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Role of Wound EMR in Selecting Most Appr

Wound-specific templates within wound EMR provide enough information for wound care specialists to decide on the most appropriate dressing.

Researching Local Application of AntimiRs for Slow Healing Wounds - Download - 4shared - wound wizard. Wound Care Innovations to Treat Drug-resistant Bacteria. Drug-resistant Bacteria Could Soon Be Dealt With in Wound Care. - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text. Why A Wound Care Center May Be Necessary For Proper Wound Healing: woundwizard. How much difference can wound management software make to the wound healing process?

Why A Wound Care Center May Be Necessary For Proper Wound Healing: woundwizard

Specialists at a wound care center know that advanced wound EMR can ensure that the progress or healing of the wound is monitored and the treatment continued or changed accordingly. That brings us to the next question - how great a difference can a wound care center make in healing a wound? Wound Healing Is Not Always Straightforward A wound does not always heal with proper care alone. It requires a more scientific approach and advanced treatment modalities.

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Importance of Wound Care Documentation by Nurses. Why Wound Care EMR Must be Considered for Pressure Ulcer Management. Workflow Analysis to Select the Right EMR for chronic wound care. Getting the Right EMR for Chronic Wound Care. There is no doubt that the right wound care EMR solution facilitates better wound care.

Getting the Right EMR for Chronic Wound Care

But it does take a good deal of research to decide on the right one. The need for the right EMR is most realized in the case of chronic wounds. Chronic wounds come with the risk of morbidity, reduced quality of life, and even mortality. Advanced Wound EMR for Skilled Nursing Facilities. How Advanced Wound EMR Helps Nursing Facilities. The benefits of using a wound EMR system to manage wounds are being significantly felt by nursing homes.

How Advanced Wound EMR Helps Nursing Facilities

One such SNF (skilled nursing facility) with 200 beds in Illinois has experienced positive outcomes since the implementation of the technology a few years back. Comprehensive Features of the Wound EMR This EMR features an entry for each resident which contains: The resident’s medication list Advance directives Progress notes ReportsOther details related to the careThe facility’s system also helps staff generate treatment reports, wound assessment reports and physician order copies from the information entered into the system.

The system also helps in automation of some of the tasks, while eliminating work duplication. Mobile Wound EMR for the effective treatment for Pressure Ulcers. How Mobile Wound EMR Is Effective for Treating Pressure Ulcers. Pressure ulcers are common, costly and debilitating chronic wounds that typically occur in aged people or those having multiple comorbidities, and physical or cognitive impairments.

How Mobile Wound EMR Is Effective for Treating Pressure Ulcers

They may also occur in healthy people if they are unable to move any part of their body as the result of an orthopedic condition. Pressure ulcers can lengthen the hospital stay, exacerbate mobility limitations and social isolation and are also associated with increased mortality rates from underlying conditions. Causes and Types of Wounds. Types of Wounds and Their Complications. Wound Assessment Documentation. Treating Hard-to-heal Wounds by Targeting Healing Process. Chronic wounds, typically associated with the aging population (for example, pressure sores, venous leg ulcers) are hard to heal as they often produce higher amounts of exudates and are exposed to the risk of infection.

Treating Hard-to-heal Wounds by Targeting Healing Process

Not only should there be effective treatment, but the wounds must also be assessed regularly and the assessment outcomes documented diligently via wound EMR. While current treatments for chronic wounds focus on controllable factors such as clearing infections, a new study sheds light on the need for treatment that targets the wound healing process itself. The researchers identified a gene molecule called miR-132 and suggest that this molecule could be a target for new treatments for hard-to-heal wounds. The most important common characteristic of almost all non-healing wounds is the stubborn, underlying inflammatory state blocking the completion of the healing process. Bite Wound Documentation to Prevent Infection. Proper Documentation Vital for Bite Wounds to Prevent Infection. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 1% of all emergency healthcare visits are due to animal bites.

Proper Documentation Vital for Bite Wounds to Prevent Infection

It is also estimated that between 5% and 60% of all bite wounds can be complicated by infection. In order to prevent such infections, adequate initial evaluation and appropriate management of bite wounds is required. Cigarette Smoking drastically affects Wound Healing. A recent study by researchers from the Ohio State University College of Nursing found that cigarette smoking drastically affects wound healing.

