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Wotofo is the leading manufacturer of vape products and has a big role in reconstructible devices. Wotofo is also producing a few of today’s top RDAs, RTAs, Mods, kits, and accessories. We started our business with the growth of worldwide awareness of the vaping culture.

13 Vaping Tricks: How To Do Vape Tricks Easy for Beginners. Recall your first time seeing a smoke trick.

13 Vaping Tricks: How To Do Vape Tricks Easy for Beginners

Perhaps you’re watching a movie, a video, or a certain friend was showing off. Undoubtedly, you’re impressed. Smoke tricks appear cool and sweet! And they have been around for some time. Probably you’ve seen some smokers try them with cigarette smoke, but that weak kind of smoke limits their hype. With vaping, you can boast of something thick and complete to work with. You might be already aware of the vaping myths and facts. What is an RDA Vape? How to Use RDA for Beginners Properly? In the simplest terms, we can amicably agree that vaping is an ideal replacement for smoking or a modern way of smoking.

What is an RDA Vape? How to Use RDA for Beginners Properly?

With this modern form of nicotine ingestion, vapers (people who vape) inhale the flavor-infused vapor from vape flavor which is heated (vaporized) by an electronic gadget. These electronic devices (referred to as vapes) come in various sizes, styles, and functionalities including vape mods and e-cigarettes. Most importantly, all the devices have common features like a heating element (coil), wicking material, and a reservoir (tank). When the device is powered, the wicking material (wick) which is wound around the coil absorbs the vape flavor which is ultimately vaporized in the coil.

There are countless vape manufacturers across the globe producing some of the best devices in the market. An Introduction to Wotofo SMRT Series - Advantages and SMRT Coil Building Guide. 'Hacking vape coils smartly!

An Introduction to Wotofo SMRT Series - Advantages and SMRT Coil Building Guide

This is the new slogan in town. In the next few months, the vaping community will get saturated with this line. There’s no way Wotofo will follow anyone in vaping matters. Guess what; Wotofo have just launched their brand new kind of pod kit known as the SMRT Pod kit that features an inventive rebuildable coil kit enabling easy coil rebuilding, and it’s cost-effective. The new coil reminds us about some coils currently available in the market, which has been boasting of similar features but this time round SMRT is beating it mercilessly! So, Wotofo SMRT will be the next playable pod kit and probably the solution to levelling up various interactions between vaping products and vapers by allowing easier rebuilding options of coil heads.

These SMRT systems have displayed elegance in terms of the coil rebuilding process, external color availability (black, gold, black-red, and black-blue), power output, and outstanding functionality. What is Vapers Tongue? How to Get Rid of Vapers Tongue? There’re a couple of reasons why vapers notice the change, diminished, or complete loss of taste in their vape flavors.

What is Vapers Tongue? How to Get Rid of Vapers Tongue?

Going back to the smell analogy and how it affects tasting in vape flavors, we can liken this condition to the concept where smokers wouldn’t smell cigarette smoke on their clothes. After a repeated stimulation of a particular smell/feeling/taste in the brain, the receptors will adapt to this kind of stimulus and reduce their intensity of reception. Scientists have speculated the brain adopts sensory adaptation for survival reasons. After vaping the same vape flavor for a long period, your sensory adaptation makes you experience vaper’s fatigue.

Besides sensory adaptation, there are known causes of vaper’s fatigue such as elongated vaping on the same vape flavor, taste disorders, illness, damaged taste buds, recent switching from smoking, dehydration, and stress. How to Blow Smoke Rings? Vaping Tricks Guide for Beginners. Oh yes!

How to Blow Smoke Rings? Vaping Tricks Guide for Beginners

It’s really sweet. Nothing thrills your vaping life better than having the ability to show off some of the exemplary tricks to your mates. 8 Best Vape Drips for Vaping to Try in 2020 - An Ultimate Guide. A drip tip is also referred to as a mouthpiece and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

8 Best Vape Drips for Vaping to Try in 2020 - An Ultimate Guide

They are manufactured from different materials such as aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, or plastics. The material and length play a critical role in the performance of the drip tip as they greatly affect the vaping temperature. For instance, a stainless steel drip tip cools off the vapor when it passes through it. When the length of the drip tip is made longer, a much cooler vapor will be delivered as it travels a much longer distance to reach the mouth. The phrase “drip tip” is borrowed from the term “dripping” which means pouring e-juice straight into the atomizer via the drip tip bore. Drip tips differ depending on their intended use. Basics of Vaping: 9 Common Mistakes of Beginners to Avoid. Now, you’re not new to this world.

Basics of Vaping: 9 Common Mistakes of Beginners to Avoid

Not to mention names but we have Ferraris, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Bentley, Bugatti, and the like, just to mention a few. These are all luxury car brands that are taking the car industry by storm. These are for the big boys who are living their premium lives. We also have the basic ones from Asia which make your life just a comfort, nobody talks about you because you are owning just an ordinary car. Then we have their followers from all over the world who enjoy the space by just making cheap cars to earn money from them. Blow Bigger Vape Clouds: Cloud Chasing Tips for Vape Mods. Forget about the “sweet” feeling or the pride of holding the latest mod some vapers perceive vaping is all about, but we’ve got a new game in the town; cloud chasing.

