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Learn & Play your first song in 15 mins. Stick Enterprises - Home of the Chapman Stick. Wizdom Music LLC Apps on the App Store. Wizdom Music - Products. Geoshred The Future of Shredding … No strings attached GeoShred is a professional instrument that lets you create music using expressive physical modeling synthesis.

Wizdom Music - Products

You can achieve realistic guitar sounds, but also bend, stretch and manipulate the sound into endless possibilities. SampleWiz - Wizdom Music. Listen...Record...Create...

SampleWiz - Wizdom Music

In creating SampleWiz, we wanted to create something that would appeal to the sonic explorer in all of us. Creating a sampler for the iOS devices was a great opportunity for us to push the boundaries of what normally happens on a sampling instrument. GeoShred - Wizdom Music. GeoShred MIDI It’s Not Just An App, It’s An INSTRUMENT!

GeoShred - Wizdom Music

" Wizdom Music & moForte announce the release of GeoShred Version 2, an exciting update to the award-winning GeoShred musical instrument for iPad, now with MIDI/MPE support. GeoShred, Winner of a 2017 Electronic Musician Editor’s Choice Award as “one of the most innovative, groundbreaking products to emerge in the past twelve months”, has been enhanced with unprecedented MIDI/MPE I/O control, new effects, and additional model control parameters. GeoShred is highly expressive when controlling, and being controlled by, instruments that use the upcoming “MPE” MIDI specification (MIDI Polyphonic Expression). It’s both a powerful synth and a formidable iPad based MIDI/MPE controller! Marcodi Musical Products: Makers of the harpejji.

WIREDs libeste Irre Musikinstrumente. BLOCKS. Roli Blocks machen das Musizieren einfach. Mit Blocks hat die Firma Roli ein intuitives System entwickelt, das es Anfängern erleichtern soll, Musik zu machen.

Roli Blocks machen das Musizieren einfach

Eine App und modulare Controller mit LEDs sollen dazu völlig reichen. Dieselbe Firma, die mit dem Seaboard Grand und Seaboard Rise das traditionelle Keyboard komplett neu dachte, hat ein neues skalierbares Musiksystem auf den Markt gebracht: Roli Blocks. Nach eigener Aussage hat Roli ein Instrument entwickelt, zu dem sogar Anfänger und Technikverweigerer schnell Zugang finden, um spontan Musik zu komponieren. Das modulare Musiksystem besteht aus mehreren rechteckigen und quadratischen Einheiten, die jeweils allein funktionieren, aber auch magnetisch miteinander verbunden werden können. Dualo - Build instruments for the XXIst century. Buy Direct (Official Site)

Calcutta Standard (Female) MI Guitar by Magic Instruments. Adams Virtual Guitar - Play Guitar Online. ButtonBass Make Music online. Play the Virtual Piano With Your Keyboard. Tabledrum. Expressiv. ►5 Extraordinary Guitars With Amazing Features. Kurv. gloves. Remidi: First Wearable Instrument to Record, Play & Perform by Remidi T8 Wearable Instrument. The Remidi T8 integrates with your favorite programs: The Remidi T8 is composed of a sensor-loaded glove and a MIDI wrist controller that allows you to use your hand as a musical device by combining sounds with your fingertips, palm and hand motions.

Remidi: First Wearable Instrument to Record, Play & Perform by Remidi T8 Wearable Instrument

The T8 has eight sensors embedded into the glove, three in the palm and one in each fingertip, which give you the ultimate range of motion and customized settings.You can individually program each sensor to create new sounds or remix existing ones. The choices are yours...and they're endless. Add in gestures to make your sound or performance unique to you. Rotate your wrist to distort your audible output on any effect, or move it up and down to cause a reverberation. Eight sensors in the T8 work together beautifully to allow you to play most scales, songs, and samples with incredible precision and responsiveness. The controller also has the ability to sense the physical movements of your wrist and arms. Materials: Kadabra set to bring a little magic to electronic music creation.

We're no strangers to electronic music creation innovations here at Gizmag.

Kadabra set to bring a little magic to electronic music creation

Over the years we've seen giant synths, expressive boards and keyboards, guitar-like hybrids, intriguing futuristic multi-instruments and, frankly, oddball tone generators. A team of Israeli producers and musicians has now entered the arena with Kadabra, a wireless wooden instrument that's said to bring a new approach to music creation and performing. "I've always been using the most advanced musical tools for live electronic performance since the 90s, but I kept trying to understand why there isn't a proper jump in innovation, like the synthesizer in the 60s/70s," Kadabra's inventor and CEO of Tribal Tools, Tul Ben Ari, told Gizmag.

