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World Travel Magazine is a travel portal with highly informative and inspirational articles for travel enthusiasts. Since 2013, World Travel Magazine has been helping people deliver luxury travel experiences.

Dubai Food Festival 2021. Thailand Travel Reopening Plan. Switzerland's Finest Speakeasy. World Travel Magazine. Marriott Lights The Way For Hope Across Asia Pacific. Glamping In Jordan’s Wadi Rum. Iceland Reopens To Vaccinated Travellers From Mar 18. Capri’s Colourful Masterpiece Refreshed At Hotel La Palma. Heritage Hotels.

A Weekend In Kerala. Real Treasure Of Fiji. On The Road Through The American Southwest. Healing Power Of Ancient Greece. Design Destination Cape Town. Exploring Heart Of Amsterdam. An Audience With Asian Elephants From Inside Chiang Rai’s Jungle Bubbles. Shillong, The Scotland Of The East. Expect Opulence At Versailles’s New Ultra Luxe Hotel Le Grand Contrôle. Massimo, Michelin & Maria Luigia. World Travel Magazine. Singapore Weekend List For July. Yoga, The Harmony Of Mind, Body And Soul. Swimming With Whale Sharks In Maldives. Top Restaurants In Singapore - World Travel Magazine. Revive Your Sense Of Sound – Enjoy Your Next Beach Vacay Uber-Stylishly.

Sakuras In Sendai. Chasing The Wind In Coastal Sri Lanka. Sun & Snow Escapes. Celebrate Festive Season With Fireworks At Sea - World Dream. Dream Cruises’ World Dream cruise ship ushers in the year of ‘Ox’ with a treasure trove of Lunar New Year delights for the whole family.

Celebrate Festive Season With Fireworks At Sea - World Dream

The range of activities include fireworks at sea and laser show, spring-themed festive activities and culinary creations all in one place. With international travel for Singaporeans still restricted, this seacation is a real escape for all, allowing for rich entertainment and exceptional family bonding time during the upcoming holiday season. Dubai Is Most Open Travel Destination For 2021. #worldtravelmagazine#dubaitourism#dubaitraveldestination2021.

Dubai Is Most Open Travel Destination For 2021

Colonial City In Latin America. Chasing The Wind In Coastal Sri Lanka. Aman Private Jet. Road Trip In Iceland. 25 Reasons Why Dubai Is The Most Open Travel Destination For 2021. Dubai is basking in its glow of tourism success right now with the Emirates orbiting high in a world of its own.

25 Reasons Why Dubai Is The Most Open Travel Destination For 2021

Dubai chose not to live under a rock but to accept the prevailing pandemic risks and manage them with world-class standards and practices. Thus with an excellent implementation of safety protocols across the board, it is no wonder that Dubai has come out on top when providing a safe tourist zone for travellers worldwide since July 2020. Top name celebrities including even the B and C listers have been seen heading to Dubai to celebrate winter in the golden sands during the December holidays.

Some labelled Dubai as the most open city for welcoming in 2021. Hotels are seeing higher occupancy, especially since November 2020. Hot Places For Cool Family Fun. Fairytale Winter In Switzerland. Fairytale Winter In Switzerland. David Bowden travels to Switzerland in winter to explore the country by train and to enjoy a range of adventurous activities in arguably the world’s most picturesque alpine scenery.

Fairytale Winter In Switzerland

Travelling To Maldives For Holiday In 2021 Is Quick And Easy. The news has us all believing that there is no travel happening right now.

Travelling To Maldives For Holiday In 2021 Is Quick And Easy

Not quite, the world is not shut. Far from it, right now, you can have a safe, refreshing holiday in the Maldives. Flying to the Maldives As on date, the following airlines are actively flying to the Maldives: Air Astana, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines, Lufthansa, Indigo, British Airways, Nordwind Airlines, Go Air, Air India, Turkish Airlines, FlyDubai, Spice Jet, Maldivian, Aeroflot and Edelweiss Air. There are more than 25 different airlines flying to the Maldives right now. Multi-Risk Travel Insurance. Travelling from any of the major destinations to or via Dubai while on Emirates is now a less stressful affair.

Multi-Risk Travel Insurance

Thanks to Emirates’ latest complementary expanded, multi-risk travel insurance cover on top of its current COVID-19 cover, the insecurity and unsurety of travelling in the pre-vaccine era now eases. One of the perks now of being an Emirates customer is that there is peace of mind when planning for travel – knowing that borders may close abruptly, an outbreak or a large cluster could be detected leading to regional closures for a short period of time, or mandatory quarantines may be announced out of the blue – you are covered financially for medical or cancellation costs.

The Quintessential Shopping Experience At Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. 15 Things To Do In Rio De Janeiro. 9 Luxe Eco-Friendly Resorts In Malaysia For A Guilt Free Escape. Luxurious Blue Moon Catamaran. Schilthorn - The Thrilling World Of James Bond. Mürren is totally car-free so the air is empty of noise and exhaust fumes.

