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How To Make 2020 Your Healthiest Year. Following these four habits will help you stick to your fitness goals 1.

How To Make 2020 Your Healthiest Year

Start with something you enjoy. Setting Priorities Is The Key - Runali Shah. The most challenging part of maintaining a healthy work-life balance is setting priorities.

Setting Priorities Is The Key - Runali Shah

It’s a simple fact, but all of us like to complicate it. Responsibility, management, adjustment, compromise – being married at 24, I knew I had these boulders coming my way. However, these big words only seem difficult in the beginning. Once you find your true passion, everything falls into place. When my husband started Lollo Rosso, we had a mere budget. Fashion At Work. When we hear the word ‘work wear’ the image that comes to our mind is of dull, school-uniform which makes your day boring at the office.

Fashion At Work

Guess what? It is not necessary to go boring at work, one can definitely have a nice fashion in corporates. The way you look plays a major role at the workplace. Dealing With Stress. Everyone deals with stress differently and have a coping mechanism.

Dealing With Stress

In this age when there is a tremendous amount of competition in every field, everybody seems to be constantly grinding. They do not take time out for themselves and keep building up stress. The problem arises because there is a limit till we can ignore it, and once we reach that limit it all comes tumbling down. Although it is impossible to not be stressed, however, there are ways in which you can deal with it.

An important point here is that you have to deal with it instead of ignoring it and find a way to cope with it that best suits you. Realizing and accepting. Environmental Impacts of the Fashion Industry. The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to pollution.

Environmental Impacts of the Fashion Industry

It has adverse effects on the environment which are constantly on the rise as the industry continues to grow. With the increase in demand, the industry has discovered techniques that result in efficiency and meet market demand. However, this is being done at the cost of the environment as the fashion industry continues to agonize it. To meet the ever-increasing demand of the rising population fashion industry opts for ways to provide fast fashion and create cheap products that are although trendy but are proving to be hazardous to the environment. 5 Things To Keep In Mind While Kick-Starting Your Career. Transforming education into a fruitful career is a lot of hard work.

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Kick-Starting Your Career

Nothing comes easy, nor does the first job. Since there's a lot of competition, the right opportunities are rare. Which is why you should be on your heels when kick-starting your career. The fundamentals of tasting success depend upon career planning towards the very beginning. 5 Women Who Are Changing The Faces Of Men's Career.

Not much introduction is needed here because we all know that women have been kept out of various professional fields for a long time.

5 Women Who Are Changing The Faces Of Men's Career

But as we move forward in the 21st century, the global image of the working woman is changing, and here are 5 shining examples! While women have indeed served as great writers throughout history, the story of Ms. Rowling is quite different. While her stories about the young magician boy who lives in a cupboard has filled all sizes of hearts with joy, her primary audience is young men. Career and Motherhood: How To Be the Superwoman Who Can Do It All? Freelancing - A Wonderful Opportunity for Homemakers. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines homemaker as someone who manages a household as a spouse or a parent; this role is generally played by women.

Freelancing - A Wonderful Opportunity for Homemakers

Back in times, the only role a woman was supposed to play was of a loving wife, caring daughter-in-law, and a nurturing mother. Tips to Deal with Workplace Harassment. Workplace harassment garners a lot of attention when big names like Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, and Isaiah Thomas hit the newspapers.

Tips to Deal with Workplace Harassment

But most of the workplace harassment stories remain between the victim and the perpetrator. Harassment is any verbal or physical misdemeanor based on sex, race or religion. It can include offensive jokes, insults, threats, physical assault, and other offensive behavior. Fitness Franchise – The Need of The Hour. While the general Indian population has never been acutely conscious about its health, the modern generation is showing a strong trend towards taking professional steps to maintain their health.

Fitness Franchise – The Need of The Hour

5 Enticing Tips to Protect the Skin from Sun Damage. Excessive sun exposure is gruesome for the skin. UV damage leads to all kinds of dreaded troubles like premature skin aging, sunburns, brown spots, inflammation, and itching. Even worse, sun damage can lead to pigmentation and dryness. 5 Secrets to Beat the Monsoon and Maintain Your Beauty. Out of all the seasons, it is monsoon that takes the heaviest toll on the skin and hair. Monsoon rains bring along a lot of humidity that can disrupt the normal pH level of the skin, leading to unpleasant beauty troubles like;

Healthy Foods to Retain that Natural Glow. ‘The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin’ Your skin is a parameter on how healthy you are from inside. Top 6 Natural Makeup Products to Tell Your Skin You Care. The year witnessed some pretty bold makeup trends from bold colors to drawn-out eyeshadow but one significant change in the makeup industry that will stay with us is the movement towards natural and organic makeup brands.

Now, a lot of brands tend to label themselves as ‘non-toxic’ or ‘cruelty – free’ in order to garner public approval and their money. But as a consumer, we should make sure that if we are going for a brand that is claiming to be all ‘natural’, it is approved by the FDA or not. This might be a little bit difficult but if you want to start from somewhere, you can start from this list. 1. LiptoCheek by RMS Beauty RMS is created by a makeup artist, Rose – Marie Swift. 2. This one has moisturizing properties because of the presence of ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Murumuru Butter. 3. The hydrating lipstick by Kosas ensures nourishment to your lips with ingredients such as Mango Seed Butter and Jojoba Oil.

5 Essential Oils for a Youthful Skin. Skin is sensitive, yet most exposed to all kinds of troubles - pollution, weather changes, and sun exposure. Best Face Mask Ingredients, That Really Do the Job. Planning A Trip To BALI. 5 Traveling Gadgets For The Modern Woman. Solo Travel Tips for Women to Come Back All Rejuvenated — WOMEN'S SOCIAL CORNER.