Blow Bigger Vape Clouds: Cloud Chasing Tips for Vape Mods

It’s actually a sport whose main objective is to see who exhales the biggest vapor cloud with an RDA or pod mod. Sometimes referred to as “stunt vaping” professional vapers love participating in the game to compete for who blows out the largest and even the thickest vapor cloud. Actually, it’s a sport with followers, sponsors, teams, and endorsements among others.

Mesh Coil vs Regular Coil: Which is Better? An Ultimate Guide. A coil is one such underestimated accessory in a vape kit.

Mesh Coil vs Regular Coil: Which is Better? An Ultimate Guide

Without the coil, you won’t be able to turn your e-juice – in liquid form – into its useful form (vapor form). E-juice is heated up by vape coils to create vapor. The surface area of a coil is vital; the larger the surface area, the more the amount of e-juice is vaporized at a particular time, and vice versa. The more e-juice is vaporized the more the amount of vapor is generated. Most recently, we’ve witnessed a rivalry amongst vape makers to optimize the surface area of their coils. While the majority of vapers understand the various resistance ratings of coils, not all of them minds about what type their coil is. 6 Best Box Mods of 2020 - List of Top Vape Mods with Features. It’s a product of the collaboration between Tony B, a Youtuber and Wotofo which features three levels of power – standard, powerful and powerful + – and adopts the industry-leading chip technology with a firing speed of 10-4 seconds.

6 Best Box Mods of 2020 - List of Top Vape Mods with Features

Wotofo Dyadic Squonk Mod goes as low as 0.05 Ohms to support the pro-level vape coil configuration and comes with a squonk bottle which measures 8.5 milliliters. It’s an incredible squonk mod user-friendly feature. The box cover is built from zinc-alloy giving it an aesthetic external appearance and a smooth finish from rubber coating – offers the outer chassis protection against accidental drop. The mod is available in five different colors: silver, gunmetal, blue, black, and red. The 5 Best Sub Ohm Tanks of 2020 for Clouds and Flavor. What is a Throat Hit? How to Get a Perfect One When Vaping? The nicotine level in e-juice commands the sensation you get when vaping.

Nicotine itself gives you the punchy feeling you experience on the back of your throat, and a more concentration gives a more robust throat hit. Vapers who have ever used high-nicotine e-liquids understand this feeling – strong and sometimes uncomfortable. Vape Juice Storage Tips: How to Store Your e-Liquid Properly? Are you aware that the global vaping industry is estimated to clinch $ 47.11 billion by 2025? Are you aware of the best practices to treat your vape juice to make it last longer? There’s no room to worry because everything you need to know about e-juice storage is discussed here.

Now, consuming your favorite e-juice flavors on a routine basis comes with daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly costs. Sometimes you may feel like it’s a race you’re trying with your e-juice even if you aren’t vaping all day. True, it may imply that you have attempted every kind of flavor available in the stores, but most likely it’s an issue with your wallet. What is a Dry Hit Vape? Tips to Avoid Burnt Taste When Vaping. Just like professional football players understands all the rules of the game, vapers are much aware of their own and all the challenges that they may encounter in their vaping life.

They all know that terrible feeling that they might experience when drawing a puff from their favorite e-juice and they only end up receiving flames of hell without any flavor, a completely painful throat hit and destroyed coil: we call this a dry hit vape! That burnt taste of vape juice can be a very awkward vaping experience particularly to your throat, when rather than getting a smooth flavorful vapor you feel a burnt taste. Best RTAs of 2020: Top Rebuildable Tank Atomizers for Vaping. 8 Vape Juice Ingredients to Avoid - Toxic e-Liquid Flavors. Vape juice consumers have a wide range of options regaining flavors, bottle sizes, types of vapes, nicotine preferences, et al. to choose from. But what’s happening in the market today is that manufacturers are fighting over the market dominance leading to a decline in prices.

An average cost of an e-juice bottle is relatively lower than you can imagine as companies are producing cheap e-juices to survive. Obviously, a cheap e-liquid will be prepared with a blend of cheap ingredients like artificial flavoring, low-cost nicotine, high concentrations of PG which is a petroleum-based fluid, and undergo mass production.

While the cost of production is very low, the same as the ultimate price of the e-juice, they can cause real harm to people inhaling the vapor. Organic e-juices are generally considered to be safe as they are manufactured clean and comply with the high standards of production. 6 Best Nic Salt Juices 2020: Nicotine Salt e-Liquid Flavors to Try. Ordinary cigarettes and traditional e-juices are prepared using freebase nicotine. This has been around for quite some time since the discovery of how to make cigarettes stronger by freebasing nicotine was done by Phillip Morris (of Marlboro) in the 1960s. Freebasing nicotine simply involves conversion (extraction) of nicotine from its natural state, “salt state” into a pure “base” state.

