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WOWSOME solves marketers’ problems using augmented reality. Our obsessive research in computer vision, integrated with marketing and advertising best practises, created the most useful suite of products in the segment. Our solutions merge advertising & entertainment, real and digital, founding a mixed reality that delights as much as it advances us towards an evolved lifestyle.

Winter Leaf Booking Open-Interactive Print. JOYX: Celebrating ten years-Interactive Print. IAS coaching network-Interactive Print. Admissions at Shankar IAS Academy-Interactive Print. Admissions at Shankar IAS Academy-Interactive Print. AFPS : 17th batch of class..!-Interactive Print. Experiential Expert Session for Augmented reality and Virtual reality. Point the phone, tap, See More – WOWSOME! Ability to retain information in written form and share it has been noted as one of the reasons humans excelled compared to other animals.

Point the phone, tap, See More – WOWSOME!

The need for free access of information has also been talked about at great length. You can argue advertising is the triumph of our ability to convey information, “Advertising is the very essence of democracy”Anton Chekhov (By the way, Chekhov was a 19th century Russian playwright. Don’t know what he was doing talking about advertising), or you can argue that advertising is why puppies die and rainbows disappear, “The vice-president of an advertising agency is a bit of executive fungus that forms on a desk that has been exposed to conference”Fred Allen But, one is clear, advertising is here to stay, and it is up to marketers and bright, young minds to decide whether it is going to be a fungus or a useful platform that adds value to human lives.

We at WOWSOME app, obviously, want to do the latter. Bluespire says to, We want to SEE MORE. Unlock personalised digital media on print. WOWSOME app is like Harry Potter. What Sci-Fi, Gizmos and Motion Print have In Common. The sun is slowly setting.

What Sci-Fi, Gizmos and Motion Print have In Common

But you don’t see it because you are at a desk, surrounded by other desks, surrounded by walls and low hanging ceilings. When you think about it, you haven’t seen the sun in quite a while. A lowly strip of a shredded paper timidly blows by carried by the breeze coming from the outside world. What Sci-Fi, Gizmos and Motion Print have In Common. The Interrupted Swan Song of Asian Newspaper Industry. Surfing the net on a rainy day one can come across quite few innovative advertising campaigns using Augmented Reality, like the IKEA catalogue, Hagen Dazs ice cream violinists and National Geographic dinosaurs.

The Interrupted Swan Song of Asian Newspaper Industry

Enriching content of books, magazines and newspapers with AR has slightly fallen behind the ads even though there is no reason why it should. Last week we partnered with Deccan Chronicle, a South Indian English daily newspaper. We started by Motion Print enabling their Sunday edition cover story about “an Indian version of 50 Shades of Grey” giving a trailer to the saucy book. We also enabled one of their most read columns about food giving photo and video instructions on how to make the recipes and, lastly, the Astroguide giving cool pictures of different horoscopes and a share option. Couple of years ago the media industry speculated that humans have grown a new vestigial limb, and that limb was newspapers. But the newspaper folks are savvy folks. WOWSOME app powers the world’s only Motion Print luxury tabloid! What we are extremely excited about is the launch of the world’s only Motion Print luxury tabloid The Luxury Box, envisioned by the organizers of The Indian Luxury Expo in partnership with WOWSOME app.

WOWSOME app powers the world’s only Motion Print luxury tabloid!

The Luxury Box is fully enabled with WOWSOME app, meaning that when you will read the cover story on Aston Martin Rapide S and scan the image, you will feel as if the car is right in front of you! Check out the video of the Aston Martin cover story to see, what happens, when you scan The Luxury Box with WOWSOME app: Just in case you are interested, The Luxury Box is currently available in the biggest stores in Hyderabad, India with a nationwide launch upcoming…who are we kidding, of course you are interested! Click here to check out the map showing stores in which you can get your hands on The Luxury Box. There’s Much More to Business Cards. You go to a business event, meet someone, spend most of the time thinking what to say in order to avoid sounding stupid and immediately forget their name once it’s all done.

There’s Much More to Business Cards

How many times did that happen to you? In this modern world of rapid networking and connections, I’m pretty sure our not-so-great memory still needs a constant reminder of business cards. When you are looking to add value to your business by expanding your contacts and you encounter a potential client, what would you do to make a lasting impression? You confidently introduce yourself, describe what you do in brief and hand off your contact information. Now in this scenario, you wouldn’t want to fumble and scribble the information on a napkin of course.

A business card that is well organized and aesthetically appealing has a potential to make a much better impression than a website or social media account, which can easily be lost in translation. So, let your Business Card do the talking. IIT Bombay – Mood Indigo. Mood Indigo, now in its 45th edition, is Asia’s largest annual college cultural festival of IIT Bombay held towards the end of December every year.

IIT Bombay – Mood Indigo

The 2014 edition of Mood Indigo witnessed a massive footfall of over 1,26,000 students from over 1620 colleges across the country. Health Awareness Interactive Print Campaigns. “Emergency and Health care and Customer service simplified by WOWSOME Augmented Reality App”Augmented Reality is gradually being used for more practical purposes apart from providing entertaining digital content to the users.