Cigarette Smoking drastically affects Wound Healing.

According to the research, the association between smoking and wound problems is discussed very rarely during the doctor visits chronic wound patients frequently have. Some smokers won’t listen to health warnings from their doctors. Non-healing wounds including pressure ulcers, venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers affect 6.5 million people in the United States and cost the healthcare system a lot. In such a scenario, it is very important to focus more on the smoking habits of patients with wounds. Chronic wounds share common characteristics of inflammation and reduced blood flow that make them particularly vulnerable to different toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

Wound Care Specialists provide solutions for Wound Care Treatment. How are we different?

Wound Care Specialists provide solutions for Wound Care Treatment.

What sets us apart? Wound Wizard is unique in many ways. From outcome reporting to wound care product evaluation, we provide specialty consulting solutions to this industry. WW clinical advisory board is a first for a wound care software company. How Wound EMR Is Critical for Pain Documentation. Wound pain is a vital sign that indicates the status of the wound that is being treated.

How Wound EMR Is Critical for Pain Documentation

Therefore, this factor has a strong impact on the patient’s quality of life. It is very important to document wound pain at each visit to provide appropriate medications, dressing or other treatment. Patients may sometimes mistake the “rest pain” caused by critical limb ischemia (CLI) as wound pain. CLI is a severe obstruction of the arteries which reduces blood flow to the hands, feet and legs and causes severe pain. This pain may make you wake up at night and hence the name “rest pain”. Nurses must assess and document the wound pain of patients during initial nursing evaluation and all follow-up visits.

The goal for pain management should be measurable. Effectiveness of Nanotherapy to expedite Wound Healing. Wound healing is a complex process that requires migration of a variety of unique cell types from the wound margin to the wound zone.

Effectiveness of Nanotherapy to expedite Wound Healing

Nanotherapy is the latest wound care treatment in the spotlight that has been proved to expedite the wound healing process. A research team from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, Bronx, NY recently tested experimental nanoparticle therapy on mice and found that the therapy reduced the time taken to heal skin wounds by half, compared to untreated wounds. The researchers claim that it is possible to use this therapy to speed up the healing of all sorts of wounds such as everyday cuts and burns, surgical incisions and chronic skin ulcers seen in elderly people and people having diabetes.

This 2015 study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology is actually built on a previous work in which the team found an enzyme called fidgetin-like 2 (FL2) that slows down skin cells as they migrate towards a wound to heal it. Wound Care management to address systemic condition for Effective Wound Healing. Identifying Systemic Factors for Effective Wound Healing. In addition to psychological and local factors, systemic factors also impact wound healing. For successful outcomes, identifying and addressing systemic factors is indispensable. This can be accomplished when the nurses adopt a holistic approach to collect all the information regarding the patient’s wound during wound assessment and document all the crucial details in a standardized manner. Before exploring this, let’s take a detailed look at what constitutes systemic factors.

Major Benefits of Tele-Wound Care. Tele-wound care is the best option for old, disabled and unwell patients with multiple co-morbidities who have chronic wound care requirements. Such patients may not be able to visit a clinic without an assistant and often require multiple consultations with long term follow-up. A tele-wound care system connects the patients located in rural settings, nursing homes or home care programs to wound care specialists in hospitals or clinics so that proper wound care is delivered on time. Electrical Stimulation expedite the healing process and prevent chronic wound formation.

Electrical Stimulation Treatment for Chronic Wounds. Hard-to-heal wounds are a clinical challenge for physicians across the world. When wounds fail to heal, they become chronic and remain open for longer than six weeks. Acidic treatments are there that can expedite Wound Healing. Acidic Treatments to Expedite Wound Healing. Though acids are considered dangerous for skin tissue, acidic treatments are there that can expedite wound healing. Acids such as citric, ascorbic, acetic, boric and alginic have been long used as a topical application to assist in wound healing and ward off infection. Even though several studies were conducted regarding the use of acids in wound healing, most of them have been largely inconclusive. However, a new review by a group of researchers from India has come up with more definitive proof.

The review published in the journal Wounds explores the relationship between acidic environment and wound healing. As part of the review, the researchers conducted a literature search of the PubMed database and used 45 found materials, as well as other relevant reviews. According to the review, the application of acid plays a significant role in the wound healing process in the following ways: * Infection Control – Infection impairs healing and increases the chronicity of wounds.

