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Wotofo is the leading manufacturer of vape products and has a big role in reconstructible devices. Wotofo is also producing a few of today’s top RDAs, RTAs, Mods, kits, and accessories. We started our business with the growth of worldwide awareness of the vaping culture.

Top Effective Ways to Open a Stuck Vape Tank - Troubleshooting Stuck Vape Tank. Over tightening your vape tank does not necessarily result in better attachment or performance; all that it can do is cause problems when you want to detach it from its position.

Top Effective Ways to Open a Stuck Vape Tank - Troubleshooting Stuck Vape Tank

Your tank can get stuck from two positions – where the tank is attached to the vape or at the point where the tank is connected with the coil/atomizer. The remedy depends on the type of problem you’re experiencing. You can use different methods to solve it, but you must be careful to avoid breaking the tank. You’re advised to take all your stresses and steam on something else, relax, and then come back to fix the problem. Vapes are always great until you realize that they require constant maintenance. This may result in an array of problems like a leaking and overheating tank, burnt taste, as well as a jammed or stuck tank.

For most of us, the obvious things we do when we tinker with our vapes are refilling when the tank dries, cleaning, charging dead batteries, and changing faulty batteries. What Is Popcorn Lung & Is Vaping Associated With It? Over a decade ago, a physician disclosed that a couple of ex-workers in a microwave popcorn facility had developed a strange and acute lung infection.

What Is Popcorn Lung & Is Vaping Associated With It?

It was later reported that some of them were critically ill and required a lung transplant. Investigations were conducted to ascertain the probable cause of this rare and disabling condition. Ultimately, researchers found that the disease was caused by vapor from butter flavoring that is added to popcorn. In the factory, workers were exposed to diacetyl, the buttery-flavoring chemical that led to the ailment. While the flavoring may be tasty, its effects are deadly as it is associated with thousands of bronchiolitis obliterans cases, a severe and irreversible lung complication.

Age Limits in Various Countries. Part of the FDA’s Deeming Rule of 2016 was a federal outlaw on vending of vaping products to persons under age 18.

Age Limits in Various Countries

Under the legislation, the non-tobacco devices and vape flavors are deemed as (considered) tobacco products, and they automatically fall under the present federal regulations on trading tobacco products with minors. In the past, the minimum age to sell vaping products had been a critical campaign tool by anti-tobacco movements, who had portrayed the vaping industry as a “wild west”, and that needed subjugation by the FDA. Contrary, by the time the federal agency was acting, the majority of states already had laid their own age restrictions. Even before May 2016, the time when the Deeming Rule by the federal age restriction was taking effect, tobacco regulation organizations had begun their campaigns. In 2014, New York City enacted the first “would-be'' Tobacco 21 Law. Is Second-Hand Vape Smoke Bad For You? Learn How to Avoid its Side Effects. A proportion of e-cigarette fans have expressed their views on banning cigarette smoking in public places praying this shouldn’t be extended to vapes.

Is Second-Hand Vape Smoke Bad For You? Learn How to Avoid its Side Effects

They have been acting on the belief that e-cigs aren’t harmful but how do you expect them to agree? They are just deluded. City dwellers understand how it takes to deal with all sorts of air pollution coming from hooting motor vehicles, firefighter sirens, emissions from cars, decomposing garbage, and factories, and other agents. We are already fed up with these nuisances. We’re suffering from these constituents of pollution, and we don’t expect anything beyond that. The amount/concentration of these toxins depends upon various factors like quality of vape flavor, type of vaping device, style of vaping, amount of power applied on the vape, number of vapers at a particular period, and their frequency of vaping. How to Use a Mech Mod Explained. Start by disassembling your mech mod.

How to Use a Mech Mod Explained

Take the bowl with water and dissolve three spoons of citric acid. Submerge the disabled device inside the solution. For brass-built mech mod, add acetic acid to the solution. Top 4 Waterproof and Shockproof Vape Mods 2021. Have you spoiled your expensive box mod because you accidentally dropped it in water or a hard surface.

Top 4 Waterproof and Shockproof Vape Mods 2021

If your answer is a straight ‘yes’, then you’ll need to know more about Shockproof or Waterproof Vape Mods. These are modern breeds of vape mods that stand up for anything. If you’ve ever tried to use your pod mod near a swimming pool, you vividly understand how delicate these devices are. They rarely survive when dropped on hard surfaces or get wet. Things to Consider While Buying a Disposable Vape Pen. How to Use a Disposable Vape Pen? Disposable vapes are the easiest and convenient way to carry out vaping.

How to Use a Disposable Vape Pen?

It comes as pre-charged and pre-filled with vape juice and since it doesn't have any replaceable parts or buttons, this can be easily disposed too after use. These gadgets are readily available at vape stores and dispensaries and at relatively cheap prices. Coming in a wide variety of vape flavors, brands, and aesthetics, the vape pens feature non-rechargeable batteries implying that users don’t have to be scared of encountering dead batteries unless the entire e-liquid is consumed. The majority don’t feature firing buttons to heat the coil; they are draw-activated.

