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Bert Ungerer (@Radpolitik) Beteiligte-verbaende. Google’s MobileGeddon Makes Mobile-Friendly A Must. If you had any doubts about the need to create a mobile version of your website, Google has decided to solve that puzzle for you.

Google’s MobileGeddon Makes Mobile-Friendly A Must

The big G recently announced the launch of a new algorithm giving search result priority to “mobile-friendly” sites. Dubbed “MobileGeddon” Google’s algorithm update will be released on April 21. But what does this mean exactly? If your website has a mobile version you will be rewarded with better placement in Google’s mobile search results, bringing your website more traffic and expanding your business. If you haven’t already, then this April is definitely the month to go mobile. Thumb Friendly Navigation This is one of the most important differences from a desktop to mobile website.

Keep It Short Some people get so excited about their content they end up creating a mobile version that is long and confusing. Become a Minimalist Create a simple and clean design. Use Optimized Images For Mobile Devices The mobile Web is significantly slower. Die Pedalhelden - Das Leben ist zu kurz für langweilige Fahrräder! Bewerbung » Der Deutsche Fahrradpreis. RevolverMaps - Free 3D Visitor Maps. Wichtige Webkataloge. Webkatalog ist nicht gleich Webkatalog.

Wichtige Webkataloge

Wir haben eine Liste der wichtigsten deutschen Internet-Webkataloge mit und ohne Backlinkpflicht zusammengestellt. Mit Hilfe des Filters, auf der rechten Seite oben, können Sie die Feineinstellungen vornehmen und die Kataloge nach Backlinkpflicht, Linkvererbung und Kosten sortieren. So können Sie sich z.B. die Webkataloge nach verschiedenen Kriterien sortieren lassen oder nur solche auswählen, die keine Backlinkpflicht haben. Sie können sich auch richtig Arbeit machen und sich in alle Webkataloge, Branchenbücher und Social Bookmark Portale eintragen. Aber Achtung: Es sind über 1000 Webkataloge und diese werden täglich aktualisiert! Es gibt immer noch einige Webkataloge, die einen so genannten Redirect machen. Denken Sie beim Eintrag in Webkataloge bitte nicht immer nur an die Vererbung der Linkpopularität.

Wir führen in unserem Verzeichnis auf Artikelverzeichnisse auf. How do I lock elements in the Wix Editor? Drive More Traffic to your Site with These 3 Killer Web Tools. Instagram is a foodies’ heaven.

Drive More Traffic to your Site with These 3 Killer Web Tools

You can find amazing photos of all sorts of dishes from all corners of the world. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to snap photos of your meals but there are a few rules of thumb you should follow. The following tips are super easy to follow and can easily win you more likes on Instagram. Go over this list, start cooking and snapping, and get people drooling all over their smartphones! If the list of ingredients is short enough, include them in the caption.It’s not just about the food. Don’t think we’ll leave you with only words. BTW, check out our own Instagram account! Photo by – Foodgasmms Poto bt Alice_gao.

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Update 2. 2k neues Foto Fahrradverkleidung. 5a auf Pinterest. 5c > Association Française de Trottinette de Sport. LOADS OF D#CKS - A scale comparison of longboard d#cks. The Scooter Resource. 6g PowerBoards. Neuer link für trendhunter. 8b > Ulrich Teige > zu Pedalwelt. 8e > Search Results. 8f > bicycle sidecar - Ecosia. Pinterest. Pedal Power. Jewelry. Guinness World Records. These are just a few of the best BMX and bike tricks we've had breaking, or at least attempting, Guinness World Records.

Guinness World Records

Top 5 Body Building Records Play The strength of these guys is insane! Mike Chang attempts most pull-ups, there's the most one finger pushups, bench pressing people and way more super crazy strength! Each week, we bring you jaw dropping records both old and new from our Guinness World Records video archive! Welcome to the official Guinness World Records YouTube channel! Crazy High Altitude Juggling! Top 10 Records of 2013. Search Results. Tom Wiberg (Sweden) built a motorcycle with a front wheel diameter of 16 mm (0.62 in) and a rear… The most riders in a bike bus is 880 riders and was achieved by Banksia Beach State School… The fastest time to cycle around Australia is 37 days, 1 hour and 18 minutes and was achieved by… The highest vertical drop on a bicycle is 4.1 metres (13.45 feet) and was performed by Wayne Mahomet… The Longest marathon playing cycle ball is 24 hr 7 min and was set by two teams, Tollwitz and… The fastest sport stacking individual cycle stack is 5.100 seconds and was achieved by William… Professional stunt rider Colin Winkelmann (US) jumped his BMX bicycle 35.63 m (116 ft 11 in) after… The fastest 400 m hurdles on a bicycle is 44.62 seconds and was achieved by Thomas Öhler (Austria)… The longest continous wheelie in a wheelchair covered a distance of 25.8 km (16.03 miles) and was… The largest parade of bicycles (multiple venues) involved 72,919 participants around Taiwan in an…

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