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NanoString. NCCR. The Genomics Platform, created within our NCCR and integrated in the University of Geneva, provides counselling and access to the state-of-the-art methods in genomic technologies.


These enable to monitor gene expression (including mRNA, miRNA, non coding RNA), to discover new genes, to determine genotypes and⁄or to analyze results of protein-DNA and DNA-DNA interactions at the scale of whole genomes and with a very high throughput. They provide detailed insight into the cellular processes involved in the regulation of gene expression and global genome organization. We propose various techniques to perform RNA and DNA quantification and analysis (e.g transcriptome profiling, gene discovery, genotyping, chromatin IP’s, etc.), while continuing to develop and improve the methods proposed. ›› French version of the video(YouTube, 5’25’’) This video was achieved in March 2011.The Genomics Platform is directed by Dr Mylène Docquier since August 2011. University Health Network Microarray Centre.

VIB MicroArray Facility. Expression Analysis.