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10 Reasons: Why Every Business Needs A WordPress Site | WPEnlight. In this day and age, establishing an online presence is one of the key essentials for having a successful business. By using the internet, your company or small business can reach massive number of people across the globe. And the more potential clients or customers you can reach, the more chances your business has of growing. Therefore, it goes without saying that by launching a solid online platform, your business would acquire opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. To many, creating a website may appear as a complex and nerve-wracking task. Surely, if you want to build a website that runs impeccably, it is inevitable that you would have to put in some effort. However, the process itself doesn’t have to be overly complicated. This is where WordPress comes in handy. 1.

Since WordPress is a CMS, or content management system, its users can edit and change their site appearance as they please, with no knowledge of code required whatsoever. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. WordPress Plugins: A Useful Guide to Know the Basics. WordPress has become the most used and powerful CMS due to its ease of use and flexibility. There are tons of WordPress plugins available for free download from the Plugin Directory. There are also premium or paid WordPress plugins. Today’s in this tutorial I am going to educate you the basic WordPress plugin fundamentals as soon as is realize it will easy.

Here are the some of the WordPress plugin basics I would like to acknowledge you. WordPress Plugin Basics 1. Exploring WordPress Plugins In this section, I would like to show you which plugins are and why they are great for WordPress users and developers. Here you can see some of the Featured Plugins Popular Plugins like Jetpack, bbPress, Yoast, Contact Form 7 etc, and the best part is you don’t need to go deep under the plugin here you can see the plugin details like who develop this plugin, how many downloads, and how people rate this plugin. Configure WordPress Plugins Log in to your WordPress Dashboard Add New Plugin <? 10 Beautiful Wedding WordPress Themes of 2017. If you ask married couples, they’ll probably tell you that preparing for their wedding was one of the most exhausting celebration events that they’ve ever planned for in their entire lives. With all the invitations, scouting locations for the wedding and reception, and logistics that go into it; it is indeed a challenge!

But they will tell you how exciting and happy they were while going through it. In fact, it was also one of the best moments in their lives that they will remember forever. Amidst all the gamut in preparing for a wedding you may ask yourself, is it practical to have a wedding website? There are a variety of 10 beautiful wedding WordPress themes available on the internet.

The answer might be a bit more complicated than one could assume, but in the end, it all comes down how memorable you want your wedding day to be. In the past, people normally take a lot of photographs from the wedding preparation, the wedding day itself and the reception. OneLove Eternity Neeqah Qaween Emma. 17 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress - WP Enlight. Ever since social networking took the Internet by storm, more and more businesses are making their presence known on the social media a lot stronger. Being available on all social media platform at all times becomes difficult and tedious. Majority of websites on the Internet is powered by WordPress. There are thousands of social media plugins for a website available that will revolutionize the way you change your social activities of a business.

Your clients want to know more about your business and what you do on a daily basis. This includes social media as a huge part of your everyday business. Facebook has hit 1.15 billion marks this year, and Twitter and other networks are on there way too. Gone are the days of television advertising, as social media has changed the landscape of business promotion. You can easily connect with your target audience, based on demographics, jobs, interests, and much more.

Monarch Social Sharing Credit:SourceWP Facebook Likebox Slider For WordPress Woof. 20 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes in 2018 | Better Ranking. Want more traffic from Google looking for some of the best SEO friendly WordPress themes? Then you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to show you the most popular seo optimized WordPress theme for your blog to rank higher in google search engine. Have you been looking for the SEO friendly WordPress themes? Your search has come to an end. This article will give you 20 best WordPress themes for SEO experts. Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes 2018 Creativo This is a powerful and stylish multipurpose SEO-optimized theme from WordPress. Authority Pro Authority Pro is a powerful Best WordPress theme that is built on the Genesis framework. Capital This theme presents a professional and modern website look that is ideal for SEO consultants. Corporate The design of this WordPress theme is ideal for any kind of enterprise together with SEO agencies and experts.

Corner Corner has a distraction free and minimalistic design. Roxima Bulk Ultra Koehn Create Atmosphere Pro Academy Pro Atomic Plum Nayma. 5+ Best WordPress Courses for Beginners. WordPress is one of the most remarkable content management systems that the market has to offer. No wonder there are several WordPress courses that you can find online. The most important thing is to strive to get the best WordPress course that the market has to offer. The WordPress system is flexible and powerful enough to create any form of website or blog that you can imagine.

The massive WordPress world can appear to be daunting at the start and you may find it tricky to learn its ins and outs. The most fortunate thing is that the WordPress world is currently thriving. In this article, we will be recommending 5+ best WordPress courses. WordPress Quick Start Course by WP Apprentice WordPress Course Online Free This course will take you one hour to complete.

