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Royalty Free Music - Sound Effects - Stock Audio. Splice. Grundlagen der Musik / Theorie. Royalty Free Music - Sound Effects - Stock Audio. 10 Examples of Amazing Blogs All Created Using Wix. Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to start a blog? If you said ‘yes,’ it’s probably because you know the benefits of blogging are well established. Start a blog and you’ve got a great way to regularly create new content online (which Google loves) and keep your target market up to date with all that’s new in your business.

Blogs are a place to share personal stories, showcase pictures of new projects or launch debates that are relevant to your business. But where to begin? Not only is setting up your blog super easy with Wix, you also get amazing marketing tools like Wix ShoutOut so you can promote it. Bathe in Beauté This NY/NJ based blogger shares her undying love for Korean skincare and beauty products. Coldpepper The authors at the Dutch blog Coldpepper know that great content is about more than just words. Bakasoseji Led by Simon and the “mermaid crew,” this well-designed blog is full of posts on fashion, art, travel tales and personal reflections. Fashion to Tracy The Antisocialite. Wix. Soundcloud playlist - wix. Slider Overview | WIX App Market. Slider Showcase your best photos, videos, events, and banners in this easy-to-use, fully-customizable Multi Slider!

Free Features: Showcase images, videos, banners, and events in a seamless slider! Customize fonts, borders, backgrounds, colors and more.Create and add thumbnail images, banners, and events with no extra software.Easy-to-use design tools let you customize animations, captions, sizing, and spacing.Accept payments, donations, and subscriptions through PayPal.Built-in support for text in any language.Mobile responsive design looks great on any device. Upgrade to POWr Premium and: Eliminate POWr logoAdd unlimited slides.13 advanced slide transitions.Advanced slide controls and video options.Additional controls for scroll buttons.View statistics for traffic and page views.Receive premium POWr support.

Check out more great plugins at! Zimbalam - Verzeichnis. Musik online verkaufen. Digital Music distribution & music promotion | Feiyr - your digital music distributor. It doesn’t matter what kind of musical style you produce – in the world wide web you’ll find the right target group to sell your music. Whether Rock, Pop, HipHop, Techno, Klassik or Folk Music – all you need is confidence in your music. And marketing support from We bring your release to all relevant online shops. This includes download stores such as iTunes and Amazon, as well as streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Rhapsody, Pandora, Apple Music and many more. digital music distribution with isn’t just simple but also fair.

Because a great deal of income goes to the artist and you don't have to pay any running costs. Start now to selling music online. Open your account for free at This is how digital distribution works. Jade Analogic mit wix music. Harmonielehre - Intro. Pop up fenster - wix. To create a pop-up effect on your Wix site, do the following: 1. Duplicate the page on which the pop will appear. To duplicate a page, click on the page's settings icon and then on 'Duplicate' from the top right of the settings box. 2. To do this, click on the duplicated page's settings icon and then check the 'Hide from Menu' box. 3. To make the box semi transparent, select it > Change Style > Personalize this Box > select the transparency settings, and change it to around 70%. 4. The white box demonstrates this step. 5. 6. Wix Feature: Full-Width Strips_für bestimmte Zwecke. Looking for that wow factor? Wix’s newest design element is on trend for good reason: it’s a visual stunner.

Whether you’re just about to create a website or looking to freshen up your current site’s look, the full-width strips feature is more than worth considering (especially if you have a long scrolling website). It lets you structure your site into clean, horizontal sections, organizing your content in serious style. And to make it even easier, there are 9 preset options waiting for you in the Wix website editor. Something tells us you’ll use more than one. Classic These strips give you the freedom to get creative.

Parallax Grab people’s attention by adding the cool 3D effect that is parallax scrolling. Service Presets Promote the amazing services you offer and invite customers to try them out with these gorgeous strips. Welcome Presets Make a strong first impression by adding one of these welcoming strips. Clients Presets Team Presets Testimonial Presets Contact Presets. AGB für eBay: Kostenlos, selbst erstellt und Gratis Muster? Kategorie: Onlineauktionen Autor: Rechtsanwalt Sören Siebert 3 Bewertungen, Durchschnitt 5.00 von 5 AGB für eBay: Kostenlos, selbst erstellt und Gratis Muster? 15.00 von 5basiert auf 3 Bewertungen. AGB selbst erstellen, das kann doch nicht so schwer sein.

AGB, Impressum, Widerruf und bei eBay Anzeige Wenn Sie regelmäßig Waren über eBay oder andere Plattformen verkaufen, sind Sie Unternehmer. Dann gelten für Verkäufer uneingeschränkt ALLE Vorgaben des Fernabsatzrechts. Und das war bei weitem nicht alles. AGB für eBay selbst erstellen? AGB zu erstellen ist dabei der komplizierteste Teil. Ok, los geht’s! Muster Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB) für eBay-Verkäufer: § 1 Geltungsbereich B2B, B2C? § 2 Vertragsschluss Zwingende eBay Regelungen? § 3 Widerrufsrecht Allgemeine Informationen zum WiderrufsrechtVerweis auf individuelle WiderrufsbelehrungVerweis auf Muster-Widerrufsformular § 4 Preise und Zahlungsbedingungen Preise, PreisbestandteileUSt?