Top 10 Benefits of Disposable Vape Pens. Now that disposable vape pens commonly referred to as disposables are starting to become tremendously popular in today’s vaping industry, you may be bewildered at what's making them so much wanted and beneficial.

Top 10 Benefits of Disposable Vape Pens

More and more vapers are discovering that disposable vape pens give them all they need to relish a profoundly vaping experience. They are user-friendly, convenient (easy-to-carry in the pocket), and can deeply satisfy your vaping needs thanks to their capacity to combine delicious flavors with smooth yet formidable salt-based nicotine. If you’re in the search for an awesome vaping setup, it’s the right time to give disposables a try.

If you’re a professional enthusiast, great, high-quality, user-friendly, low commitment units are the best fit, and disposable vape pens are one of them. But there is a problem: some brands have poor device quality characterized by short shelf life, leaking tanks, and batteries that die before you’ve gotten through that first round. What Wattage Should I Vape at? But what is the best wattage to vape at?

What Wattage Should I Vape at?

Indeed, this’s a major standout amongst the frequently asked question in different vaping blogs/sites. But if we’re somehow to give a straight-up response to the question, it would be correctly answered by stating that there isn’t a single measure to satisfy everyone. Some vapers, especially the newbies pose this common question to understand the vaping art better. Unfortunately, if we’re to give a straight answer to this question, we would comfortably say that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all-wattage to vape at. Arguably, the best wattage you feel comfortable with and which gives you the best satisfaction you are looking for every time you’re holding your mod and your favorite vape flavor is a matter of personal preference. Not only that, the wattage level you choose pivots upon the type of device you’re using. 7 Reasons Why Vape Tastes Burnt - How to Fix It Properly? Let’s be genuine and sincere, anybody who calls themselves a vaper has experienced it before: you draw your vape from the pocket, fill it with your favorite vape flavor, fire it up, and eagerly expect the most delicious fluffy vapor cloud from your “beast”, only to experience a shocking hit on your throat!

7 Reasons Why Vape Tastes Burnt - How to Fix It Properly?

This is painful, and some would regard it as an unfair treatment worthless their investment in the vape and vape flavor. Although it’s more often an issue that’s more prevalent amongst newbie vapers, it’s also encountered by seasoned vapers who have been in the game for a while. Some would mistakenly argue or think their device is malfunctioning, which is not the case. A Guide on How to Stealth Vape. In general, you will have to use a small low-powered vape that throws small-size vapor clouds so that the cloud remains unnoticeable. Also, putting out small amounts of vapor implies that you are only exhaling the faintest aroma possible.

Nonetheless, exhaling the smallest vapor puff doesn’t mean people around you aren’t going to notice. You should therefore consider stealth vaping in legalized environments. Best 3 RDTA Vapes for Clouds and Flavor 2021. How’s blowing smoke rings with an ordinary cigarette? Of course, it’s a big deal. Blowing vapor with a vape turns the whole thing into magic; you will definitely love it. Furthermore, you can practice a couple of tricks with your vapes and your mates might turn you into their small god. Recall that first time that you saw someone pull a lovable smoke trick. Perhaps you’re watching a movie, someone from your neighborhood was showing off to their mates, or was your friend who had just started vaping. After all, some vaping tricks might seem cool and easy but they have been around for a while. RDTAs (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers) are the best bet for this purpose. How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your Body from Vaping? Whenever you chew or inhale tobacco, or unknowingly inhale secondary smoke from your hood, nicotine gets absorbed into your bloodstream.

While in the bloodstream, most of the nicotine is broken down by enzymes secreted in the liver to become cotinine. Amazingly, the amount of cotinine in your bloodstream is proportionate to the amount of nicotine ingested. Is Vaping Better Than Smoking? A Guide to Vaping vs Smoking. Today, the world is full of scary types of cancers, a situation that has caught the attention of scientists and medical researchers to study some of the possible causes and how to avoid them. Smoking cigarettes alone can cause lung, esophagus, mouth, throat, stomach, colon, rectal, kidney, cervical, bladder, liver, among other types of cancers. It’s been established that every time you take a cigarette puff, you inhale over 7000 chemicals into your lungs and these could spread to other body organs, including sixty-nine known carcinogens. For this reason and others, e-cigarettes and vaping, in general, are increasingly being marketed and crusaded as safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

What are Clapton Coils? How to Build It? Types and Benefits. Typically, a Clapton coil consists of a small gauge (narrow) wire that is wound around another large gauge (wider) wire in a right-angled configuration. Ideally, it implies a wound (coiled wire) where one wire is tightly wound around another. But we need to give it a more appealing name to attract customers. You might already know what is a single battery vape mod is. Current from the batteries first heats the wider wire before transferring the heat to the narrower one. Although Clapton coils take some time (ramp-up time) to heat up, the majority of vapers prefer to attribute them to the extra surface area they offer for vaporization of vape flavor, and this makes them a bit more efficient compared to conventional coils. Although some vapers would love to create their own, building Clapton coils by your own calls for a lot of patience, dedication, immense commitment as their construction procedure is complicated.