Health Awareness Interactive Print Campaigns

Check out how Apollo Hospitals Health Awareness and HealthWare Interactive Prints along with WOWSOME app creating awareness on Health using AR. Download WOWSOME app , Open Motion Print and Scan the print. IF ONLY YOU WERE A ‘BAAHUBALI’ Download WOWSOME app from WOWSO.ME and experience interactive Baahubali Motion Print Picture this – A rugged armor of metal, horses galloping across massive fields, deafening sword clashing, fatally accurate archery and a resolute courage that feeds on power.


Does that remind you of someone? It wouldn’t take you long to realize that it’s in fact ‘the one with strong arms’ is who we are talking about here. In Hindi, this person is recognized as ‘Baahubali’. That name itself has enormous weight attached to it and is considered to be an embodiment of heroism. Talking about heroism, our Indian Cinema has always been massively influenced by this concept.

T-HUB, MOBILITY EXCELLENCE AWARDS AND A SNEAK PEEK INTO WOWSOME 2.0. At WOWSOME, we have always given our employees an environment that fosters their creativity.


And now that environment has become even more exciting and inspirational. Well, we are very proud to officially announce that we are now a part of T-Hub, an absolutely brilliant and unique public/private partnership between the government of Telangana, three of India’s premier academic institutes (IIIT-H, ISB & NALSAR) and key private sector leaders. In November 2015, T-Hub was inaugurated by none other than Mr. Ratan Tata, the symbol of inspiration, integrity and the entrepreneurial spirit. T-Hub provides first rate support and resources to technology related start-ups, the quality of which will be at par with what you would get in highly developed countries.

Fun and Interactive WOWSOME Augmented Reality Cultural Festivals. Spring Fest – IIT Kharagpur: Asia’s one of the biggest college cultural festival Spring Fest, IIT Kharagpur presents CYBER‬ ‎Gaming‬ with Wowsomeapp as its ‎Official‬ ‎Augmented Reality‬ ‪Partner‬.

Fun and Interactive WOWSOME Augmented Reality Cultural Festivals

Alcheringa – IIT GUWAHATI: Alcheringa partners with Wowsomeapp to provide you a one-of-its-kind Augmented Reality Experience to unravel amazing content by scanning the posters! More cool stuff on the way so, stay tuned! Carpe Diem – IIM Calcutta: 5 Reasons WOWSOME Is The Ultimate Advertiser’s Dream. Aren’t you always running out of time? Reflect back and you’d know that time has passed by much faster than you have realized. That’s because we live in the times of massive information overload. We all are looking for new ways to differentiate what matters from what doesn’t. We are now left with limited time against so much to do and thus also suffering from low attention span.

Now that is a big enough reason for all the advertisers out there to panic and lose sleep rack their brains out to seek for audience attention. Here are the 5 reasons that make them irresistibly drool over WOWSOME: 1. Experiential Expert Session for Augmented reality and Virtual reality. Sentinel - Experiential. Brand activation using Photobooth. Brand actvation using Guerilla Game. Brand activation using Twin Persona. Brand activation using Excitometer. Brand activation using Augmented Zone. WOWSOME. Interactive Print – An effective marketing strategy for real estate. Launching a new property?

Looking for new and innovative advertising strategies? Wondering how to come up with an out of the box marketing trend? Here’s how – the WOWSOME app unlocks virtual walk through on your printed brochure (or) print ad with its interactive print feature. That is to say that WOWSOME unlocks/plays advanced virtual reality content on the relevant brochure page or print ad. For example, one can play a video by merely viewing the print ad through the WOWSOME app or even unlock access to more content or information; which not just gives them a deeper insight to the customer but also gives them a platform for interpersonal communication with your agent when there is an urge to know more by providing them with various call for action buttons.

WOWSOME also has this very interesting and unique feature wherein it unlocks the 3D model of the property on page showing floor plan. Complete virtual tour bundle for realtors. EXPERIENCE INTERACTIVE SPACES Live! Live Demo is a great way to experience the ease of use and features that come with WOWSOME INTERACTIVE SPACES Virtual Tour Bundle.

INTERACTIVE SPACES is the complete virtual tour bundle for realtors. Gesture based virtual walkthrough experience for Exhibits with the same unified experience extended for project micro-sites on Desktop, Mobile and VR Headsets. Anytime | Anywhere | Any Location Exhibit: Guesture based virtual tour experience booth for your Sales office, Exhibits and Events. Desktop: An ideal project microsite delivers the right information to your audience in a clean layout for swift enrollment into your offering. Mobile: Interactive Spaces Virtual Tour solution is mobile compatible. AUGMENTED REALITY. Augmented Reality. Proven business model for Print Advertisement with Digital content & CTA's.

Virtual and Augmented Reality. WOWSOME News & Events. Virtual & Augmented Reality. Augmented and Virtual Reality. Marketing Solutions using Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality - WOWSOME. Register. Add the power of INTERACTIVE PRINT to your mobile app. Add the power of INTERACTIVE PRINT to your mobile app. Marketing Solutions using Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality - WOWSOME. Brand activation using Augmented Zone. Event marketing solutions using augmented realty and virtual reality.