§ 5 Liefer- und Versandbedingungen Welche Anschrift? 1. 2. 3. Anleitungen für verschiedene Domainanbieter | Support Zentrum. Wenn du deine kostenlose Website bei Wix veröffentlichst, wird automatisch eine Adresse für deine Website im folgenden Format erstellt: Du kannst diese URL jedoch mit einem eigenen Domainnamen ersetzen, wenn du dies wünschst. Erwerbe dafür eine Domain direkt bei Wix oder bei einem anderen Domainanbieter und verbinde diese mit deiner Website. Für das Verbinden deiner Domain gibt es zwei Methoden. Finde eine Beschreibung der beiden Methoden hier unten. Das Verbinden einer Domain ist eine Premiumfunktion. Anleitungen für verschiedene Domainanbieter Um eine Domain, die du woanders erworben hast, zu verbinden, folge einer dieser Anleitungen: Nach oben Unterschied zwischen dem Verbinden mit Pointing oder Nameserver Wenn du deine Domain mithilfe der Pointing-Methode mit deiner Website bei Wix verbindest, bedeutet dies, dass dein Domainanbieter die Kontrolle über deine DNS-Einträge behält und deine Domain einfach auf die Server von Wix verweist.

Shoot Amazing Video on Your Phone for Your Site Background. One of the most exciting features to recently enter the Wix treasure box is the ability to upload your own videos as your website’s background. Video backgrounds create a vibrant and dynamic user experience, drawing site visitors in while transmitting information clearly to them. All in all, a feature with mad star quality. Of course, if you are going to use a video on such a prominent piece of website real estate as the background, you want to be positively sure that it meets certain quality standards and represents your site and your brand properly. Fortunately, producing legit videos for your website does not have to involve professional production teams and advanced videography gear. With the right amount of creativity and a little practice, you can shoot awesome videos straight from your mobile device.

To help you get started, we created this guide for taking mobile videos that will help you get the best results. Like what you see? How to Get More Online Exposure for Your Music. It’s 2015, and even the most ‘old school’ music fan has come to accept that the internet has turned the music industry on its head. Sure, Tower Records have been replaced with iTunes, but have you ever stopped to think about what it takes for new music to be spread online? Music insiders know that there’s a whole underground of online spots that music-makers must utilize to expose their tunes to new fans. Create a Bad Ass Website for Your Band The official online home for your music, your website is the place to mark your territory on the worldwide web, and tell your band’s story. Check out Wix Music, our all-in-one solution to help you sell, promote and distribute your music online.

Start a Following on Social Media Music fans know this is true: one of the best ways to find out about new music is word of mouth. Show Up on Music Streaming Sites Luckily, adding your music to the world’s most popular sites is a no-brainer with Wix Music on your side. Get on PodCasts & Blogs. 10 Best Places to Promote Your Music Online. It’s no earth-shattering news that the internet has changed the music industry for good. Technologies like file sharing, streaming, social media and eCommerce are giving artists more opportunities to expose their music to larger audiences and increase their fan base. The downside of having so many options is that choosing the best ways to promote your music online can be challenging.

So, to help you make good choices, we put together a list of the 10 most popular and most effective online hangouts you should join to get the word out about your tunes. When it comes to promoting your music online, Wix Music doesn’t skip a beat. An all encompassing online marketing solution, Wix Music has you covered with all the tools you need to promote, sell and distribute your music online. Why do we love Wix Music so much? Sell your music 100% commission-free, directly from your website. One of the main reasons you got into music in the first place was to play in front of a crowd. Downloadprodukte und Bezahlsystem - Anfrage wix. FOLGENDE RELEVANTE Dinge sind in Sachen Shop APPs aufgrund der europäischen Rechtslage zu klären. Die APP Anbieter müssen folgendes eingerichtet haben, da eine visuelle Platzierung auf der Wix Webseite allein nicht ausreicht. (Bei Webseitenunternehmen die nicht in der EU ihren Firmensitz haben, sind übrigens weitere rechtliche Dinge zu beachten) Wer Waren und Dienstleistungen an Endverbraucher verkauft, muss zwingend den Bruttopreis angeben.