Schilthorn - The Thrilling World Of James Bond

Taste buds can be sated at numerous restaurants and cafes, from Tham’s serving Asian cuisine to the wonderful Hotel Eigerrestaurant with fish specialities and vegetarian options. Hip, vegan-friendly Café Liv serves homemade beetroot soup, cheesecake and deeply rich coffee in a laid-back, friendly atmosphere. If you missed out on grabbing a souvenir on the mountain top stop by the Mürren branch of the Skyline shop to pick up your James Bond memorabilia. For those looking to prolong their stay, Mürren has a surprisingly large number of hotels and hostels to choose from. The cosy three-star Hotel Alpenruh beside the cable car station provides light and airy rooms and a spa. 5 Great Reasons To Visit Busan. Head to the Gamcheon Cultural Village, where hundreds of small, colourful houses, shops and buildings are clustered together in narrow winding streets built on hills with gorgeous views of the sea, hence its nickname, the “Santorini of Korea”.

5 Great Reasons To Visit Busan

The hand-drawn sculptures and murals are a perfect backdrop for your outfit of the day shots. What's Hot In The Maldives. One can get a close view of the corals in a DeepFlight submarine, a breath-taking experience at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at LandaaGiraavaru.

What's Hot In The Maldives

The hour-long underwater adventure for two, in addition to an experienced pilot, descends 120 feet below the surface at the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve home to a huge variety of marine biodiversity in its many vibrant reefs. Up in the air, view the string of islands in the hotel’s Flying Triggerfish seaplane. Raa Atoll, a popular dive area due to its submerged islands and excellent marine life, is another UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and home to InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau. A leisurely holiday here extends opportunities in contributing to marine life conservation, including adopting a manta, and a fascinating excursion to Hanifaru Bay, the famous nursery ground for grey sharks. Six Thai Destinations That Are Perfect Alternatives To Overseas Travel. Nobody wants to spend their holidays locked inside their hotel rooms, or their cruise cabins for that matter.

Six Thai Destinations That Are Perfect Alternatives To Overseas Travel

The solution for our need to travel and explore would then be to look within our nation’s borders rather than overseas. The best place to enjoy Thailand, hence, is away from the masses and international destinations, into, perhaps, the mysterious sprawling province of Ubon Ratchathani. Home to Pha Taem National Park, whose stony walls carry prehistoric art, Ubod Ratchathni found at the Northeast of Thailand, celebrating the spectacular waterfalls of Huai Sai Yai, and the decadent view of the Grand Canyon. A road trip from Bangkok, Chaiyaphum takes pride in its remarkable tableau, a grand monolith of mountains and a breathtaking plateau, gorgeously lined with dense forests. Nature Captured Perfectly In Jewellery With Silvia Furmanovich. An Exclusive Parisian Personal Shopping Now Possible Online. France’s leading department store, Galeries Lafayette, has now made the whole process of shopping for that perfect dress or Christmas gift so much easier.

Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, the flagship store, home to the most desirable fashion brands in the world, has now made their personal shoppers available for access, by appointment, on live video assisting shoppers like us with putting together a wardrobe that reflects the desired style with personalised advice. Achieving the famous, effortless Parisian style is now at your fingertips. A Moment In Time – In Search Of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Riviera And The Enduring Magic Of Cap D’Antibes. For further evidence of the village’s artistic importance, head to the immaculate FondationMaeght, whose permanent collection houses work by Saint-Paul residents Joan Miró, Marc Chagall, Alberto Giacometti, Georges Braque and Alexander Calder.

Back on the coast, echoes of the Jazz Age set are scattered north to south. Scott famously adored Monte Carlo, particularly its casino, writing that “Once in the middle twenties, I was driving along the High Corniche Road through the twilight with the whole French Riviera twinkling on the sea below.

As far ahead as I could see was Monte Carlo … when life was literally a dream.” And back in Nice, the couple could often be found dining at Ruhl Plage, whose blue-striped sunbeds still attract the city’s smartest visitors. Top 5 Cities With The Most Spectacular New Year’s Eve Fireworks. The festivities come to a head on December 31, where a massive street party – known colloquially as a ceilidh – takes to Edinburgh’s gothic, cobblestone streets.

An incredible selection of live music and entertainment, coupled with outdoor bars, will be set in the looming shadow of the mighty Edinburgh Castle. At midnight, the castle ramparts will come alive with the glow of the city’s spectacular firework celebrations – partygoers take that as a cue to join hands and sing in the world’s biggest rendition of Auld Lang Syne. The Balmoral, the Victorian hotel that towers over Edinburgh as one of its most famous and iconic landmarks, will also play host to a lavish gala ball on New Year’s Eve. Andaman And Nicobar Islands – Perfectly Secluded For The Essential Island Escape. Surrender to a perfect massage After cruising the sun-kissed skin and sandy feet deserve an aromatic pick-me-up, for example at Silver Sand Hotels & Resorts.