Wound EMR for Smooth Practice Workflow and Better Outcomes by WoundWizard. Wound EMR for Smooth Practice Workflow and Better Outcomes. Wound care management is a field that requires huge documentation for clinical and financial reasons. With an EMR designed specially for wound care, you can overcome the documentation challenges to ensure smooth practice workflow and increased outcomes. Let’s consider a paper-based system in which wound care nurses need to fill out all of the patients’ medical conditions, surgeries and their medications by themselves, and physicians too have to make copious documentation. WoundPad - Effective Communication with Increased Mobility. WoundPad is the same feature-rich WoundWizard software for use on tablet devices and smartphones. Request Free Demo. Why EMR Is Integral for Wound Care Centers. Diabetes Triggering the Growth of Wound Care Centers in the U.... According to the American Diabetes Association, 1.7 million Americans aged 20 years or older are newly diagnosed with diabetes each year -- 4,660 per day and one every 19 seconds.

Also, around 86 million Americans aged 20 years or older have pre-diabetes. As the number of diabetic patients is rising, there is overwhelming need for specialized care centers. Recent news published in Journal News hints that increasing incidence of diabetes is triggering the growth of wound care centers in the U.S. The report says local health systems have been building up wound care centers in recent years with the increase in demand for wound care services and more Americans becoming aware of available services. Role of Wound EMR in Selecting Appropriate Wound Dressing. Choosing the most appropriate dressing for a wound is very important to reduce the healing time. Wound Healing Documentation and Wound Care EMR. Proper Wound Assessment with Wound EMR. National Burn Awareness Week 2015, February 1-7 - This year, National Burn Awareness Week is celebrated February 1-7, 2015 focusing on different types of burns and their prevention.

Since burn injuries are common in the U.S., especially among children, awareness regarding the prevention of burn injuries and proper wound care is critical. National Burn Awareness Week is celebrated each year to kick off a year full of burn awareness education to both adults and children. This year, it is celebrated from February 1st to the 7th providing an opportunity for burn, fire and life safety educators to unite and share a common burn awareness and prevention message. Each year, Shriners Hospitals for Children, which sponsors the national week, asks people to be aware of common burn types (electrical, chemical and thermal burns) and take proper steps to stay safe.

This year, this institution will use the week to start a year-long campaign focused on teaching adults and children to “Be Burn Aware,” especially at home. National Burn Awareness Week 2015, February 1-7 - Regenerative Medicine May Be More Effective for Hard-to-heal Wounds. A novel therapeutic approach involving a wound care serum made up of live white blood cells has been found to more effectively treat diabetic foot ulcers and other hard-to-heal wounds including venous leg ulcers. Macrocure Ltd, a regenerative medicine company based in Israel developed this injectable serum under the product name CureXcell and it claims that this regenerative medicine has shown a 90 percent wound reduction rate.

According to the CEO of the company, the therapy requires three injections per month directly on the wound site. It is quite different from skin grafts as it requires far fewer treatments. As per the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), diabetes foot ulcers (DFUs) are open sores or wounds that occur in around 15 percent of patients having diabetes. Wound Management Technologies and Significance of Wound Care EMR. New Material for Wound Dressings to Heal Wounds Faster. Today, wound care treatment is not about just applying stitches and gauze, but has become far more sophisticated with skin bioengineering, anti-scarring strategies and much more.

WoundWizard Nursing Module. Major Benefits of Using Mobile EMR for Wound Care. Wound Surveillance Challenges and the Role of EMR. Wound EMR Facilitates Documenting Comprehensive Medical History. Improving Wound Documentation for Better Wound Care. Key Components Required for Wound Care EMR. Critical Components of an Effective Wound Care EMR. WoundWizard Nursing Module. WoundWizard Physician Module.

Outcome Reporting with Charts. New Material for Wound Dressings to Heal Wounds Faster. WoundWizard’s Innovative EMR Software Enhancing Patient Care Document… Software for woundcare and Woundcare Documentation. WoundWizard - Contact Wound Care Solutions WoundWizard - SmartWare for Wound Care. WoundWizard Innovation.