It’s a technique that aims at increasing its potency without compromising the dose. Here, the protons in the nic salts are stripped using ammonia to introduce alkalinity – raise the pH level – and reinstate its deprotonated “freebase” form. Removing protons implies that the nanoparticles can easily travel through the body cells to reach nicotine receptors located in the lungs and brain.

Choose the Right Squonk Kit. 12 Common Vaping Myths and Facts vs Smoking Debunked. The Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik is the person behind the invention of the e-cigarette in 2003. By then, Lik was searching for a cleaner and safer method of enjoying his nicotine. In the following year, the device was launched in the Chinese market and 2006 and 2007 in Europe and America respectively. Today, approximately 35 million people across the globe use these devices to inhale nicotine, which has multiple names, including vapes, vape mods, e-cigs, and e-hookahs among others. Along with its increasing popularity, e-cigs have attracted immense debate over whether they are safer than ordinary cigarettes. Most Popular Vape Juices to Try. 15 Pros and Cons of Vaping Every Vaper Needs to Know About. Probably the most obvious and greatest advantage of vaping: it is not characterized by the production of stinking smoke as tobacco smoking does. You might have overheard this from people discussing it or in the media.

How to Vape Properly? Inhaling Tips for Beginners - Vaping 101. What is a Vape Pen and How to Use it Properly? A Beginners Guide [2020] PG vs VG eLiquid: Best PG VG Ratio and Its Effect on Vaping. PG is found in several medical, health care, and food items like sugar replacement in sweeteners, soaps, pet foods, beauty products like deodorants, make-ups, aftershaves, et al., oral care products like toothpaste, medicinal creams, foods like baked products to add moisture, etc.

VG has been approved by food and drug agencies as a safe product and it’s vastly considered as a benign substance to humankind. What is a Sub Ohm Tank? How to Sub Ohm to Blow Big Clouds? A Guide to Single Battery Mods: Get a Hot Vaping Experience. Whether you believe in it being a healthier and safer alternative to smoking, a way to refrain from smoking, or just a habit meant to pass time, in the current world, vaping is gaining astonishing popularity, kind of becoming a sport.

One factor that contributes to this wild acceptance is the fact that vapers are offered the space to customize their experiences in uncountable ways. The market has countless vaping products including different types of vapes and e-juices with all sorts of flavors and blending. Unfortunately, people who seem to be busy with their lives have a challenge in determining the best ways of having an amazing vaping experience. What is a Pod Mod? What is the Difference from Box Mods? What is a Box Mod Vape and How to Use it? An Ultimate Guide. What are Rebuildable MTL Atomizers (RDA) and MTL Tanks (RTA) Mouth to Lung (MTL) vs Direct to Lung (DTL) Vaping Guide. MTL Vaping Devices: 5 Types of Mouth to Lung Vape Kits to Try. What is MTL Vaping? What Does Mouth to Lung Inhaling Mean? What are Nicotine Salts? A Beginner's Nic Salt e-Juice Guide. Lately, everyone in town has been talking about nic salt e-liquids which are more satisfying than the traditional vape juices.

These products have a smooth taste and allow vapers to consume higher nicotine concentrations than they would in the regular and popular e-liquids. Also, it’s easy to consume less juice with maximum satisfaction, hence its cost-effectiveness, and giving a bang for your dollar. Nicotine salt is the natural state of nicotine toxin as it occurs in tobacco leaves. The strange part of this compound is that it vaporizes at extreme temperatures and its ions are not absorbed easily by body receptors. Overall, it isn’t an effective method of delivering nicotine to the human body when comparing it to de-protonated freebase nicotine. Vaping with Temperature Control: A Beginner's Guide for 2020. Different Types of Vapes You Need to Know: A Beginners Guide. 10 Reasons Why Vaping Without Nicotine is Actually Awesome. 8 Best RDAs: Vape Atomizers for Clouds and Flavor [2020 Update]

Top 10 e-Liquid Recipes for 2020 That You'll Love to Vape. Vape Juice Nicotine Level: What's Your Best E-Juice Strength Electronic Cigarette. If it’s your first time into the vaping world, there are two fundamental factors you must consider when choosing your vape juice regarding nicotine levels: the type of device you intend to use for vaping and your smoking habits. To assist new vapers to navigate the market easily, suggestions can be classified in regard to the vapor output, because this factor determines the amount of nicotine taken in every puff inhaled. For instance, if someone smokes socially, or at most ten cigarettes in a day, they belong to the lower range of the suggestion. If they consume about a pack then they lie somewhere in the middle, while consuming at least two packs per day places them in the higher zone.

Beginners should acknowledge that the suggested nicotine levels are exactly what they are. How to Make Own Vape Juice? A Beginners DIY E-Juice Guide.