For a fragrant treat, one can revel in an Ayurvedic full body massage with therapeutic oils, a foot massage with herbal oils or detoxify the body in 2 hours with a body polishing of your dreams. Barefoot at Havelock Island specialises in massages, with the oma – ‘life giver’ in Sanskrit – being their signature appeasing method. A divine blend of nourishing oils and coffee extract energises the body and provides antioxidants. The scent of lavender and geranium oil makes you drift away to outer space during a healing hot stone session, that chases away muscle pain and stiffness. Ayubowan To Sri Lanka. It may help if I tell you that down on the South coast, it is hot from December to March. The Quintessential Shopping Experience At Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann.

5 Must Go Beaches In Pernambuco. Luxury Family Getaways In Japan. Hokkaido During the Winter Season you’re unlikely to find better fresh powder than Hokkaido, so head north and finish off your journey with an epic ski holiday. Ticino, A Swiss Dining Destination. Splendid Weekend Getaways In South Korea. Charming Cultural Stop – Gyeongju. France’s Largest Privately-Owned Chateau Opens Its Doors To Just 15 Guests This Christmas. Discover Jodhpur, India's Stunning Blue City. Spoons Up! It's A Sumptuous Soiree At Margaret River! Culinary legends converge at Australia’s grandest epicurean festival held in Western Australia As autumn arrives in the northern hemisphere, spring makes its way in the south, luring everyone out for Australia’s favourite holiday happening: beach and BBQ.

Sweeping The Curtains At Pullman Maldives Maamutaa. Ticino, A Swiss Dining Destination. Besides the stunning scenery and majestic clear-blue lakes, Ticino has something else to offer visitors—cuisine. This Italian-speaking region of Switzerland brings together north and south to achieve a culinary perfection all its own. Epic Shopping In Istanbul. A Nugget Of Gold In Bengali Bay. Luxury Travel Weekend Festival 2020. Discover Samarkand - The Heart Of Central Asia. Luxury Travel Weekend Festival 2020. Luxury Travel Weekend Festival 2020. Luxury Travel Weekend Festival 2020. Luxury Travel Weekend Festival 2020.

Luxury Travel Weekend Festival. #worldtravelmagazine#luxurytravelweekendfestival#onlinetravelmagazine#travelmagazinesingapore World Travel Magazine is a popular luxury travel and lifestyle travel magazine providing every important information about various sizzling destinations. It is with great pleasure that Word Travel Magazine presents the Luxury Travel Weekend Festival which will be live-streamed on World Travel Magazine social media channels from 27 to 29 November 2020. Join us on the journey to celebrate this long weekend! Read more #worldtravelmagazine #luxurytravelweekendfestival #onlinetravelmagazine #travelmagazinesingapore World Travel Magazine is a popular luxury travel and lifestyle travel magazine providing every important information about various sizzling destinations.

Luxury Travel Weekend Festival 2020. Luxury Travel Weekend Festival. Luxury Travel Weekend Festival 2020. Kuala Lumpur's 9 Best Artisanal Coffee Shops. There’s just something about artisanal coffee that beats the regular cup of coffee you make at home — coffee aficionados would agree. Whether you are starting your day or needing a little pick-me-up to get you through the afternoon, nothing beats a good cup of coffee to reset your mind and give you that boost of caffeine-fuelled energy. And thanks to the thriving third-wave coffee culture in Kuala Lumpur, speciality coffee shops can be found peppered in the city in growing numbers. Discover Palawan - Philippines' Sustainable Island Hotspot. Baja California: The Land Of Contrasts. 22 Best Luxury Villas In The World To Check Out Now.

Usain Bolt House. Paradise Islands Of The Cambodian Riviera. The French Alps: A Glamorous Winter Getaway. The Quintessential Shopping Experience At Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. The Curious Case Of Cuixmala In Mexico. 10 Fragrances That Will Transport You To Your Favourite Vacation Destination. 10 Picturesque Cafes & Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Ibiza - Off The Beaten Dance Floor. World's First Flying Nursery. Authentic Escapes, Understated Luxury & Intimate Experiences In South East Asia. Top Restaurants in Singapore. 9 Luxe Eco-Friendly Resorts In Malaysia For A Guilt Free Escape. Guide To Africa's Indian Ocean Islands. Desaru Getaway. Explore 10 Wedding Destinations. Inspirations For A Destination Wedding. Top 10 Incredible Sights In The Heart Of Ladakh. Top 10 Incredible Sights In The Heart Of Ladakh. Destinations To Watch 2020.

Retreats Destinations.