settlement agreement so that they understand the expectations placed on both parties. When one ex-spouse decides to do something to help the other ex-spouse that is not contained in the agreement, the recipient may believe that the actions become part of the agreement. That is not the case, and the person may simply refer to the agreement. Many people who divorce have ongoing connections with their ex-spouses. In some cases, the circumstances may change to a degree that certain aspects of the agreement are no longer appropriate.

Fort Worth Divorce Lawyers. Strong Marriage- Divorce Lawyer’s. 3.

Strong Marriage- Divorce Lawyer’s

Identify the problems Look closely into yourself and find out where the problem is without throwing the blame game around; things won’t get any better with this attitude. Trying to get the things that are affecting your marriage and trying to change where you can will go a long way in improving your marriage. 4. Focus on the major problem at hand Sometimes when an issue comes up, couples tend to dig deeper into non issues rather than focusing on the single major problem. 5. Listening is quite different from waiting to respond. 6. If you have been having marital problems for some time, it means something is really wrong in the approach tactics to your problems. 12 Ways to Avoid Divorce And Build A Strong Marriage. As a legal professional specialized in family law, I can confirm that divorce cases are quite many in this 21st century.

12 Ways to Avoid Divorce And Build A Strong Marriage

The most divorce lawyer can ascertain this fact since they confirm they are handling a number of gruesome divorce cases each passing day. But, honestly, before I even take any divorce case, I take my time to enquire on the major reasons that make couples to contemplate of a divorce. I further take my time to try and see if their issues can be resolved to avoid divorce. There are staggering excuses given as to why people divorce, I thought of sharing some amazing ideas on how to save your marriage before it goes down the divorce lane. The Top Factors That Affect Cost in a Texas Divorce. There is no denying that getting a divorce can be expensive and time consuming.

The Top Factors That Affect Cost in a Texas Divorce

But, there are ways to keep your expenses down and reach an agreement more quickly. Unfortunately, some of these methods are currently under attack. Texas State Representative Matt Krause recently proposed a bill that could eliminate what are commonly known as “no-fault” or “insupportability” divorces. Most family law attorneys are concerned that, should this bill pass, the cost of obtaining a divorce in Texas could skyrocket. What Affects the Cost of Getting a Divorce To understand how this new law could cause problems for couples seeking divorce, you must first understand all the potential costs involved in the process. Also, these considerations may affect your overall costs: So How Does the Proposed Change in Texas’ Divorce Law Increase Costs? Contemplating a Divorce? Why You Need a Divorce Lawyers. Divorce is one of the most traumatizing situations anyone can go through in life.

Contemplating a Divorce? Why You Need a Divorce Lawyers

Most people walk out of their marriages because they are unhappy with everything but going through a divorce may be more painful. In such a situation, one is bound to go through a lot of grief and pain. As such they lose sight of objectivity impairing their decision-making ability. In order to go through this transition smoothly, you need a divorce lawyer that will walk you through the entire process. Without an expert divorce lawyer that understands the legal framework surrounding this issue, there are possibilities of complicating the matter even more. Technical legal knowledge Many of us think it is easy just to walk out of a marriage until we are there.

Divorce Attorney Fort Worth. As you go through a divorce, you need the assistance of an attorney who will keep you involved in the legal process and help you make well-informed decisions.

Divorce Attorney Fort Worth

As an experienced divorce lawyer in Fort Worth, I know that the divorce process can seem daunting. I have spent more than 30 years representing individuals in the legal system. I will do all I can to remove some of the stress out of your life.