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THECAB - The Concept Art Blog. Westworld (2016) Day breaks over an unfamiliar landscape.

Westworld (2016)

That’s not the sun and this is not the natural splendour of the American West. It’s the ribcage of a horse — not bred but built as an amusement park plaything. Robotic tools dance with precision, stringing piano wire and sinew alike, connecting key with hammer, muscle with bone. GDC Vault. Examining the intersection of psychology and video games. You Are Not So Smart. Silk – Interactive Generative Art.

Gamer Motivation Model Overview. Trello Blog - Organize anything, together. Fundamentals of Painting — Fundamentals of Painting. Hey!

Fundamentals of Painting — Fundamentals of Painting

So we have been looking at creating structure using the principles of Proportion, Basic Form and Space in the previous article. If you have learned and practiced these drawing principles and are fairly proficient, you can start to light your structure. If you want to Light your drawings from Imagination, then you will need…