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2 Trains - Hospet/HPT to Vasco Da Gama/VSG - India Rail Info - Database of Indian Railways Trains & Stations. Billet d'avion Bombay/Mumbai - Goa - AirValid ® 1 avis1520 La note pour le trajet en avion Bombay/Mumbai - Goa est donnée à titre indicatif.

Billet d'avion Bombay/Mumbai - Goa - AirValid ®

Si le nombre d'avis donné pour ce trajet est faible, la note n'est pas forcément représentative. Comparez tous les vols pour un billet d'avion ou E ticket avec EASYVOLS, puis réservez au MEILLEUR PRIX un vol sur une compagnie régulière en classe affaire ou économique, sur une low cost ou une compagnie charter entre Bombay/Mumbai et Goa. Cheap Tickets India, Low Air Fares Booking, International Airline Tickets, Online Flights Booking - (easyGO) Air Travel Site.

Database of Indian Railways Trains & Stations - India Rail Info. Train travel in India - a beginner's guide. Getting around India by train...

Train travel in India - a beginner's guide

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best way to see India is not on a plane at 35,000 feet, but at ground level on the incredible Indian railway system. In fact, no visit to India is complete without experiencing the bustle of Indian railway stations and a safe & comfortable journey on an Indian express train with the tea seller's welcome cry of 'Chai, chai, garam chai' coming down the aisle. You can safely forget media images of overcrowded suburban trains with people sitting on the roof.

On a long distance express in an AC Chair car or an AC1 or AC2 sleeper, all seats and berths are reserved and it’s a safe, civilised, cheap & comfortable way to get around India. Even long distances such as Bombay to Delhi, Delhi to Varanasi or Delhi to Udaipur can be covered more time-effectively than flying, using overnight AC Sleeper trains, city centre to city centre, saving a hotel bill into the bargain. Eastern Train Railway Reservation. Indian Railways Time Tables, PNR, Route, Fares, Arrivals/Departures, Running Status - (Better Way To Search Trains)

Train from Goa to Hampi and back - Lonely Planet travel forum. First up you'll need to undestand the mad world of train station naming in India at times.

Train from Goa to Hampi and back - Lonely Planet travel forum

The stations you need in Goa, are Vasco De Gama (so named in the timetables) and Margao (named Madgaon by Indian Railways) All trains for Hampi use the Hospet Railhead (there's NO station at Hampi itself) So the train details look like this Margao - Hospet Runs Tues, Thur, Fri and Sun ONLY 8048 VSG HOWRAH EXP MAO 08.00 HPT 14.48 travel time 06.48hrs Costs 2AC Rs 609 3AC Rs 447 SL Rs 170 Hopset - Margao Runs Mon, Wed, Thur, Sat ONLY 7603 KCG YPR EXP HPT 06.30 MAO 13.40 travel time 07.10hrs Costs 1AC Rs 1020 2AC Rs 609 3AC Rs 447 SL Rs 170 Having said all that, it's so easy to book ahead these days that if you know the dates you are travelling on then why not book ahead.

You can easily find your trains using erail (personal favourite, easy to navigate) (you need to register with this official outlet) For more info on trains see these links Or my own offering. Trains Hospet to Goa. Hampi and the ruins of Vijayanger.


Destinations > Asie du Sud (sous-continent indien) > Vol Cochin-Madras? (Chennai) Destinations > Asie du Sud (sous-continent indien) > Quinze jours pour visiter le Kerala et Goa? Bons plans pour le Kérala : le Kérala est l'état (petit) le plus développé de l'Inde (avec Goa, qui est lui très lusitanisé); ce terme inclut la scolarisation à 100 % de sa jeunesse. on peut donc y poser des questions en anglais et obtenir facilement des réponses (bonnes). - j'avais bcp aimé la remontée Kollam -- Allepey, sur un canal proche de l'océan; départ vers 09h30, arrivée juste au coucher du soleil; des enfants courant sur le bord du chenal et criant "roupie !

Destinations > Asie du Sud (sous-continent indien) > Quinze jours pour visiter le Kerala et Goa?

.. pen, pen please", des pêcheurs avec leur cargaison de poisson, quai-marché etc etc .. les autres touristes européens aidèrent à une journée magnifique .. cf $$. logmt à 100 m à gauche dès l'arrivée au quai d'Allepey; visite à pied au hasard de la ville jusqu'à la mer. il existe un lieu, style hotel/GH, aux deux-tiers de la montée en bateau, où on peut loger (ce n'est pas l'ashram de Ma). Thèmes > Voyager en train > Train de Goa à Hampi (Inde) Il y a une liaison par train de Vasco Da Gama (via Madgaon) à Hospet tous les jours sauf les lundis.

Thèmes > Voyager en train > Train de Goa à Hampi (Inde)

Pourquoi faire simple quand il est plus amusant de compliquer. Gone India Railways. Whilst using the train is a lot of fun, the logistics can be a bit daunting for the first timer. The following sections attempt to make things a little simpler!! Finding the train you need. The trains in India are usually identified by name or train number with no reference to intermediate stations. There are several ways to find the train you need, we recommend the purchase of Trains At a Glance, (see the side bar for the online version!)

This is a invaluable tool for finding the train you need with times, distances and more importantly the names and numbers of trains. NB UK citizens can use the link below for a company in London that can supply Trains at a Glance as well as bookings on certain trains!! Goa Railway Map, Goa Railways, Goa Railway Station. Getting Around Indian Railways. Train Running Information - Welcome to Indian Railway Passenger reservation Enquiry. Bombay-goa - Sous-Continent Indien.