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SEO Company. Website ‘localization’ ‘Localizing’ your website means including your city, county or region name naturally throughout your site.

SEO Company

For businesses with several locations, this could involve creating separate pages for individual locations and other local content strategies, like getting involved with local/community events and featuring articles/information about them on the site. Citation Building. Best Website Design. 1.

Best Website Design

Discovery & Targeting Like all good marketing materials, a website has a particular audience in mind, and is written to cater to them. Research is crucial here. The better a company understands its audience, their desires, and their pain points, the better their website will be able to engage its audience. Web design is focused on creating the right experience for your customers. 2. Money spent on a website isn’t a simple cost; it’s an investment which will ideally pay off throughout the life cycle of every customer. Marketing Resolutions: Your 2021 Checklist.

Redesign Website While we always recommend giving your website an annual review, this year, we urge you to do an in-depth analysis.

Marketing Resolutions: Your 2021 Checklist

The “new normal” brought new consumer behaviors, new habits, and new expectations. Today’s consumers expect seamless experiences and to-the-point content. Website users ask themselves three questions when they land on a website page: “Am I in the right place? How do I feel about it? If you have an ecommerce website, go through the steps to make a purchase. In terms of website design, you can expect to see more stunning websites as new technology makes it easier to create unique designs that stand out. Ecommerce website. A little over a year ago we started looking for someone who could help us upgrade our website.

Ecommerce website

However, we were rather wary as we started contacting various web developers. The Internet has now become such a complicated and incomprehensible place for most of us, and there are so many web developers who boast they are the best and promise all sorts of things while speaking in jargons that even the smartest average person finds hard to understand. Since Green Stock Solar is a smaller, local Napa company, we decided the ideal developer should not only be experts in their field, but be local as well, with the ability to quickly respond to any questions we might have, meet with us whenever needed, and develop a strong ongoing relationship even after the new website was developed.

We met with several potential developers, most who sounded like used car salesmen, then we met WSI. It was so refreshing! Graphic Design Company. Best Website Design. Website Design. Reach & Convert New Online Buyers this Holiday Season. Offer Value Want to appeal to and activate new audience members?

Reach & Convert New Online Buyers this Holiday Season

Offering value driven incentives is a client centered approach to selling, or at minimum, staying top of mind. By paying attention to your customers, you can easily improve your offerings, build positive customer perception, and create a wildly popular brand that customers are willing to advocate for. Online shoppers are more discerning than ever. A recent Neilson publication suggests that, in order to connect with modern online buyers, your business must offer value and engagement. Don’t Spook Away Customers: Tips to Optimize Your eCommerce Website! Today, more people use mobile devices than desktops.

Don’t Spook Away Customers: Tips to Optimize Your eCommerce Website!

Use your phone and head to your eCommerce website. Now, in Casper fashion, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and start shopping. How long did your website take to load? More than 3 seconds and 40% of customers are gone. View the shop page. We can’t stress the importance of mobile enough! Graphic Design Company. WSI Lifestyle Photography. Modern day marketing means leveraging new and innovative ways to appeal to and activate new audience members.

WSI Lifestyle Photography

The good news is that creating campaigns with strong, emotional appeal isn’t only accessible by brands with a (*insert 5 to 7-) figure marketing budgets. You and I can most likely agree on what defines a standout brand. Your quality service or problem-solving product will always be your number one asset. However, it has become more important than ever to ensure that your social media images are relevant and seasonal in order to constantly resonate with real human beings. Light Lifestyle Our Lifestyle Light photography package captures authenticity with minimal frills.

What we love about our Lifestyle Light package is that it’s a monthly library relaunch. Important to know is that the Lifestyle Light photoshoot is intentionally improvised. Fill your media library with 1-2 months of visually appealing storytelling assets. Half Day Full Day * “Complete Lifestyle License”. Graphic Design Company. 5 Social Media Advertising Tactics. Graphic Design Company. E-Commerce Marketing Strategies to Guarantee You’ll Make the Sale.


E-Commerce Marketing Strategies to Guarantee You’ll Make the Sale

Show Reviews on Product Pages Reviews are critical – they make or break a business. Have you ever bought something without looking at reviews? Perhaps you chose to ignore reviews one time and received a cheap-material piece of clothing that, when trying to return it, discovered the company suddenly disappeared? Same. Physical product gift cards may be great – we all love receiving a gift card for our favorite shoe brand or skincare products. A few tips: run marketing campaigns and digital advertising around popular giving seasons.