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Colors 101: How to Choose the Right Website Color Schemes. The color palette is one of the most significant elements of web design.

Colors 101: How to Choose the Right Website Color Schemes

Colors are mood-setters that can articulate the message of your site without words. How To Create a Multilingual Website With Wix. Hola!

How To Create a Multilingual Website With Wix

Parlez-vous français? Oder Deutsch? Regardless which languages you speak, Wix can help you create a website that is truly cosmopolitan. More and more website owners see the need to address global audiences in the native languages of their target markets. Depending on the content of your site and the countries that you want to be active in, you can’t always rely on English alone to communicate with your site visitors. Before we take you through the steps, we want to introduce a new app that makes multilingual sites much friendlier for your site visitors. Now let’s go through the steps of creating a multilingual site: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 6 Common Web Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website. Online, your website is who you are.

6 Common Web Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website

It is the face of your business, your art or your organization, and as such it must have a respectable and beautiful design. Wix is here to help you make that happen. With our powerful website builder, gorgeous templates and endless online tools, it is now easier than ever to create an online presence you can be proud of. on Pinterest. Discover and save creative ideas New York, NY · · is a web development platform enabling anyone to build a stunning online presence using simple cloud-based creation and management tools. on Pinterest

The New Wix Editor - Tailor Made For You. Wix. Bitte besuchen Sie von Ihrem Computer, um zu starten.


10 Landing Pages You Need To See Before Your Next Campaign. Wanna create a super-effective campaign that wins you leads, referrals and sales?

10 Landing Pages You Need To See Before Your Next Campaign

It’s time to get serious and use the most rewarding online strategy known to marketers today: Creating a landing page. A landing page is a single, highly focused web page that people get to after clicking on a Google ad, Facebook ad or a search engine result. Its sole purpose is to drive visitors towards conversion – subscribing, purchasing, downloading, leaving their contact details or any other action that is relevant to the campaign. For a landing page to be effective, it needs to be carefully constructed, designed and written. Sounds complicated? WIX App-Markt. Back to Top Funktionen. How to Add Text to your Website Images - Like a Pro. Create a Video ad Online. Flashelement Überblick. Wix Mobil Seite ausblenden. 5 Creative Ways to Add Video Content to your Website. Having video on your site can be a powerful way to show – instead of tell – what your business is all about.

5 Creative Ways to Add Video Content to your Website

If you think videos can only be used by film makers and bands – think again. Small business owners from all industries and sectors are using videos to generate leads and sales online. This is hardly surprising considering the fact that 73% of all U.S adults are more likely make a purchase after watching an explainer video. Even if you have the most straight-forward product or service in the world, there are still plenty of ways for you to creatively use videos on your website. 15 Tips from an Old Wix User to a New Wix User.

Get fantastic Wix tips from experienced Wix users!

15 Tips from an Old Wix User to a New Wix User

Experience is the best teacher, they say. If this is your first time building a website, what could be better than learning the tricks of the trade from someone who’s been there before? This is exactly what this blog post is for. It offers valuable tips from Wix users who, just like you, were once absolute newbies and are now happy to share what they’ve learned with newcomers. 6 Website Navigation Tips, Including Our Newest Menu Features! Introducing new features together with some smart navigation tips Navigation is one of the most basic elements of any website, but it is rarely treated as anything more than a technicality in the web design process.

6 Website Navigation Tips, Including Our Newest Menu Features!

While it’s true that the navigation menu is meant to be practical and allow people to browse through the website easily and intuitively, it doesn’t mean that we should just go with the default options and not put any serious thinking into it. 10 Design Tips for an Effective Landing Page. Landing pages, sometimes known as “lead capturing pages” can be one of the strongest web tools to get a message out.

10 Design Tips for an Effective Landing Page

Unlike full websites that tend to have many moving parts (about sections, product pages, checkout carts, contact pages, and more), the one-page format of a landing page can be the perfect backdrop to convey a clear message. And of course, they aim to achieve one thing in particular: make people click. What they click through to can vary, but it’s usually along the lines of having people sign up for a service, start shopping, learn more about what you offer or visit your main website. How to Create a Powerful Landing Page in Under an Hour. The vast majority of business owners, service providers and organization managers are highly aware of the importance of having an online presence.

Setting up a personalized website and running a Facebook page are now an integral part of any business’ marketing strategy. However, not many companies and organizations make full use of the various opportunities the web has to offer. Tricks: Adding Cool Hover Effects to Your Website Images. The Wix platform is full of amazing design capabilities, and while some of them are obvious, some (like the hover effect) take a bit more effort to find. That’s why we’re here to put the spotlight on these amazing features that may have gone unnoticed. In this week’s Wix Tricks, we’re covering the cool image hover effect, how to add it and why you might want to incorporate it into your own site’s design.

So why use this feature? 10 Wix Websites You Seriously Want To Bookmark. 5 Golden Tips for Creating Fullscreen Website Backgrounds. Does immediately captivating your website visitors’ attention interest you? If you answered ‘yes,’ one of the most effective methods to do so is to use fullscreen website backgrounds. The fullscreen background has a strong visual impact that sets the tone for the user experience already when the site is loading. This is why so many beautiful websites go for the fullscreen look.