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Suspension Strut. Camaro Cargo Area Mat, Premium All Weather. Wheel Lock Kit. Harness 84290982. GM Brake Pads 84259368. Camaro Cargo Area Net. Safety, Roadside Assistance Kit. Brake Pads. Splash Guards, Front 84047321. 2007-2011 GM Lock Assembly 25876397. Floor Mats, All-Weather 23412245. Welcome to World Parts Direct. The New OEM Parts Experts What’s most difficult about owning a vehicle?

Welcome to World Parts Direct

Is it always falling apart? Does the A/C or heater not work and you live in a really hot or cold environment? There’s always things can be done to improve your driving experience. Add aftermarket accessories, raise the ride up or drop it down, maybe change out the factory lights or get a new exhaust system. Your Fix to Steering Codes and Problems. Todays Topic: ACDelco 20910871 GM original Equipment Steering Wheel Position Sensor This is a GM-recommended replacement for your vehicles original components that will help optimize your vehicles steering and braking performance by monitoring your steering wheel position and turning rate.

Your Fix to Steering Codes and Problems

It fits perfectly and can be removed and installed in a about an hour. Buying the steering column pin to hold the steering column in place during removal and installation will help in this process. We recommend buying the alignment pin because you do not want to pull the original pin until you have slid the shaft up for its final placement. This is the answer to any person having steering position sensor code problems. This new GMC part is compatible with 290 vehicles.

Discontinued parts- a bad fit or still good? – World Parts Direct. There are ongoing lists of discontinued and obsolete parts that dealers have made.

Discontinued parts- a bad fit or still good? – World Parts Direct

These parts still fit and work on older cars and in some instances new vehicles. Some “experts” will tell you that Product Life cycle management dictates when parts need to be replaced by newer versions. They are right sometimes, but that isn’t the case 100% of the time. More often than not, the parts are interchangeable and they are still genuine parts from the manufacturer. The older parts just aren’t pushed by car manufacturers any longer because someone out there wants newly made parts sold and sitting on shelves.

Like this: Like Loading... Protecting your car with Mats and Carpet. What’s the best way to protect your cars flooring?

Protecting your car with Mats and Carpet

Rubber polymer and carpet choices are abundant. For the highest quality floor mats, World Parts Direct offers an assortment of OEM solutions. Which option gives better grip? Caps, spikes grooved foot traction on the bottom to make sure it does not move? These are valid questions. Like this: Step Up Your Accessory Game. What car accessories add value to your vehicle?

Step Up Your Accessory Game

Which ones make your car look better and which add comfortability to your driving experience? The answers to these questions are going to vary based on your wants and needs, but especially based on what size and style of car you drive. This all becomes clearer when we look at a more specific type of vehicle like trucks and SUV’s. Larger cars have room for a lot more accessory upgrades. One of the most popular choices are running boards.

Car manufacturers are making running boards and side steps a standard for most full size vehicles. 2019 truck models with the high trim levels are incorporating premium running boards they become flush to the vehicle in motion and lower down and away when doors open. Genuine GM and Mopar Parts Delivered Directly To You. 22’s That Won’t Break The Bank. World Parts Direct is having a very special fire sale on 84346101 22” 6 split-spoke chrome wheels.

22’s That Won’t Break The Bank

For a limited time, these gorgeous chrome Rims are for sale at the lowest price in the country. If you have been thinking about upgrading your 14 – 20 Escalade, Avalanche, Yukon, Sierra, Blazer, Tahoe, Silverado or Suburban now is the time. Set yourself apart from everyone else on the road. These 22” rims fit a variety of 6 lug vehicles and look killer. At these prices, they will not last long. These Rims can vastly improve the visual appeal of your Truck or SUV. These wheels are were designed specifically by the OEM’s designers and engineers to fit your vehicle specifically. Like this: Like Loading...