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Articles published after COP21/Articles post-COP21

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Climat : de la COP21 à la COP22, où en est la mobilisation ? (1) Jamais une espèce vivante n'a eu sur la Terre autant d'impact que l'Homme, pourtant nous n'avons qu’une planète.

Climat : de la COP21 à la COP22, où en est la mobilisation ? (1)

Aujourd’hui le monde prend conscience que nos modes de développement ne sont pas durables et que nous allons devoir profondément changer notre rapport à la nature pour préserver la vie sur terre. Anne-Cécile Bras vous propose de rendre compte de cette actualité sur tous les continents, pour décrypter les avancées ou les reculs de nos actions face à notre environnement en devenir. Une émission réalisée par François Porcheron. Business Is Key Driver of Global Climate Action. Les obligations vertes peuvent guider l'économie bas carbone après Paris. Confirmer les engagements de la COP 21. Avec le recul, un bilan bien maigre de la COP21. 6 mois après, tous COPains?  Un accord historique signé et bientôt ratifié.

6 mois après, tous COPains? 

COP21: shows the end of fossil fuels is near, we must speed its coming. After Paris, 3 Reasons the World Could Bid Adieu to Fossil Fuels. Now comes the real challenge: powering a world without fossil fuels.

After Paris, 3 Reasons the World Could Bid Adieu to Fossil Fuels

The Paris climate accord, in its ambition to cut planet-warming carbon emissions, calls for a tectonic shift in energy—in essence, a new global economy to be fueled by zero-carbon sources such as solar and wind. “In the coming decades the world will have to say goodbye to coal, oil, and gas,” said German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks. The historic pact seeks to peak emissions in a few decades and then eliminate them.

This shift could happen—not because of the accord itself but because of technological advances and an expanding cadre of influential supporters. Whether it happens quickly enough to avoid the worst impacts of climate change is less clear. What was once unthinkable has now become unstoppable. “Even if all the initial targets in Paris are met, we’ll only be part of the way there when it comes to reducing carbon from the atmosphere,” said President Barack Obama. 1. Tech titans stepped up. 2. 3. Paris climate pact sinks coal stocks, lifts renewable energy. COP21: A look at what the Paris climate deal cost us. By Bjorn Lomborg After two weeks, huge amounts of political rhetoric and much activity behind closed doors, we have a treaty.

COP21: A look at what the Paris climate deal cost us

While there will be celebrations among activists, the Paris Treaty will do very little to rein in temperature reductions. It's time to transition to 100% clean energy: the wind is now at our backs. The climate agreement reached in Paris is provoking a flurry of caveats, criticisms and cautions.

It's time to transition to 100% clean energy: the wind is now at our backs

Many of those criticisms are warranted and there’s a lot of work ahead to make sure countries live up to their promises. But we should not miss a chance to celebrate a historic turning point. World leaders finally made commitments to clean, renewable energy that will help to ensure a safer, healthier and more prosperous future for us all. The agreement signals that the age of fossil fuels is coming to a close, and the age of renewable energy is dawning. In many ways, the Paris deal is the mother of all market signals.

This is true for all segments of society – from energy investors to individual households that can save money on their energy bills by switching to rooftop solar power. The Paris pact ratifies an ongoing renewable energy revolution spreading across the globe. Fossil fuel supply 'a crucial omission' from Paris climate deal. Policymakers should target coal, oil and gas at source, argue Harro van Asselt and Michael Lazarus A pumpjack in Angola (Flickr/ Jobdodane) By Harro van Asselt and Michael Lazarus The Paris Agreement has rightly been hailed as a victory for multilateral diplomacy, and a key step towards moving the global economy onto a low carbon pathway.

Fossil fuel supply 'a crucial omission' from Paris climate deal

Yet for all its good provisions, the agreement leaves out a crucial issue: the need to break the world’s dependency on fossil fuels. Fossil fuel combustion is the source of about 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and the main driver of emissions growth. Given the close linkages between energy policy, natural resources and national interests, it should not be surprising that the climate talks have avoided directly addressing fossil fuel consumption and production.

In pictures: Activists shut down German coal mine The momentum has spilled into the financial world as well. The Missing Pieces in Canada’s Climate Change Mitigation Plan. The Paris climate talks have come to an end, and a historic agreement has been reached.

The Missing Pieces in Canada’s Climate Change Mitigation Plan

In Canada, environmentalists have breathed a deep sigh of relief as the federal and provincial governments have signalled their plans to collaborate on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, between all the talk about putting a price on carbon, increasing energy efficiency, and building renewable energy capacity, some crucial pieces of the climate change mitigation puzzle have been largely overlooked — electrification and power storage.

It is in these related areas that the provinces and Ottawa must show real leadership if Canada is going to succeed in ‘decarbonizing’ the economy. It is one thing to green the existing electrical grid, it is quite another to facilitate the electrification of those sectors which have traditionally been dominated by fossil fuel use. The transport sector would be a good place to start.