Es muss darauf hingewiesen werden, dass in dem Preis die Umsatzsteuer enthalten ist. Handelt es sich um eine Ware oder Dienstleistung, die in Gewicht, Länge oder Volumen gemessen wird (z.B. Wenn Versandkosten anfallen, müssen diese ebenfalls ausgewiesen werden. Hinweise zu Lieferzeiten Der Verkäufer muss eine Angabe treffen, wie lange ab der Bestellung dauern wird, bis der Artikel geliefert wird. Lediglich eine Angabe zur "Versandbereitschaft" (z.B. Darstellung des Warenkorbs Datenabfrage bei Adresseingabe Zahlungsarten Pflichtangaben Bestellseite. GOOGLE Play for Artists: Sell your original music. Musiker: Lägg upp er musik på Google Play Google Play Artisthörna är en direktkanal för dig som vill att dina fans ska kunna köpa och spela upp din originalmusik på Google Play. Du väljer hur musiken ska distribueras och vad den ska kosta samtidigt som du delar musiken på Android-enheter världen runt på ett smidigt sätt.

Varför ska jag använda artisthörnan? Google Play vet att alla artister är unika och att musiker har olika tillvägagångssätt för att nå ut till sina fans. Med artisthörnan får oberoende musiker en snabbare kanal som de kan använda för att distribuera sin originalmusik på Google Play samtidigt som de kan välja hur musiken ska säljas världen över. Oberoende artister som har distributionsrättigheter till sin musik kan ladda upp WAV- eller FLAC-filer, lägga till skivomslag, ange priser och delningsinställningar och publicera sina album på Google Play. Ange försäljningsintäkter och gör reklam utan kostnad.

Engångsavgift – obegränsat antal album. Är du redo att sätta igång? Bandcamp. Spotify Explained. Spotify was designed from the ground up to combat piracy. Founded in Sweden, the home of The Pirate Bay, we believed that if we could build a service which was better than piracy, then we could convince people to stop illegal file-sharing, and start consuming music legally again. A key part of this has been in ensuring that Spotify has a free tier. By offering this free tier, Spotify is able to compete with piracy on cost and bring music consumers into the legal framework. From there, Spotify does a very effective job at converting those users into Premium subscribers.This theory that ‘given a free and legal alternative, people will pirate less’ has been proven over the last 5 years with significant reductions in piracy across the territories where Spotify is established.

This chart shows the % of each age group who choose to pirate less content when given a free and legal alternative. Source: Columbia University Copyright Infringement and Enforcement in the US. Sweden Denmark Norway. Erecht24-5-schritte-abmahnsicherer-onlineshop.pdf. Online Music Notation Software - Maestro Online. Accessive Tools Soundtorch: Ein Segen für Sample-Messies. Audiodateien verwalten, konvertieren und mehr mit Breezer. Scores. How to Create an Impressive Long Scrolling Website. If you’ve been surfing the web recently (which we kind of assume you have), you may have noticed that more and more websites have long scrolling home pages. From Pinterest and Flickr to your Facebook newsfeed, you’ll find this trend everywhere you look. That’s because web designers know that more of their visitors are viewing websites from mobile devices where vertical navigation rules the road.

Rather than sit around and wait for page after page of content to load, users (particularly those on their cell phones) prefer to use those thumbs to scroll down one long page of content. Put simply: Long scrolling websites increase user engagement. Here at Wix, we make it easy for you to stay in line with the latest design trends. 1. If you really want to make life simple, try using one of our ready-to-go long scrolling templates. 2. To create a long scrolling page on your own, choose any template or start from scratch and keep piling on the content to your heart’s content. 3. Music Studio >> How to Get More Online Exposure for Your Music. Stiff competition out there for musicians trying to get heard! Many musicians are taking advantage of social media tools and music streaming apps to gain attention and get their music played. Since you probably want to focus more on playing your music and less on publicity work, here are a few ways to get max results for your time invested: Upload Your Music to Soundcloud Besides having a community of over 10 million listeners at your disposal, the other main advantage of using Soundcloud is that you get a unique URL for each song, which you can post and stream wherever you like.

Soundcloud has even surpassed MySpace as the #1 music platform as a result of their being so easy to embed. Soundcloud also like to give a boost to their users by promoting selected musicians on their own social channels. Another plus for using SoundCloud is that you can easily integrate your entire playlist there into your Wix website. Stay Active on Social Media Get in Touch with Music Bloggers. 4 Musicians Who Are Advancing their Careers with their Own Websites. Showcase: Amazing Music Websites. Showcase of Websites Based on Wix's 'My Band Website' Music Template. Thinglink media. Chirbit - Record, Upload and Share Audio Easily - Social Audio. Soundcloud integration. Wix music player. Top 5 Wix Apps for Music Websites. 5 Features Every Musician Needs On Their WebSite. What is Harmony? Harmonic Series Activity by Sarah Tulga. Teoria - Tutorials. Relative Minors on the Circle of Fifths. Teil 1 - Akkorde - Dur & Umkehrungen. Harmonie. Eckart Altenmüller.