4 Best Pod Vapes - Refillable Pod Systems to Try in 2021. 5 Best Vape Mods of 2021: Top Picks for Beginners & Professionals. If you have finally made your mind to take part in the wonderful vaping world, feel safe and in the right place because you’re going to learn and enjoy a few things. 8 Best Vape Coils of 2021: How to Make Coils Last Longer? 13 Vaping Tricks: How To Do Vape Tricks Easy for Beginners. What is an RDA Vape? How to Use RDA for Beginners Properly? In the simplest terms, we can amicably agree that vaping is an ideal replacement for smoking or a modern way of smoking. With this modern form of nicotine ingestion, vapers (people who vape) inhale the flavor-infused vapor from vape flavor which is heated (vaporized) by an electronic gadget. These electronic devices (referred to as vapes) come in various sizes, styles, and functionalities including vape mods and e-cigarettes.

Most importantly, all the devices have common features like a heating element (coil), wicking material, and a reservoir (tank). When the device is powered, the wicking material (wick) which is wound around the coil absorbs the vape flavor which is ultimately vaporized in the coil. There are countless vape manufacturers across the globe producing some of the best devices in the market. An Introduction to Wotofo SMRT Series - Advantages and SMRT Coil Building Guide. 'Hacking vape coils smartly! This is the new slogan in town. In the next few months, the vaping community will get saturated with this line. There’s no way Wotofo will follow anyone in vaping matters. What is Vapers Tongue? How to Get Rid of Vapers Tongue? There’re a couple of reasons why vapers notice the change, diminished, or complete loss of taste in their vape flavors. How to Blow Smoke Rings? Vaping Tricks Guide for Beginners. Oh yes! 8 Best Vape Drips for Vaping to Try in 2020 - An Ultimate Guide.

A drip tip is also referred to as a mouthpiece and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are manufactured from different materials such as aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, or plastics. Basics of Vaping: 9 Common Mistakes of Beginners to Avoid. Now, you’re not new to this world. Not to mention names but we have Ferraris, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Bentley, Bugatti, and the like, just to mention a few. These are all luxury car brands that are taking the car industry by storm. These are for the big boys who are living their premium lives. We also have the basic ones from Asia which make your life just a comfort, nobody talks about you because you are owning just an ordinary car. Then we have their followers from all over the world who enjoy the space by just making cheap cars to earn money from them. Blow Bigger Vape Clouds: Cloud Chasing Tips for Vape Mods. Forget about the “sweet” feeling or the pride of holding the latest mod some vapers perceive vaping is all about, but we’ve got a new game in the town; cloud chasing.

Mesh Coil vs Regular Coil: Which is Better? An Ultimate Guide. 6 Best Box Mods of 2020 - List of Top Vape Mods with Features. The 5 Best Sub Ohm Tanks of 2020 for Clouds and Flavor. What is a Throat Hit? How to Get a Perfect One When Vaping? Vape Juice Storage Tips: How to Store Your e-Liquid Properly? What is a Dry Hit Vape? Tips to Avoid Burnt Taste When Vaping. Best RTAs of 2020: Top Rebuildable Tank Atomizers for Vaping. 8 Vape Juice Ingredients to Avoid - Toxic e-Liquid Flavors. 6 Best Nic Salt Juices 2020: Nicotine Salt e-Liquid Flavors to Try. Choose the Right Squonk Kit.

12 Common Vaping Myths and Facts vs Smoking Debunked. Most Popular Vape Juices to Try. 15 Pros and Cons of Vaping Every Vaper Needs to Know About. How to Vape Properly? Inhaling Tips for Beginners - Vaping 101. What is a Vape Pen and How to Use it Properly? A Beginners Guide [2020] PG vs VG eLiquid: Best PG VG Ratio and Its Effect on Vaping. What is a Sub Ohm Tank? How to Sub Ohm to Blow Big Clouds? A Guide to Single Battery Mods: Get a Hot Vaping Experience. What is a Pod Mod? What is the Difference from Box Mods?

What is a Box Mod Vape and How to Use it? An Ultimate Guide. What are Rebuildable MTL Atomizers (RDA) and MTL Tanks (RTA) Mouth to Lung (MTL) vs Direct to Lung (DTL) Vaping Guide. MTL Vaping Devices: 5 Types of Mouth to Lung Vape Kits to Try. What is MTL Vaping? What Does Mouth to Lung Inhaling Mean? What are Nicotine Salts? A Beginner's Nic Salt e-Juice Guide. Vaping with Temperature Control: A Beginner's Guide for 2020. Different Types of Vapes You Need to Know: A Beginners Guide. 10 Reasons Why Vaping Without Nicotine is Actually Awesome. 8 Best RDAs: Vape Atomizers for Clouds and Flavor [2020 Update] Top 10 e-Liquid Recipes for 2020 That You'll Love to Vape. Vape Juice Nicotine Level: What's Your Best E-Juice Strength Electronic Cigarette.

How to Make Own Vape Juice? A Beginners DIY E-Juice Guide.