There are several advantages that makes the WordPress Quick Start Course to be one of the best WordPress courses. Like any other product on the market, this course also has a share of its disadvantages. Best WordPress Course. GDPR Compliance for WordPress and WooCommerce Stores 2018. The GDPR (general data protection regulation) will become effective on May 25th, 2018.

It will be covering Great Britain and European Union, which consists of over five hundred million individuals. Meanwhile, WordPress boasts of owning over fifty percent of CMS market and powers about twenty-eight percent of websites globally. As a result, in case you are using WordPress, GDPR matters. The challenge is understanding the impact of GDPR on WordPress deployment and the meaning of the state of affairs to your firm. Do you have worries about WordPress? Are you unsure about GDPR? You need to start by researching and carrying out a research. When you are selling products to customers that are in EU or you have visitors from EU to your site, you will have to make sure that you are compliant with these guidelines. Your website can be deemed compliant to GDPR depending on the way you have set it up. Basics of GDPR Increased Scope Global Expectation Substantial Fines Breach Notification Portability.

5 Best Selling WordPress Themes of 2018 - WPENLIGHT. One of the first things that come in mind while designing any online portal is the outlook and appearance of the website. It should look appealing and astounding in every manner so as to bring more people in and convince them to buy your services or products. High quality content is crucial to offer to the audience if you want them to bookmark your website.

In that case, you need to buy a premium quality theme that will help people find what they want. The best platform to design a website is WordPress which has ample good of themes to suit your requirements and budget. To choose among the most popular wordpress themes, it is important to have some basic understanding and planning beforehand about how you want your site to look. Collection of best selling WordPress themes of 2018 This collection of best selling WordPress themes will get the job done right for you as they are packed with handsome features.

Avada Avada Best Selling WordPress theme The7 The7 best selling WordPress theme Betheme. 21 Best Free WordPress Blog Themes 2018. When you look back, you realize that WordPress was just used as a blogging platform. Being the most user-friendly and flexible interface, it did not stay for long before becoming the king in the world of content management systems.

Additionally, it remains the best blogging platform to date if you want to start blogging as it has the best free WordPress blog themes. In this write-up, you will learn about 21 best WordPress themes for blogs. Whether you would like to start a professional blog or a personal blog for commercial purposes, having a professional design is a plus. LiveBlog WordPress Theme LiveBlog is among top free WordPress themeswith a beautiful and clean design. Point WordPress Theme Point theme is among top free WordPress themes for free blogging. Viral WordPress Blog Theme If you desire to make the content of your site to go viral and get a lot of followers, Viral free WordPress theme is the best available option. One-Blog WordPress Theme Zillah WordPress Theme. How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress.

This is among the common errors that most web users encounter. There are several reasons that can lead into error establishing a database connection WordPress localhost. This can be so frustrating for WordPress beginners especially when it takes place yet you have not made any changes in the settings. This issue can take you close to 20 minutes to fix especially when you have to do some research before fixing it.

The challenge is that there is very minimal information on this error online. This article will guide you on how to fix this error. Why does this error occur? The main reason behind this error is the fact that WordPress is non-in a position to establish a database connection. Is this Problem also evident in the WordPress Admin panel? You should start by making sure that this problem occurs in both the back-end (WP-admin) and front-end of the site. Define (‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’,’ true); Check the WordPress-Config file Take note that the DB Host value may not necessarily be local host.

How to Embed a Facebook video & Facebook Live Videos in WordPress. Content may be king, but it is not just words. You can embed a Facebook video in WordPress Posts and Pages to a significant effect on your blogs, Do you know how to add facebook video in WordPress? After the recent update of Facebook live and facebook videos, Number of people are searching is it possible or any way to embed facebook videos in WordPress this functionality assisting you to reach an extensive audience. In this article, You will learn how you can easily embed a Facebook video and Facebook live video in WordPress website.

There are a lot of individuals in all niches that prefer watching videos over reading posts or rather appreciate some variety. Additionally, some topics lend themselves better as compared to demonstration through facebook videos, especially when it comes to demonstrations and tutorials. However, using videos on the blog can be quite challenging. This technique may work for other video sites but it is good to know how to embed Facebook video in WordPress. WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial: Build Website with this Revolutionary Editor. It’s been 15 years since WordPress started back in 2003 and so much has improved since they rolled out their first UI (user interface) or as we call it now – “website editor” – which was the WordPress 0.71.

Website editors back then had very simple designs and coding patterns than they do today; however, we give thanks to the pool of WordPress website designers who are also the best of the best for their creativeness, which made web design very interesting! As we enter into 2018 WordPress has once again published a new website editor that they dubbed it “The Gutenberg.”