"In search of an instrument that will enable us to express our inspiration, to be intuitive enough to become a part of our body, and that can play the most complex live music, I created and patented the Kadabra. " Tribal Tools aims to release the Kadabra in the second half of 2016. TRIBAL TOOLS - KADABRA - a new musical instrument. Paul Vo. The Amazing EBow. Hammer Jammer - 2015 Demo.

The Hammer Jammer - Home. Doombor, dombra [doombor-1] : Mongolian online shop, Delivering halfway round the world to your doorstep. Mongolian musical instruments. Experimental Musical Instruments — Books, CDs & More for Unusual Instruments and Instrument Making. Introducing the 'fluid piano' Play any instrument with just an Artiphone INSTRUMENT 1. We've seen accessories that turn your mobile device or computer into a makeshift recording studio, but what about one that lets you play almost any instrument?

Play any instrument with just an Artiphone INSTRUMENT 1

And one that actually feels like it has real strings? That's the almost unbelievable promise that the Artiphone INSTRUMENT 1 is making on Kickstarter, to deliver a strange looking contraption that can be played as a guitar, violin, keyboard, drum, or, thanks to software, any other instrument or sound known to man as well as those still unknown to man.

There are, of course, a lot of devices that try to give you a feel of a real musical instrument by actually delivering it in a form that matches the instrument. Or some real instruments can plug into computers and sometimes even mobile phones. Introducing the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 by Artiphon. Music Generators. Virtual. SANSHIN ASOVIVA Youtube. NEW WOOD Sanshin: a smart affordable Okinawan sanshin with a great range of designs to choose from. Home. Sanshin Shop. Sanshin for Sale. Celebrate National Library Week through the entire month Is the theme selected by ALA for this year’s National Library Week.

Sanshin for Sale

“The library has always been a place of unlimited possibilities,” said Interim State Librarian Stacie Kanno. “Whatever your interest or need, the library and the library staff are here to provide you the resources you need to accomplish your goals and dreams.” Featured programs include: “Celtic Harp and Story” – Award-winning Celtic harp player and highly-acclaimed storyteller Patrick Ball returns to Hawaii featuring his intriguing Celtic tales of Ireland enhanced by the exquisite sounds of his Maplewood harp.

Koji Uehara And The Sanshin Signs Of Fenway | Tofugu Because Koji Uehara has become the latest household name among Japanese baseball players, winning the American League Championship Series MVP Award and closing out games for the Red Sox’ World Series title. Simple Sanshin Source. Bachido Home. Watarigani - Links. GUQIN. Guqin. "Guqin" The Musical Instrument of the Wise. Guqin v.s Guitar Player 1. Seagull - Merlin Mahogany Natural : Diverse Saiteninstrumente. Top 10 Magneficently modern musical instuments. Zendrum Corporation. Percussive Series. Reactable - the electronic music instrument, the Music App and DJ tool.

Anton Funer. AlphaSphere. Guitars. Chameleon Guitar. Misadigital. Godin Guitars. Jimbo on his War Guitar. The Railboard™ - Reinventing The Chapman Stick - new two-handed tapping instrument. Warr Guitars. Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565. Presenting the Kelstone. Eigenlabs. ROLI. Cristal Baschet + Glass Armonica Instrument for Kontakt. The Cristal Baschet or 'Le Cristal' was designed in 1952 by Bernard and François Baschet.

Cristal Baschet + Glass Armonica Instrument for Kontakt

It consists of about 4 octaves of chromatically tuned glass rods, which are rubbed with wet fingers. The vibration of the glass is passed to a heavy block of metal, which itself is tuned and in fact determines the final pitch. The entire mechanism is amplified by a large steel plate called the “flame”. Atelier Bousquet Instrument Musique Instrumentarium Baschet Pédagogique Restauration Maintenance Location Officiel > Accueil. Water gong. Musik aus Südostasien. Shop - Instrumente, Kunsthandwerk. Dieser Shop ist eine Fundgrube für alle Menschen, die sich für exotische Musikinstrumente und andere exotische kunsthandwerkliche Dinge interessieren und denen die Gleichförmigkeit industrieller Massenwaren auf Dauer zu langweilig ist.

Shop - Instrumente, Kunsthandwerk

Einfaches Dan Bau - 100 cm - mit Intarsien - klappbar - Dan Bao. Độc tấu đàn bầu _ hotel california - Duy Thịnh. Vietnam: Instrumente. Erste Schritte auf dem Dan Bao. ベトナム民謡「あなた行かないで」(ダンバウ版) Nguoi oi, nguoi o dung ve. Dan bau. ベトナム民謡2曲(ダンバウ版)Dan Ca Viet Nam Dan Bau. Doc Tau Dan Bau.