This website editor was named after Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg, who was a German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer, and publisher who also introduced printing to Europe with the printing press. What we’re attempting to do here is to help you understand what Gutenberg does and how it can vastly improve your website. What is Gutenberg? Release Date for the Gutenberg? How the WordPress Gutenberg Editor Works. 5+ Best WordPress Courses for Beginners. 25 Best WordPress Bakery Themes. Can you smell the aroma? It is the appealing aroma of fresh loaves of bread, cupcakes, and pastries from the bakery down the street. When you walk past a bakery, the smell can make you get in and purchase something scrumptious. However, you need to ask yourself how a bakery owner can attract customers. The starting point can be by use of the best WordPress themes for bakeries. Online presence is imperative, and the results can pay well.

Since you are driving customers to your bakery, you need a website that has inherent properties for the job. Table of Contents [Show/Hide] The pastries WordPress bakery themes are the best starting point as they have a customizable interface and a responsive design which looks impressive on mobile devices and tablets. It has shortcodes and translation files for translating your site into another language. The bakery for saving tradition theme is among WordPress premium bakery themes with both an unusual name and features for powering your site.

Roshan Bajaj (wpenlight) on Myspace. Search Discover Help Site Info Privacy Terms Ad Opt-Out A part of the People / Entertainment Weekly Network. Filter Stream Select the types of content you would like to see. WP ENLIGHT is a team of WordPress experts who promises to keep your website up to the marks and fully-secured. Bio There are no posts. Search Myspace Start typing... Your search did not return any results. Photo from You're now in slide show mode. Hitting < pauses the slideshow and goes back. Press ESC to close. Close Press esc to close. Connecting to your webcam. You may be prompted by your browser for permission. No Filter Grayscale Sepia Nostalgia Hazy Days Orange Love Lomo. WP ENLIGHT - Columbia, Maryland. WPEnlight - Issuu. WP ENLIGHT Startup | Columbia, MD, US Startup. Wpenlight.aircus. Top 25 Bookstore WordPress Woocommerce Themes. WordPress is among the best solutions when creating online shops when combined with a plugin like the WooCommerce for online selling.

Both eBooks and books are huge online businesses. Amazon is the best example because when starting it employed a WordPress theme for an online bookstore. Books are the best items to sell online as you do not require a physical premise for you to offer a vast range of books you need. If you are operating a mortar and bricks bookshop, opening an online library with the help of WordPress bookstore themes is an excellent way to access vast audiences. However, to create an impacting online presence, you will require the best WordPress BookStore Themes that possesses the design for selling books. Table of Contents [Show/Hide] Booklovers is among WordPress Bookstore Themes made by Ancora themes.

This theme integrates well with plugins such as visual composer, WooCommerce, Revolutions slider and Essential grid. Top Small Business WordPress Themes To Kick-start your Startup in 2018. 12 Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes+ 5+ Best WordPress Courses for Beginners. Best Premium WordPress Starter Themes for Smalll Business in 2018. How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress. How to Create a WooCommerce Order Form for Easier Shopping. How to Embed a Facebook video & Facebook Live Videos in WordPress. GDPR Compliance for WordPress and WooCommerce Stores 2018. How to add custom field in WooCommerce user registration form. Best Selling Wordpress Plugins in 2018 - WPENLIGHT.

Best Wordpress Hosting Types for Different Needs. How to Create an Interactive Poll in WordPress (Step by Step) Best Wordpress WooCommerce Theme Development Guide 2018. 6 Essential WordPress Plugins for Better Security. 5 Best Selling WordPress Themes of 2018 - WPENLIGHT. WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial: Build Your Next Website with this Revolutionary Editor. 15 Best Instagram WordPress Themes And Plugins 2018 - WP Enlight. 12 Best Job Board Themes and Plugins for WordPress 2018. 10 Beautiful Wedding WordPress Themes of 2017. 12 Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes+ 10 Best Nightclub WordPress Themes. 15 Beautiful Girly & Feminine WordPress Themes - WP Enlight. 12 Best Conference and Event WordPress Themes 2017 - WP Enlight. 10 Best Tumblr-Style WordPress Themes- 2018 - WP Enlight. The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Security. 14 Best WordPress Plugins for Writers - WP Enlight.

17 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress. 15 Best WordPress Themes for Photographers & Photography. How to Create a Forum in WordPress. 20 Best E-commerce WordPress Plugins of 2017. Small Business WordPress Themes 2017 – WPENLIGHT. How to grow more traffic on my wordpress Website? – WPENLIGHT. Want To Know The Top 25 Bookstore WordPress Themes? 25 Best WordPress Bakery Themes. Why WordPress Custom Fields are Important. Premium WordPress Starter Themes for Businesses in 2017. Small Business WordPress Themes To Kick-start your Startup in 2017. Why are Sitemaps Important in WordPress? How to Create and Edit WordPress htaccess File to Speed Up Your Website.